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Blue is a Better Color than Red

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Started: 12/21/2014 Category: Funny
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I don't care about the outcome of this debate. I'm just trying to get voting rights, so I thought I would give myself a higher thinking abstract debate to have a little fun. First round is acceptance.


I accept this debate! Looking forward to it.
Debate Round No. 1


Blue is a better color than red for 3 main reasons:

1-Red has been a bad color since the dawn of time:
For example in Egypt, red was considered the color of evil. [1] The "red land" was the land of "barren deserts." Black land was muddy and fertile and was considered good. Also the Egyptian God Set was the god of evil and was entirely the color red. Additionally, red is the color of blood when it is exposed to oxygen. When it is inside the body, it is blue. [2] In fact, venous blood is oxygenated during cyanide poisoning and takes on a reddish tinge.

2-Blue is the color of nature and serenity:
Chances are, if you look at something natural, it's blue. If you look up when you're outside, you'll see the sky, which is blue. The ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface [3] and it's blue. Blue is the color of nature.
Blue is a very relaxing color. If you wanted to go to sleep, would you really want to be seeing something red or blue? Red is bright and angry, whereas blue feels more calming than red.

4-Blue is the most efficient light color:
Blue light has the shortest wavelength of any other color. [4] This opens up the color for myriad possibilities. For example, there's a reason the ocean is blue. The wavelength is able to reach farther than any other color and reaches the farthest through the water:
The photo on the left is taken with a white color flash and the one on the right is not.
Additionally, it is able to make plants grow faster. Blue light "triggers mechanisms involved in leaf growth and phototropism." [4] Finally, the reason that Blu-ray is used so much is because of its use with blue lights, hence Blu. (No, that's not a spelling error.)

These are my 3 main arguments. I may add more in my second round if I think of any more and add them along with the refutations to my opponents arguments. Below are my sources.


The best of luck to my opponent!


Very good points. I can come up with some of my own.

1. Red has been the colour of fertility:
We are evolutionarilly programmed to get excited by the colour red. For a long time, the only place it could be found is on reproductional organs. This fact is true even for plants. Red has been noted as a colour of healthy sexuality in some cutures. The Hindu "Chakra" is a good example of this.

2. Red is the colour of positivity:
Sometimes I watch sunsets. The best sunsets are a factor of the colour red. The exclusivity of the colour red is what makes many things appealing. If I wanted a lively and energetic area, the colour should be red. Red is the best colour to have when enjoying something.

3. Red is the longest wavelength:
First off, blue is not actually the shortest (Athough it is 2nd closest) Purple is. Why don't we see purple waters? Red is the longest wavelength, meaning, though it may not appear frequently, it becomes exclusive. It becomes an important colour because of it's rarity.
Debate Round No. 2


It's the rebuttal round!

My opponent first said that red is the color of fertility. I don't really want to get into sexual stuff, but red is merely a signal of fertility that is not entirely needed. The human reproductive system sends off a ton of other signals, and we don't need red to know of healthy sexuality. He said that the exclusivity is what makes red appealing, and then he went right on to say that he wanted to get red colors wherever he was lively and energetic. Additionally, there are many more energetic colors, say, bright green, or bright blue. He then said that red is an important color because of its rarity a second time.

I would also like to apologize that my third contention is labeled 4 above. That was a typo.


Kaynex forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent has forfeited this round, so all my above arguments still stand.


Kaynex forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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