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Best Minecraft Map

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Started: 6/12/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Background: I am considering doing this debate where we both show our best Minecraft map and let judges decide on who has the best map based on several different categories. We will upload photos of various places showing off visuals, redstone, and whatever else we see fit. Really, it is just an ego boost. I want to have an excuse to show off my masterpiece and possibly win a debate from it.

Trust System: You will have to trust me that I made the map. I will have to trust you that you made your map. By my definition, you have made the map if you have put more than 50% of the total time on the map it took to create it. You may have received help (which I did for my map). If I am able to find substantial evidence that you stole the map, you will be immediately disqualified, and of course, same applies to me.

Map Submission: The map must not contain any blocks or items that are not currently on the PS4 official Minecraft game. The map will automatically be assumed to have been created on creative mode. You may submit any map you have made as long as it follows these guidelines. It could have been made solely for this debate, or it could be a map you made a long time ago that you want to show off. We shall assume every block was placed BY HAND as long as the map is on the PS3 or PS4 version of minecraft since there are no mods alowing any maps to transfer from the PC to the PS3 or PS4. There must be one photo showing proof that it is located on the PS3 or PS4. If it is on any other platform, we must assume you used editing tools effectively. That means copying and pasting symmetrical items, possibly rotating things, or using a "fill" button that places blocks in the designated coordinates. For example, if your map contains one layer of iron blocks at the height of Y=10 show that it covers the entire 13 million by 13 million Minecraft map, we may assume that you used editing tools to accomplish that task. If we feel as though our opponent has done such a thing, we may say so in Round 3. It is not against the rules, just be aware that it takes much less time to build a map using editing tools than it is by placing every block by hand.

Categories: Originality (3), Time and Effort (5), Artistic (2), Redstone Savy (3), and Replayability (1)

Voting System: The voting will be done on a "Select Winner" basis. Judges will look at the categories and objectively decide who is the winner of each category. If it is a tie, points are not assigned in that specific category. Whoever has the most points wins that judge's final vote. However has the most votes wins. The judges must leave an RFD for every category in which they assigned points to a specific person to. Voting period will last 6 months.

Debate Format: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Give the title of the map, links to all the pictures labeled 1-15 (if you have all 15 pictures), and leave captions for any photos you would like to explain. For example: Picture 10: I show off my roller coaster from my house to the farm. Round 3: Point out any usage of editing tools that our apponent may have used if it is not located on the PS4 or PS3. Also, this round will be used to question the credibility of our opponent's redstone. If our opponent claims that a device they made is capable of doing something outside of reasonable doubt, point it out. Round 4: Any amount of additional pictures to show that our redstone is capable of doing the claimed task. These pictures will not be used to further enhance any categories and are only for the purpose of defending their redstone contraptions. If they do incidentely show off more of the map, judges are asked to ignore that. Your opinion of the map should not change after this point unless a redstone device (that the map may or may not heavily depend on) is deemed a hoax. If the redstone device is not proven to be capable of performing a task, this may impact other categories than just Redstone Savy. If the map heavily depends on the usage of the redstone device, its replayability will suffer, for example. This does not include all the possible outcomes since there are so many. Captions will be included to explain the redstone to the opponent. I will assume you are above beginner level of redstone and will not explain menial tasks such as inverting redstone. If we have a video of the redstone contraption in action, we may use it to prove it works in Round 4.

Good luck to my opponent, BGreene. May the best Minecrafter win.


I eagerly accept the challenge and await my opponent's map.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, I would like to begin by thanking my opponent, BGreene, for accepting this challenge. I'm sorry about the long wait. I had trouble finding a good "middle ground" in which I could upload the photos from my iphone to and still link to the photos in this debate. What I had to do was:

1. Take a photo with my phone of the television.
2. Attach it to an email and sent it to myself.
(Here I tried to download the photos, but it didn't work. I could still view them.)
3. Use the Snipping Tool to transfer the pictures to the computer.
4. Upload them to both my photo album on this site and Deviant Art.

I am not used to Deviant Art, so I had a backup in case this doesn't work. Here is my photo gallery labeled 1-15 in Deviant Art:; The account should be named "Proving-a-Negative." If this doesn't work, please open a new window and fit both on the screen at once. Use one of the windows to view this debate and another to go through the photo album I have uploaded on my profile labeled "Cluster Chunk." Sorry for the inconvenience and rather poor quality of the photos :P There was probably a route that is ten times less complicated and results in way better quality photos, but I'm not very intelligent when it comes to computers.

