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Black And White Should Not Be Used To Classify Humans

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Started: 11/3/2016 Category: People
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Black and White should not be used to Classify People. Please include references and evidence for your stance. :)


Hello! To begin with, black and white aren't the only colours of the people's skin. What about those who have slightly dark skin? Can we call them "black"? No. Or maybe "white"? No, too. So, the classification "black and white" doesn't work here logically.
Secondly, it can be offensive. What if people with dark skin don't like black colour or, on the contrary,people with fair skin don't like white? And if you ,despite this, begin classifying them as "black" and "white", it can be considered as aggression towards people's rights and your disrespect towards their opinions and individuality. Consequently, it can lead to the conflicts, which cause discord in a society and even a war.
Lastly, such classification is inconvenient and impractical to use. With such large number of people on the Earth, it would be silly to divide them only in two categories: black and white. Moreover, we have already had a good classification by nationality, a language root,etc. Thus, it's pointless to apply a new classification here.
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Posted by miss.sasha 1 year ago
People should not be referred to as colours like "black and white" because we are so much more complex and have much more of an identity to simply be classified as a colour. Our heritage and ethnicity provides us with a connection and identity that would not be recognized if we were known by a COLOUR. People are proud of where they originate from and that pride should not be stripped from them by labelling them as a colour. I think people should be identified by ethnicity, or suspected/possible ethnicity if the actual one is not known, rather than a simple, uncomplicated colour.
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