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Boise State Vs. VTech

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Started: 7/4/2010 Category: Sports
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I'm taking the Pro which shall be the side of Boise State. My opponent shall take the side of Vtech, meaning Virginia Tech. I will not be arguing this round, and I shall lso ask my opponent to do the same. This round shall be used t set up definitions and get guidelines for the debate. This debate shall be a debate on who will win the upcoming game between the two schools in football. I would like to thank my opponent in advance for taking this debate.


I will gladly take this debate; I am looking forward to seeing you prove that Boise State is going to beat Virginia Tech.

College sports is as unpredictable as fishing when you have two good teams, so I look forward in seeing you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Virginia Tech will lose!

Good Luck.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate. I have been gone for quit some time and I'm sure he will give a good debate.

Now for what my opponent said in his opening post. My opponent said that I must prove with out a shadow of a doubt that Boise State will in. However my opponent him self said that anything can happen in a football game, so I ask that use a more likely than not standard of judging this round. I also ask my opponent to give any better ideas for judging. But based on the nature of college football the option posted by my opponent is not fair for me to prove.

Now for my argument:

First and foremost Boise Stat has the upper hand on experience. Boise is only loosing 3 people from there team from last year. Only one of those 3 were starting players, and e other two hardly played last year. Also Boise State has a QB who is by far there best ever. Kellen Moore is cool under pressure, and unlike the previous QB for Boise he does not make stupid passes. Vtech's QB had a little more than a 50% completion rate. Boise's had 64%. And Kellen has far more TD passes than Vtech's. Now looking at game states over the past few years:

I think we can all agree that this will be a close game. Boise had the #2 D last year and the #1 O. Vtech had a decent stat record last year. But going on close games 7 points or less Boise is 9-6 with Vtech 6-9. Also when high scoring games come o play Boise has the far superior advantage.

Over all Boise State has a high flying offense with a QB who is accurate, confident and is the heavy favorite to win the Heisman this year. Boise has more returning players, and last year had a QB with 1,000 more passing yards and more than double the TB's that the Vtech QB had. Our running game did not do as well as Vtechs however we were with out our top runner for more than half the season. And between the two teams Boise has the better rush D. Boise is labeled as having a high octane offense. I have never head that about VTech.


Thank you for starting this debate.

My opponent is trying to back track by, now, trying to prove the probability of a Boise state win instead of proving that Boise State will win.

The debate was titled, "Boise State Vs. VTech" and in the first post there is no indication on the probability of a win.

My opponent's words.
"This debate shall be a debate on who will win the upcoming game between the two schools in football."

Nowhere does it state probability; therefore with the addition of the words "who will win" allows for the definition to be set on a more absolute. Changing the rules in the second post is not warranted when the guidelines are set up in that one sentence.

You must argue that Boise State WILL win!

I am here to disprove the sense of absolute and show that there is a chance for Virginia Tech to win.

On to my response:

Let me take you back to my favorite upset in American football history, Giants VS Patriots Superbowl XLII.

The patriots had an undefeated season and were 2 touchdown favorites over the New York Giants.
"New England entered Super Bowl XLII as 13 to 14-point favorites"

The Patriots put up the most points over there opponent in that year and QB Tom Brady had broken records with WR Randy Moss setting themselves up for a win.

"In one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history,[10] the Giants (14–6) won 17–14 over the previously undefeated Patriots (18–1)."

That's what happens in football.

My opponent has flashed a few facts about the Boise state football team but it is not enough to convince anyone that Boise State will walk away with the win, not to mention that he left out Hokie facts.

1.Scrambling QB
2.Practically having home field advantage
3.Better established coaching staff
4.An awesome defense that does well over west coast style teams

It is not as easy as my opponent has to prove!

Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 2


To start I agree with the first stated stipulation for proving my point.
Now to talk about my opponents points.

1. Scrambling QB- Boise State last season played Oregon at the start of the season. All of the experts said the same thing my opponent is about Oregon's QB. That he would run circles around our D. However we beat Oregon 2 years in a row. And last year they went on to win the PAC 10. The same goes for Nevada. Last year Kapernick was hot, he was running through D's left and right. They said he was going to get huge yards on BSU. However we kept him to the lowest yards he had all year. Now with Boise bringing back all but one D starter, that shows that we can and will stop there QB from running the ball.
2. Practically having home field advantage. Boise is well known for traveling well, when Boise was invited for there first Fiesta Bowl people didn't think that we would show up for the game. We outnumbered the Oklahoma fans, same went for the TCU game, both last year and the year before. And even when playing Hawaii we show up to those games and the games against LA Tech. We have consistent numbers going to big games, and we bring the noise.