Again, Deviant Art photos:

Map Name: Cluster Chunk

Before I begin with the photos, I must go through Cluster Chunk jargon that I will use. Every time I use a jargon word, I will italicize it, reminding you to look back here for the definition of the word.

Spawn- A floating disc in which players initially spawn upon starting the world.
Waiting Room- The room in which players wait with their team members for the game to actually start.
Home Base- The diamond shaped structure in which players fall into immediately after starting the game. It is made of almost every single block in the game. The order in which it is at was done using a randomizer and each blocked is used an equal number of times.
Satellites- Any structure within the PvP Arena that is outside the player's Home Base. All satellites contain an eye of ender except the Obsidian Satellite.
Coal Satellite- Contains various items and an area known as the "Mob Arena," however I do not show this. There are 2 almost completely identical Coal Satellites one each team's side.
Sandelier- A play on the word "Chandelier," these hang from the ceiling of the map and contain sand. There are 2 of these on each team's side. They are located diagonally backwards from the Home Base.
Brewing Satellite- It is located underneath each team's Home Base. It contains brewing stands and potion ingredients.
Emerald Satellite- These are located diagonally in front of each team's Home Base, and slightly below. There are two on each team's side. These are used primarily for experience farming.
Mob Cages- Traditionally considered a satellite, these hold mob spawners that work off a clock. Mobs spawn in these to defend the loot, sand, and if taken over, it provides a very strategical position. There are two on each team's side located on the ceiling hanging over the Emerald Satellites.
Obsidian Satellite- The most important satellite, it contains the Shop and Eye of Ender Room and a wall in which the buttons are located for the use of your Special Moves. It is located directly behind each team's Home Base.
Shop- A place located in the Obsidian Satellite where players trade in sand for various items.
Eye of Ender Room- A place located in the Obsidian Satellite where players trade in six Eyes of Ender for an Enderpearl.
Special Moves- Three different moves that can be used inside the Obsidian Satellite. They are Creeper Drop, Fire Charges, and Sand Supply Drop. These are all upgradable at the Waiting Room.
Supply Drops
- Anything that falls into the player's Home Base as a minecart chest. The usual supply drop that occurs every 5 minutes contains supplys that progressively get better as the game goes on.
Sand Supply Drop- Not to be confused with Supply Drop, it is a minecart chest containing sand of various amounts (depending on how long the player waits to use it) that falls down into the player's Home Base after using that Special Move. Upgraded: Gives twice as much sand.
Creeper Drop- A Special Move in which it drops four creepers into the enemy's Home Base. Upgraded: Basically, it drops invisible creepers instead of normal creepers.
Fire Charges- Not to be confused with normal Minecraft fire charges, it is a Special Move that launches fire charges out of dispensers located on the ground of the PvP Arena on their opponent's side. Upgraded: Basically, it launches even more fire charges in a more scattered area.
Wool Drop- Refers to the piece of wool that drops down from the sky into each player's Home Base roughly every 6 seconds.
Starting Item Supply Drop- A minecart chest that contains the starting item that the team has chosen at the Waiting Room.
Grace Period- Symbolized by the presence of the Snow Wall, it is an in game timer that goes off after a set period of time. Players are not allowed to pass the Snow Wall or attack others until the Snow Wall falls.
Snow Wall- The pillars of snow forming an "X" at the middle of the PvP Arena. It represents the Grace Period.
Motherboard- Located outside the PvP Arena, it is only accessible to the host of the world. It contains game settings which allow for many unique Cluster Chunk'ing experiences.
Parkour- An additional mode of Cluster Chunk that features 4 different jumping courses. These are found in the Nether. In this, I only discuss 2 of the 4.
Endurance Parkour- Contains many jumps that each are relatively easy, however they must be done many times (over 200!) in a row flawlessly.
Ladder Parkour- Practices quick reaction. Whilst falling down a ladder, the player must align themselves vertically with the next platform before falling off if they take a moment too long. It is rather hard to explain without showing a video of somebody doing it.

Alright I believe that is all the words you need to know. Don't worry, things will make more sense when you see the map... finally. Please open up the photo album or go to Deviant Art and read the captions I have set below as you look at each photo.

Photo #1: This is proof my map is located on the PS4 console. Underneath the words "Minecraft" you can see Playstation 4 Edition. I am also streaming in the way that any other PS4 would. The map is in the background, once again reasurring that it is indeed on the PS4.

