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Border fence between United States and Mexico

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Started: 3/13/2016 Category: Politics
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I, Pro, will try to convince the audience why the border fence between Mexico and the a United States is a good idea. While Con will try to convince the audience why said fence is a bad idea. After the rounds are up it is up to the voters to decide.

The Rules are simple
1) Grammar is not a decent argument
2) Keep it civil, no momma jokes.


I accept your debate sire, and wish you well in your endeavours!

I think that the border fence between Mexico and the United States is just one example of how borders are damaging to the global community, how nationalities naturally destroy each other, and how the border fence is quite simply hurting people, and may in some cases be killing them.

That last point is one I'd like you to address. No matter their motives, if a border fence is causing people to die without due process of justice, or if the due process of justice actually puts them in a situation where they die of starvation and dehydration, how can you justify it? Because the undeniable fact is that people die trying to cross the border, and their situations are being either ignored or acknowledged and forgotten. The people who hold the power recognize that there are people dying. Because of this border fence. [1]


Cheers, here's to a good debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, wish you luck as well.

I believe that the border fence between the United States and Mexico is a vital part in reducing the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. I think that legal immigration relations between the United States and Mexico could be improved though.

As to address the cases in which illegal immigrants are dying to try and cross the border, here is my argument. The Arizona desert is one of the leading causes of killing illegal immigrants who try and cross it, however if there wasn't a fence people would still try and cross it anyways. According to huffington post the number of people who died trying to cross the U.S/Mexico border is the lowest it has been in 15 years as of 2014. More immigrants are entering through Texas instead of trekking across Arizona's harsh climate. Border enforcement officers say the reduced numbers are due to increased rescue patrols efforts and more Latin American based campaigns the discourage the Arizona hike.

Now my friend, I would like you to address how the border fence reduces criminals entering the US.



Kalleth forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Kalieth, did you have an error message appear we you tried to view this debate, as I did?

I believe that a border fence is necessary if we want to better our nation before extending help to other countries. We, as citizens of The United States, need to prevent immigrants coming ILLEGALY. I am all for expanding the culture of our young people by introducing them to new groups of people from across the globe, as long as these people did break the law by coming over. We have immigration laws for good reason. Good people creating and enforcing good laws for the American public. All nations have these laws with the same expectations. Our laws and enforcement don't harm these people. Choosing to break our laws may be the lesser evil. However they have still chosen to break our laws. A border fence, while it may seem expensive, will create jobs, not just building it but maintaing it as well. Look at Asia's great walls. They were meant to keep the northern tribesman from invading. Now I am not implying that Mexico is trying to "invade us" but criminals are flooding over every day, drugs, sex trafficking, gangs.


Kalleth forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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