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Best comic book hero

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Started: 9/6/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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I think Punisher is the best comic book hero.



I'm accepting this debate solely based on Pro's assertion that the purpose of the debate is to demonstrate this site and its functionality in the classroom. Best of luck to my opponent.

As the debate parameters are not established, In round#1 I will do nothing more than state my opposition to Pro, i.e., it is incorrect to say Punisher is the best comic book hero.

I welcome Pro's argument in favor of their position.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my debate.

I think I would count Punisher as more of an anti-hero, yet he's one of the greater ones due to the fact that he fights for good and bad, and not for whatever he wants. He fights for what he feels is right, and I know most other superheroes do the same, but some of what they do is wrong, and if he feels that it's wrong, he;ll fight against it.


My argument against Pro's position that Punisher is the best comic book hero centers on a premise to which Pro has apparently stipulated in his round#2 argument. Pro states, "I think I would count Punisher as more of an anti-hero..." This conceded fact is central to my argument that Punisher is in fact not the best comic book hero.

The history of the fictional character Punisher includes vigilantism, murder, torture, and kidnapping. (1). Such behavior is not proper for a hero. It is more in the vein of a typical anti-hero, one who believes the ends justifies any means, however improper those means might be. A hero is typically defined as more than just courageous. A hero is typically defined as a courageous individual of noble character and virtuous qualities, a role model. (2) (3)

History has shown mankind that societies have a tendency to degrade over time, losing the characteristics of nobility and virtue. The idea of the comic book hero, possessing these qualities in the highest degree and especially in these books frequently read by young impressionable children, is to give them entertainment with a purpose, to reinforce the desire to exhibit these good qualities in one's own life. To be sure, there is a place in entertainment for anti-heroes, but they should not be portrayed as heroic. In the end, someone who would emulate the behavior of one such as Punisher would end their life either in an execution chamber or dying in a prison cell for their extensive and offensive crimes.

With this in mind there are at least 2 comic book heroes I would submit are better heroes than Punisher: Superman and Captain America. Both of these are in fact heroic, exhibiting the qualities of courage, compassion, empathy, respect for law and a desire to do what is right even at their own expense. These are not the qualities of an anti-hero who feels he has a right to murder those who murdered those who he dislikes. Those anti-hero qualities should not be presented to children as heroic; something to aspire to. Instead of lessening the tendency of society to degrade, such lessons of immoral morality presented as a good to children will speed societal decay, as this becomes part of their adult psyche.

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MarvelShiznit 1 year ago
I was doing this as an example for my teacher so we could use in class.
Posted by Overhead 1 year ago
Example debate?
Posted by Jonbonbon 1 year ago
Define hero and define example debate.

Most people consider the Punisher an anti-hero (which is a separate character archetype from the hero. It's not just a thing people say).

And I just wanna know what you mean by example debate.
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