Photo #2: Here is the spawn. It contains the nether portal leading to the parkour. The words "Cluster Chunk" flash on and off in a very distinct pattern that is difficult to explain without watching it. This is turned off in the future to reduce the lag of the game.

Photo #3: This is the red team's waiting room. On the right is the upgrading wall in which the team chooses the 3 upgrades they want providing a unique feel to every Cluster Chunk game. They may upgrade one of their special moves, their wool drop, and pick a starting item supply drop. On the left wall, there is a display showing what the host has set the settings to on the motherboard.

Photo #4: Here is the picture of the motherboard. Here the host sets the number of players, the game length, the number of teams, the gametype, and also gives a team an advantage if they are bound to lose for some reason.

Photo #5: This picture shows the inside of the arena. This is only red teams side. The home base, coal satellites, sandeliers, emeral satellites, obsidian satellite, mob cages, and brewing satellites are all visible.

Photo #6: This is located inside red team's home base. Let me explain what the game is all about. Red team first falls down into their home base and sleeps in the bed. They then gather materials from their home base or by exploring the satellites in the game. The main building material to get form one place to another is using wool, although that isn't the only building material. There is a wool drop in each home base as well as a supply drop every 5 minutes after the game starts until the 200 minute mark. After the grace period, each team's goal is to be the last one standing. If a player's bed is destroyed and they die without setting a new one, they are out. If each team member is out, that team lost. Last team standing wins.

Photo #7: This shows off most of the arena. Here we can also see the snow wall and in the lava, their are dispensers where the special move, fire charges, is shot out from.

Photo #8: Inside the obsidian satellite, here we see the special moves that can be used by pressing the buttons on the wall, and the water path that leads to the other rooms.

Photo #9: Here is the shop, a wonder that can only be experienced while being played sadly :(

Photo #10: Here is the eye of ender room.

Photo #11: Showing off a lot of the redstone :)

Photo #12: A poorly done picture showing the redstone that makes the fire charges work.

Photo #13: An impressive spectacle. The map is dynammically changing from a 4 team layout to a 2 team layout, at the press of a button on the motherboard. This also shows the map without the snow wall.

Photo #14: Now we have entered the nether from the spawn to show off the parkour. This is the ladder parkour. It is done in checkpoints. Iron is the easiest while obsidian is the most difficult. The room gets gradually bigger thus making it less likely you will get to the next checkpoint.

Photo #15: Here is my personal favorite, the endurance parkour. This is also seperated into checkpoints. Each room contains a lot of jumps as you could imagine. The cake is there to eat so that it is always possible to do sprint jumps.

Don't forget to check out these words that I haven't had a chance to mention, but are still relevant in at least one of the pictures: Sand Supply Drop and Creeper Drop

Thank you for reading. I officialy used all 10,000 characters! Good luck to my opponent and I eagerly wait to see his map.


BGreene forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


BGreene forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


BGreene forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
Great. It is now open to accept.
Posted by Lexus 3 years ago
PC master race
Posted by BGreene 3 years ago
I'd be glad to comply with the new rules.
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
I have updated a lot of stuff. Please read through everything again. Let me know what you don't like or if you are ready to accept :D
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
I have updated a lot of stuff. Please read through everything again. Let me know what you don't like or if you are ready to accept :D
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
Alright. So what shall we change other than just the screenshots? After thinking about it for a bit, more than 2 rounds would be much too long. I will get rid of the "video quality" category. I will not replace it with anything else, since it is pretty hard to mess up photos. Should we have a max limit of photos? I was thinking like 15 or something. We may include a caption for each photo, labeling them 1-15 in round 2. We may say as much as we want, as long as you don't break the 10,000 character limit of course. I doubt this will happen, unless your map has a lot of redstone esque contraptions. Do you agree?
Posted by BGreene 3 years ago
I've been dabbling in the merits of Adventure Time and Star Wars-themed maps. I'd be willing to go up against you if you'd agree to do screenshots instead of video recording.
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
What if I change it to screenshots of the map? Would that convince you?
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
Sad face :(
Posted by TheJuniorVarsityNovice 3 years ago
lol, good luck finding anyone who even knows what a minecraft map is on this site. besides me, but I wouldn't accept this lol.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by Blade-of-Truth 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Pro wins by default since Con forfeited every, post-acceptance, round. With that said, I also commend Pro on that awesome map. If you truly did make it yourself, great job.