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Started: 10/5/2015 Category: Education
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They'll acquire a lot of esoteric knowledge, making them a step ahead of previous generations in worldly knowledge. They'll also learn techniques that they can use on their friends, or even their teacher (the student becomes the master, after all!)

Better yet, the torture mathods shown on bestgore can facilitated to sanction wayward students.

Vote Pro if you want change!


I strongly disagree. Something is obviously wrong with my opponent. Come on, give the kids something with a little plot. They're not going to learn if they have to watch the cinematic equivalent of waiting for water to boil.

They need something better like something from the various horror movies out there (Unfriended is a good option) or just any action movies or shows that involve people getting their heads chopped off.

So on those grounds, I totally disagree with my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Simply watching horror movies would defeat the entire point of this motion. Horror films may be violent, but they're not realistic. With bestgore, the bloody turture methods depicted in their videos are completely duplicable due to their basis in reality and real world events. Speaking of which:

To call bestgore "the cinematic equivalent of waiting for water to boil" is completely unfounded. The site brings light to issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Brazilian gang violence, Japanese suicide rates, sadomasochism and a rich array of others. All of this makes for some very compelling viewing as well as being informative and relevant to the real world:

Real world relevance to educational material is a problem schools have faced for a long time now. This change can only benefit our society in producing engaged, informed and resilient people who can bring forth and multiply. In this multiplication, future generations will become evermore engaged, informed and resilient.

Con, over to you and good luck for R2.


My opponent's rebuttal sort of reminds me of when my teacher said, "Trigonometry will be fun because it's like learning another language of math that will make you feel like a genius once you get it down."

It was never fun.

Actually, that class gave me thoughts of suicide. Like gun in the mouth as soon as we had to deal with sines, cosines, and tangents. Fortunately, I was able to just block out the class and make modern art on my calculator.

My point is that my opponent hasn't proven anything with that rebuttal except that a teacher could write a syllabus for it, which isn't really saying much considering how garbage those things are half the time.

The reason I stand for watching movies instead is because it generates interest and gives children an imaginative idea of how to kill people. It doesn't matter if they're necessarily realistic, the point is just to get a kid's blood lust up. That's not going to happen if he has to watch the boring lessons of

Looking at the techniques won't cut it.

They need that fire and passion inside of them. The drive to make the world a darker place.

To provide a personal example, I never even payed attention in any of my classes unless we were watching a real movie with a real plot. I even spaced out for most of the porn we watched in Sex Ed.

My opponent's plan is destined for failure.

Good luck in the last round.
Debate Round No. 2


I think we can both agree that trigonometry and real torture videos are worlds apart.

You're comparing an entirely abstract concept with just about the most real presentation of actual gore you'll ever find. I'm not even sure we're talking about the same website, so here's a link:;

It could be taught with, but considering we're talking about kindergarten classes, I'd go with an unstructured approach.

Each lesson would simply involve browsing through videos/pictures on the website, choosing the content to watch and discuss in the class and ascertaining what both students and teachers can learn from it. It doesn't have to be techniques exclusively, it could be a really cool torture method; it could be about establishing empathy towards toddlers run over by a vans; it could be about the suicidal psyche of a Japanese student; the possibilities are endless, and you're comparing it to trigonometry?

Trust me, bestgore is far less refined in its explicitness than sex-ed.

Regarding your other counterpoints, I don't think showing horror films in class is a bad idea. But it doesn't substitute bestgore for the reasons I've hitherto given. They cater to slightly different educational needs (although they are certainly similar.)

Secondly, even if bestgore doesn't rivet all students, no subject in general will. You'll always get disengaged students for one reason or another. But a lot of it comes down to the ability of the teacher to present the material, which will inevitably fluctuate.

With a compelling teacher who can interpret the content effectively for the students, I'd say my plan is foolproof.

Don't pull out now, con.

See you at the finish!


Thank you for reading this debate. I hope you support watching bloody movies instead of I mean come on, Lord of the Rings is way better.

My opponent opens his round with an incredibly false statement. He says that trigonometry and torture videos are worlds apart. But torture is actually based on a lot of mathematical principles. You can't make the pain last if you're not being precise. Trigonometry is composed of mathematical principles as well. Thus, they are not "worlds apart." More like down the street from each other, which makes it relevant.

We're talking about kindergarten? Well, that just backs up my point. We need to reinforce an artistic view of the world alongside the brutality at that age. They can learn more precise techniques when they're older. But what our culture lacks now is a sense of original creativity. If you don't get them before the age of seven, they're basically packed up and moved out of the house with their own ideas of how the world works.

My opponent also claims that bestgore is more refined than sex ed. This, however, is an irrelevant argument. Sex ed was just an example. If we don't give kindergartner's something with a plot, they will be sleeping like nobody's business.

My opponent's next rebuttal (about substituting horror films for bestgore) can be destroyed by my argument concerning the age we're starting. Definitely need movies at this age.

Then the last rebuttal is just ridiculous (excuse my conduct). No subject will ever completely engage students, unless it's largely composed of movies. Instead of hearing the conversation, "Yeah, we have to watch another boring video of someone getting gutted," you'll hear conversations more like, "I can't wait to finish the movie in my next class! That class is the best class ever! Jonelle is a genius, and I'm so glad that she pushed for this sort of curriculum!"

I even get a shout out in the conversation.

Now I believe this concludes the debate. Thank you for reading this far.

I would greatly appreciate it if you voted con.

Have a good day!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
Dude this is obviously a troll debate. Don't take everything so seriously.
Posted by GMZ3R0 2 years ago
Posted by GMZ3R0 2 years ago
Whatever doesn't kill you make you stronger. Besides, they'll grow a thick skin!
Posted by Kukithan 2 years ago
This debate is just sick. Why would we want children to watch torture?
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