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Books are essential for life.

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Started: 3/18/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Okay, so I don't mean essential in a life or death kind of way. I mean it as in it is important for your future. Books, whether fiction or nonfiction, fantasy, dystopian, or any other, all help you gain knowledge.

"The more I read, the more I know, the more I know the smarter I grow, the smarter I grow the stronger my voice in expressing a view or making a choice."

What are your views on this topic?


I do kind of agree with you because reading is something we have to do in our overall life. However, with books, you're limited on your resources. Whether it's for learning, entertainment, or research, you'll run out of resources sooner or later. Technology is better because then you have a deeper pool of resources to jump into.
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Books are needed. They open a world of possibilities, they can transport you anywhere. A book is practically a time machine.

Okay, I know this never might happen, but say we go into nuclear war, which is a very big possibility. There isn't going to be any WiFi to look up what to do. No phones will help us then, they will all be out of commission. Books could help us know where to go and what to do.

For some people, the hard copy of the book helps them to understand much better than a screen. This shows that it can be much better to read from paper than from a screen of some kind.


Sure, books are filled with imagination, but how you worded it makes it sound like you're trying to encourage a child to read. I'm extremely offended that you would try and pull that on me.

I would agree with the nuclear war example, but it's a what if question, basically. What if's do nothing to enhance the argument, or to have a better understanding of the argument, they just prolong the argument. However, if that does happen, you have a point, assuming the radiation doesn't get to you yet. Also, that last sentence with the nuclear war example, you make it sound like the world would fall into something along the lines of the Fallout games.

Finally, just because there are some that work better without technology, that doesn't mean much outside of that. That some, is just the some.
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Posted by Nomadn 1 year ago
My Granddad hasn't read more than 1 book in 50 years since he left school. He's lived a perfect life.
Posted by dipper 1 year ago
So you're in the funny category... do you want a serious debate where your opponent takes the position that books are not essential, or are you looking for something more like:

"The more you read, the less you search, the less you search, the more you perch, the more you perch the less you explore, which could have led to you knowing more." :)
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