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Better QB: Dak Prescott (pro) or Russell Wilson (con)

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Started: 1/18/2017 Category: Sports
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I think that Dak Prescott is the better QB of the two because Dak Prescott (though a hard loss to Green Bay) has overcome more challenges and has made himself more valuable to his team than Wilson. Dak Prescott has put up better QB numbers than most past QB's in NFL history and will continue to play as a legend. Id Tom Brady can win 4 Super Bowls(probably 5 after this season) then Dak Prescott will be Lord of the Super Bowl rings by the time he even begins to think about retiring.


Wow where do I begin? You called a rookie quarterback a legend, and insinuated he was a better quarterback than a superbowl champion, even though he has yet to prove himself in a big game, even with him having a much better team around him. Dak was unable to lead the cowboys to a win in a game they were favored in, and got put to shame by aaron rodgers, who is a great quarterback, but who was missing both of his top 2 recievers.

Will Dak win a ring? I don't believe so, but its more Jerry jones' fault than dak's

"Dak has overcome more challenges and has made himself more valuable to his team"

Well that is absolutely absurd, first of all the mvp on the cowboys is the offensive line, if you watch the games dak has so much time in the pocket. If you want to call a quarterback great, put them through this test, could they be placed on the worst team in the league, and make them at least a playoff contender? Aaron rodgers can, I think Russel Wilson can, but there is no way that Dak Prescott would do so.

"Dak has put up better numbers than most past qb's"

In what stat exactly? Also you are taking such a small sample as he has only played one year, we see plenty of players who are one and done's, who play great one year and then disappear into obscurity. (Peyton Hillis anyone?) Am I saying that Dak is going to do this? No, but to call him a legend already and to compare him to nfl greats is premature.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for taking this debate up.
I agree, the Cowboys offensive line is a great line but that helps ezekiel elliot out more than Dak. I'm not saying it doesn't help a rookie QB but the offensive line has given elliot better opportunity than any other team in the league can including New England.
It takes so much more than just time in the pocket to be a great QB though. I'm not even talking about his number of receptions and yards he has put up over the course of his rookie season. I'm talking more of how he took a team that had so much hope behind them as they were finally getting their star QB back from a terrible season last year and now, they were finally getting hope.
Tony Romo got hurt in the Pre-season(how?!?) and all hopes for a good season for the Cowboys had gone down the drain. Dak Prescott stepped up and said that there is potential in this team and that they were a playoff team despite the Giants some-how great season despite a shaky QB at best. Dak Prescott led a broken down team in a broken down city to the #1 seed in the NFC. I don't blame Dak for losing that game the other day...he's a rookie in one of the most critical spots in the league, of course he wasn't going to win the super bowl.
As for Russell Wilson...yes he is a super bowl champion but how long did that last? He has proven in this last year especially that he can't make his team better than what they are. He can't bring his team hope or bring life back to Seattle.
A great QB is not just made by statistics or numbers or even an offensive line. A great QB is made by giving life back to a team that has none and bring a city to it's feet when no one thought it possible that a fourth round draft pick could lead a team with broken defense and only average receiving team to not just the playoffs and not just a bye week in the playoffs but as the number 1 seed in the conference.
You can't compare the leadership ability of Russell Wilson to Dak Prescott...we have to take into account that he is a rookie and we can't expect a Super Bowl ring out of him. He will grow and mature into one of the greatest QB's to ever lace up.


"I agree, the Cowboys offensive line is a great line but that helps ezekiel elliot out more than Dak"

Directly, yes of course, but when we look at the indirect effect, there is nothing better for a quarterback than a good running game. It forces the defense to play the run seriously and it allows for play action, which are the best things for an inexperienced qb. They cant run complicated pass defenses as often because they have to dedicate the effort to the run.

"Dak Prescott led a broken down team in a broken down city to the #1 seed in the NFC"

Well no, that team had high expectations and was considered a decent team with the issues being on defense which showed up more than most people thought. But as it is look how russel wilson played this year despite being hurt most of the year. He led his team to a 10-6 record with the team falling apart around him. Wilson wasnt mvp caliber but neither is dak. If russell had the pieces around him that dak had he would have made the superbowl but I dont think dak could say that for seattle.

" He will grow and mature into one of the greatest QB's to ever lace up."

Ok but this is not a debate on who has more potential this is about who is a better overall player. (BTW Russell wilson is 4 overall points higher than dak on madden (1)) Russell has proven himself and dak has not yet and russell does not have all the advantages that dak has.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TGosch 1 year ago
Although Dak did have an unbelievable rookie season, it was just that, a rookie season. Me being a 49ers fan has witnessed Colin Kaepernick lead our team to a super bowl in his first year being a starting quarterback. If you look at Colin now, he is a very poor QB. All I am trying to say is that it is very early to say that Dak Prescott will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and you definitely cannot compare him to Wilson.
Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
I honestly think it was the refs with the stupid penalties that made Dallas lose.
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