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Blogger / Blogspot is a far better blogging platform for most people than Wordpress

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Started: 10/14/2010 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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For a long time Wordpress has been an innovator and leader of blogging platforms. However, in the past few months, Blogger, owned by Google, has been catching up to the point where there is little incentive for people to go to the trouble of installing their own CMS for an activity that seldom covers expenses. It seems that most people who switch to Wordpress from Blogger are not aware that they can use a custom domain name with Blogger. It is clear to me that for most people, Blogger represents the better platform, whether we consider or (self-hosted).



RESOLVED: Wordpress is a better bloging hotspot for people.

Although blogger may have many more gadgets and what not; wordpress has an older system with many more updates that can be toggled in settings. This one of many features makes way for people to express there company,diary,etc. to be more sucessful. Recent studies show that over 260million people visit wordpress blogs daily. Studies have also shown that on 50million are entertained by wordpress also has a more stable and safer blog server than any other blogger in history. This is why I would chose wordpress over blogspot anyday. if i am going to blog for free, why not blog on the best?
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank "thegreatdebaters" for answering my challenge. I've had some experience with both blogging platforms as well as Mambo/Joomla and Drupal so I am looking forward to an informed debate. Let me proceed with analyzing Con's arguments.

1. "Although blogger may have many more gadgets and what not; wordpress has an older system with many more updates that can be toggled in settings."
I do not know who has more widgets or plugins, but I will accept Con's concession that Blogger does. In terms of Wordpress having a more complex / mature interface, I also agree with that assessment. However, in my experience, although apparently simpler and easier to work with, Blogger's interface is far more powerful. Though you can edit the code of only one file (the Blogger "template" or "layout"), that contains everything one needs and is a paradigm easier to understand and administer than multiple files. In terms of switches or a graphical interface, Blogger's can hold its own any day against Wordpress. Though not as good looking and "skinable", one can easily change features and move widgets around in the "Page Layout", which is something that is far more difficult to accomplish in Wordpress.
A newer improvement called "Template Designer" allows column and page widths to be change from a mouse slider - again, Wordpress seems to have relinquished its leadership position.

2. "Recent studies show that over 260million people visit wordpress blogs daily. Studies have also shown that on 50million are entertained by"
Without a link, it is very difficult to verify this claim in the limited time I had at my disposal. A quick Google search sent me to an article claiming that migrating a blog from Wordpress to Blogger is very easy and will retain PR ( ). I also found an article claiming that Blogger managed to attract far more publishers than Wordpress, which would lend significant support to my contention that Blogger is a better platform.

3. "wordpress also has a more stable and safer blog server than any other blogger in history."
This is simply not true. Blogger does not have ANY security problems. Wordpress self-hosted is constantly under attack, and most such attacks are successful. There is also the headache of constant upgrading. If referring to, I'm afraid that Blogger is also slightly better in terms of avoiding downtime.

4. " if i am going to blog for free, why not blog on the best"
Herein lies the problem. Compared to Blogger, is severely limited in terms of the freedom given to its users. On you cannot run ads, you are limited in terms of javascript (no such limit exists on Blogger), and the template designer allows a degree of customization of the look of your blog that Wordpress users can only dream of. It seems that Con is not aware of the many improvements Blogger has introduced only in the last year, when they realized that had fallen far behind the standard which, back then, was espoused by might Wordpress. Here they are:

* New Template Designer (change the number of columns and their width on the fly for all new templates)
* Spam Comment Filtering (like Akismet, but better b/c of larger base for statistical analysis)
* Built-in Blog Stats (Wordpress had it for a long time, but whose is Analytics?) :)
* Improved Post Editor
* Static Pages
* Jump Breaks (read more)
* Background Image Uploads
* Accurate Post Previews
* Photo Captions
* More Default Templates


If you're considering starting a blog, you have no doubt considered whether or not to use Google's Blogger. If you did any kind of research on the matter, you quickly uncovered a hotbed of hatred towards the service:

People hate Blogger because it is a haven for automated blogs that are nothing more than fronts for spammy advertising (called splogs, for spam + blogs).
People hate Blogger because its commenting system is bizarre and unwieldy.
People hate Blogger because it doesn't give you pages or tags (they have to completely buck convention and use the word labels while the entire rest of the damn world uses the word tags. That's almost Microsoftian!
People hate Blogger because it's easy for others to get your blog banned because they disagree with your beliefs or they simply don't like your blog.
People hate Blogger because it's owned by someone else and they don't have as much control over things as they'd like.
A professional or business person would simply never use Blogger, because it conveys an amateur sensibility.
My first blogs were on Blogger, back before Google owned it. It was really the only service of its kind at the time. Since then, WordPress has shot past Blogger in prestige and credibility. I myself have come down pretty hard on Blogger in the past. No doubt that's partly motivated by my WordPress-dependent livelihood, but I've spent tons of time on both platforms.