3. Better established coaching staff. Ok, when Coach Hawkins was the head coach the big portion of our staff today was with him. Only one or two left to join him in Colorado. Also Coach Peterson has won two national coach of the year awards in the past 4 years. Also coach Peterson has a record of 49–4 where Frank Beamer is 187–92–2. He might have experience but Peterson has the record to prove he has what it takes. Boise is currently on a two year regular season undefeated record. Vtech has not done that, in fact they are 20-7.

4. Now I would like to ask where my opponent is getting this information from. Because looking at ESPN's Vtech page the closest teams that they have played to how Boise plays is USC and California and Air force. All in 2002-2004. They only beat Air Force of the 3. Yes all 3 were close but in the long run they lost. Boise is 7-1. And both teams played weak teams, but when hit with a tough team Boise cam out on top hen Vtech fell.

Now for his reference to the New England Giants game, yes it was a shock that they won the game. However you need to look at it this way. New York fought for that spot in that game as did the Patriots. Our game we are talking about is at the beginning of the season and as I stated earlier Boise can and has came out on top.

Now for my argument:
My opponent never once refuted any facts that I stated about the skill of Boise State. This means he agrees that Boise State is skilled and can win. So I ask you move all of my points to the final round. Again Boise is loosing 1 starter from last year Vtech is only bringing back 12 starters from last year. Our team is one of the oldest teams gearing up for next year. This means our coaching staff knows what to expect from there team and the players know how to win. Our QB is AMAZING, he is favored to win the Heisman this year. He out threw Vtechs QB by 1,000 and doubled the TD's. Also Kellen Moore is a patient QB. He has a line tat gives him the time he needs to get a good pass off. And we have a triple threat WR team this year. You can't shut down all three and our Tight End.

All in all Boise has the coaching staff, the team, the patients to get the job done, and the mind set to rove ourselves worthy of a BCS National Championship game.

Vote for Pro


Thank my opponent again for this debate.

My opponent has done a good job to show that Boise State will be competitive vs. Virginia Tech but has failed to show that Boise State will win with out a doubt.

(Look at my other rounds to see the rules that was laid out at the beginning)

The bottom line:

It will be a good game. Both teams will play to the best of there ability. Boise State will be tough but so will Virginia Tech.

My role in this debate was to be an advocate for Virginia Tech and show that they had a chance to win.
This will be a game in which Boise State has never seen the football team in Virginia Techs style.

Virginia Tech's-

Running game is explosive.
Quarterback has just as much experience as Boise state with better scrabbling skills.
Coaching staff is legendary.
The entire state of Virginia behind Virginia Tech.
Good record vs. Ranked opponents

It will be tough but I have show Virginia Tech will be competitive.

This debate has been won by Con with the rules set forth; all you need to do is vote for con!
Debate Round No. 3


This is what I knew would happen. And it is a violation of intercollegiate debate. My opponent has put me into a corner that no person could back out of. I wrote in the first round that this debate was "This debate shall be a debate on who will win the upcoming game between the two schools in football." I never aid Boise State will no matter what win. This debate is plain and simple Who will win the game. I have clearly given proof that Boise State is a good team and has a better QB statistical over Vtechs. My opponent is using info from a team specific web site I however am using an unbiased site. And my opponent has not once given hard statistics for his team. Also he did not give any proof how Vtech s good against a West Coast team. I showed to you that they are two and one with west coast teams. they beat Air Force.

I have shown statistically that Boise State is a better team statistically. Boise shuts down running teams. Look at Oregon last year. A team that had a great year in running we shut down. Fresno had a running back that ran through teams, we shut him down. Boise has and will stop the best running teams. My opponent has not given evidence how or why Vtech will win.

The only way you can vote is Pro. The evidence provided in this debate proves it.

And again I would like to thank my opponent for this debate.


I would like to remind everyone that this is not a intercollegiate debate nor was it set up to be one.

I have argued the relevance of words and they're meaning in round two. Do we just throw out these words? Do we throw out what these words mean? I assure you that I have argued within a reasonable right. If my opponent could have shown that Boise State would have won with the force of being able to form a defeat with its second team than I would see why your vote would go towards him; but he himself has stated that it will be a close game.
Must I remind you that I did not start this debate nor chose the words of my topic to reflect an assured win for Boise State. My position was not forced to show how Virginia Tech would dominate but how Boise State shows a chance to lose.
My sources are based on facts.
I have backed up everything I said with the addition of Virginia Tech's defense playing well against a west coast offense team. (Boise State is a west coast offense team. I think my opponent did not know this but I am just stating, also Virginia tech runs a multiple offense with a heavy emphasis on the spread.)
(Miami has been a west coast offense team from the days of old)

College Football is a sport of unpredictability. My opponent has been unable to show a prognostication towards an assured Boise State win.

My stance is sold and a vote for con is irrevocable.

Vote con!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by comoncents 7 years ago
One can only hope!!!!!!
Posted by twsurber 7 years ago
Go Smurfs, beat the cHokies!
Posted by comoncents 7 years ago
I am tempted but I am a UVA fan.
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