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Black Lives Matter is worse than the problem it wants to fix.

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Started: 11/30/2016 Category: People
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I believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is causing more damage to America than the problem it is trying to fix.

to whoever my opponent will be I want to say thank you for being willing to take part in such a polarizing debate and to everyone voting please remember to be impartial and fair.

Please cite any sources used for statistics and the best of luck to my opponent to be.


You said: " I believe" that there is an personal statement it may have some value or it may not. Have you researched black lives matter movement? How do you know that they are horrid and so horrid that they can't fix the problems that they claim or advocate change for? What evidence do you have to back up anything that your saying?

Once again thank you for this chance to discuss this issue.
Debate Round No. 1


I said " I believe" because I am willing to admit that I am wrong and to answer your questions.

Yes, I have researched Black Lives Matter.

I never said that they were "horrid" but I do think quite poorly of them for reasons I will soon list.

The reason I believe they cannot fix the thing they claim to be trying to change is that it does not exist.

Sources are linked at the bottom.

So far in 2016 881 people have been killed by police. Of those people 23% (202) were black and 44% (388) were white when you take into account that black people make up 14.4% of the population it appears that black people are nearly twice as likely to be shot by police; But in 2012 white men murdered 4,582 people compared to black men who murdered 5,531 people, which demonstrates that while they are twice as likely to be shot they are at least 4 times as likely to commit violent crime adjusted, for this it seems black people are treated more leniently by police officers than whites.

In response to this "systemic racism" Black Lives Matter organizes riots such as this and this, divisive, rhetoric such as this which has led to nation wide distrust of police officers.

Thank you for reading I look forward to seeing your response.

Police shooting statistics;

Black population statistics

Black crime rate statistics

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