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Border wall between USA and Mexico.

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Started: 8/12/2016 Category: Places-Travel
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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A border wall between the USA and Mexico terrifies me. [0] Walls work in two ways.

A. To keep people out.
B. To keep people in.

I feel if we put up a large wall between the USA and Mexico, that the USA will be officially a police state. I don't fear the immigrants getting in, but I do fear the walls keeping U.S. citizens from escaping.

Most of the problem between the USA and Mexico is the drug gangs. Instead, we need to legalize pot and decriminalize some of the other drugs. This would give less incentive for criminals to cross the borders.

As seen in this article a border wall just simply won't work. [1]

Claim 0: USA has a drug problem in lieu of Mexico

Warrant: "We condemn Mexico for exporting drugs while ignoring the inverse dynamic — we are importing the drugs. We are the ones bringing in 20 tons of heroin, 110 tons of methamphetamine, 330 tons of cocaine and literally countless tons of marijuana annually." [2]

Impact: We need to stop seeing Mexico as the enemy and see our culture and laws as the problem. We are enabling criminals just like we did with prohibition and Al Capone. [3] Prohibition failed, just a wall will fail. The only solution is a combination of decriminalization and legalization of various drugs.

The USA needs to stop blaming Mexico for its problems and take a good long hard look at ourselves and ask "are we the ones with the drug problem?"



A border wall between US and Mexico could produce great results for the United States. I had to hurry up so my arguments might have been typed a little too quick but here are the main points:

1. Influx of illegal immigrants travelling on land from Mexico and Central America will decrease.

According to a 2015 report by Government Accountability Office, more than 331,000 illegal entrants were apprehended by DHS at the southwest border (1). This doesn't count the number of illegal entrants that absconded from the border patrols.

2. Drug smuggling would decrease.

According to The Heritage Foundation, drug cartels and violent gangs from Mexico all the way to the South impose a big problem to the Americans living at the southern border (2). It will be hard for gang members living in Mexico and the US to personally communicate if there is a wall and drug smugglers have to think more creative ways in bringing in drugs.

3. Security from Mexican criminals.

With a wall, terrorists coming from the US-Mexico border would decrease. According to Politifact, there are Mexican terrorists going through the border (3), though it is not a big issue.


Debate Round No. 1


r2 Rebuttals

1. We could stop illegal immigrants better with more boots on the ground [1]

We need more border patrols. That is the more effective answer.

2. Drug smuggling would increase.

Inherently building a huge wall between the USA and Mexico would make drugs more forbidden, increasing demand, and thus increasing drug trafficking.

3. Security from Mexican criminals.

Your 3rd link didn't work. Nevertheless I will address this issue. The issue is drug dealers connect to terrorist groups.

"And some of the Islamic terror groups have ties to Latin American drug cartels and gangs, including MS-13. The combination of terrorists' desire to infiltrate the border and gangs' know-how could prove dangerous to American security, say experts." [4]

By lower the demand for illegal drugs in the USA via decriminalization and legalization of pot we lower the amount of drug dealers and thus terrorists.

Thanks for debating.


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