Being a more advanced blogger, I prefer WordPress. But is that reason enough to hate on Blogger? No. In fact, the newest beta version of Blogger is better than ever. But does Blogger really have any other advantages over other blogging platforms?
Debate Round No. 2


Since my opponent has not rebuilt his arguments, I shall first summarize the arguments made thus far and left standing. BIRT: for most people, Blogger / Blogspot is a better platform than Wordpress.

I had deliberately not narrowed down to either (hosted by Automattic) or .org (self-hosted) as they either is a step-down. In his R1 response, my opponent seems to focus on .com, conceding apparently that most people using the self-hosted option are working (and paying) much more than they need to. My opponent did not unveil the source of his stats, probably because they come from a less than credible source, such as Quantcast, which does not measure Blogspot as well - making a comparison impossible. Studies that measured the number of active Blogger / Blogspot blogs found far more than on Furthermore in the Top 100 blogs as measured by Technorati, not even one is hosted by, whereas on Blogger there are quite a few, ranging from government security blogs such as, to corporate blogs such as to "artsy" blogs such as or

This is not a good sign for Automattic, as they make no money from self-hosted installs. Google OTOH gains a potentially larger AdSense network with every blog startup.

In Round 2, I showed the following:
1. Wordpress "older system with many more updates" is in fact a liability rather than an advantage.
2. No proof is offered for that data and it is easily verifiable that there are far more Blogger / Blogspot blogs than, including in the Top, where has none.
3. In terms of security, I showed that Con's assertion (safest blog server ever) is false. Blogger has also better uptime than Wordpress, as the Pingdom study (link provided at the end) clearly shows.
4. By way of constructive argumentation I show a number of other advantages of Blogger, such the freedom to use whichever javascript you wish, a much higher degree of template customization (that is very easy to accomplish) and generally more freedom.

All Round 2 constructive points were left to stand by Con and he did not bother reconstructing his arguments.

However, apart from quoting a 2008 article, the Con introduced a few other ideas:
1. "hotbed of hatred towards the service" [Blogger]
First of all, there seems to be at least as much hatred toward Wordpress:
Finding people who hate something is not difficult, which is why this can't possibly be considered an argument, even if, as Con seems to think, there would indeed be more people who hate Blogger than people who hate Wordpress. In that case, this would simply be a fallacy, otherwise known as Arg ad Populum. Besides, it is not even true, as evidenced by previously mentioned statistics: there are far more people using Blogger / Blogspot and there are no blogs in Top 100 hosted by, yet there are quite few hosted by Blogger.

Con continues by quoting an article published in 2008 by a "Wordpress consultant and theme designer" who is biased, as he has a vested interest in promoting a platform he derives income from. Even if his points were true (and they are not), they would not be contradicting my thesis, as I have repeatedly stated that Blogger has rapidly improved mostly in the past few months. These improvements could not have been taken into consideration in an article that is 2 years old. For example:
- Splogs are a sign that Blogger gives users far more freedom which some choose to abuse. Back in the day, communist regimes and dictatorships have lower crime rates, but that doesn't make them better. With freedom come abusers, but I would still choose freedom over a communist prison at any time.
- The commenting system has greatly improved by allowing inline form and spam control.
- You can get a blog banned on other platforms including Wordpress just as easily.
- is also owned by someone else; the owner actually has more control over their blog with Blogger than with Wp
- See the Top100 argument and examples at the end of the 2nd paragraph.
- The "remarkablogger" admits he has a "WordPress-dependent livelihood", making all his claims biased and thus dubious.

Con ends with an ipse dixit. No definition of "advanced" is given and no proof is provided.

Personally, I don't "hate" Wordpress and I don't "love" Blogger either. Although I used both, I prefer using Blogger as it is safer, faster, gives me more freedom, costs less while may even make money and I waste less time "fighting" it. al


i have just learned that google started wordpress and sold it off later so this arguement is pointless
Debate Round No. 3
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Lol, Wordpress. This debate is hopeless
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Can you make it open for all?
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