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Blind Patriotism Is Foolish

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Started: 3/4/2015 Category: Politics
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I beleive that blind patriotism, like beleiving your country is the greatest when no evidence exists is a stupid, pointless waste of energy. This is because I think that no country can be "the best," due to the fact that I do not beleive countries are really anything other than arbitrary. A great example is Israel, because they really have no officiial borders, so everyone disagrees on where the border ends. "Maybe we should stop cutting maps up into sections and focus on the real problems," -paraphrased fron Jeremy Hardy.


"I believe that blind patriotism, like believing your country is the greatest when no evidence exists is a stupid, pointless waste of energy"

This depends on your definition of 'patriotism'. Oxford dictionary defines 'patriotism' as such:

Patriotism - Noun
"The quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one"s country:"

With this in mind, I believe that unwavering support and love for one's country is not foolish or a "waste of energy", but is in fact necessary for a functioning nation to exist. A nation, on a basic level, is a group of people, usually defined within a geographic parameter, who are organised to form a single State, with a Government serving all basic societal needs - defence, policing, justice, etc. Thus, patriotism is not "believing that your country is the best when no evidence exists" - that would be jingoism. Patriotism is love and support for the nation where you grew up in or now feel emotionally attached to by residence or ancestry.

"This is because I think that no country can be "the best," due to the fact that I do not believe countries are really anything other than arbitrary. "

You make two separate claims in this sentence, both of which I believe are incorrect.

First you say that no country can be "the best".

There have been many countries or empires throughout history that were by any objective standard "the best". They were the best because they out-did all other countries in everything - quality of life, business, wealth, military, etc. And of course when it comes down to it the final standard of any country's greatness will always be whether it wins battles or not. Think the Roman Empire at its height. Few would argue that the German tribes to the North of Roman Empire were on-par with Rome. If you measure a country's "greatness" by whether or not it is "arbitrary" then you have a very narrow definition; and a faulty one at that.

"due to the fact that I do not believe countries are really anything other than arbitrary. "

You are very wrong in this argument. Most nations evolved through a very long period of history and development; many having existed for thousands of years in some form or another. Great Britain has existed as a Kingdom for over one thousand years now, and has it's roots in the Roman Empire, giving it another few hundred years. In this way, the people of Great Britain are united by one linguistic, racial, and religious bond. It is the same throughout the Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, etc)

Of course, many nations are indeed arbitrary. Most in Africa had their borders drawn up hastily by Colonial powers, ignoring tribal and ethnic differences.

On Israel, you may be right in some ways, but the Nation of Israel has existed as a Jewish homeland for over 4,000 years and in that way it can be argued that it's existence is far from "arbitrary" - In fact, the Arabs today have less a claim to Israel than the Jews do because they made their way there by Islamic conquest.
Debate Round No. 1


You make some bery good points. But I was discuasing the constant screaming from every country that can 'we're #1' an execelent case being the United States. I do not doubt that other countries have excelled in everything in the past, but not really anymore. For instance China has the most industry, but also population limits. The United States has the largest army, but also some of the lowest education rankings. The list goes on here. When I discussed blind patriotism, I meant full, almost obssessive love for your country, not loyalty, which is really just patriotism. I hope that cleared this up.


jono.subz forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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