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Border wall between USA and Mexico.

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Started: 8/13/2016 Category: Places-Travel
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A border wall between the USA and Mexico terrifies me. [0] Walls work in two ways.

A. To keep people out.
B. To keep people in.

I feel if we put up a large wall between the USA and Mexico, that the USA will be officially a police state. I don't fear the immigrants getting in, but I do fear the walls keeping U.S. citizens from escaping.

Most of the problem between the USA and Mexico is the drug gangs. Instead, we need to legalize pot and decriminalize some of the other drugs. This would give less incentive for criminals to cross the borders.

As seen in this article a border wall just simply won't work. [1]

Claim 0: USA has a drug problem in lieu of Mexico

Warrant: "We condemn Mexico for exporting drugs while ignoring the inverse dynamic — we are importing the drugs. We are the ones bringing in 20 tons of heroin, 110 tons of methamphetamine, 330 tons of cocaine and literally countless tons of marijuana annually." [2]

Impact: We need to stop seeing Mexico as the enemy and see our culture and laws as the problem. We are enabling criminals just like we did with prohibition and Al Capone. [3] Prohibition failed, just a wall will fail. The only solution is a combination of decriminalization and legalization of various drugs.

The USA needs to stop blaming Mexico for its problems and take a good long hard look at ourselves and ask "are we the ones with the drug problem?"



My arguments will be listed as so
-counter past argument
-keeping people in
-not fearing illegal immigrants
-drug gangs and legalizing the drugs
-mexico is the enemy?
-my argument
-better more effective checkpoints
-Improved economy

Building a wall between the border of the U.S. and Mexico would be for keeping out people that attempt to come here illegally. Simple.As.That. It would not really affect our ability to travel (if it is legally) at all. That is just simple fact and completely objective. If we lived in a dictatorship or similar government then that would make sense. but then we wouldnt have a choice anyway.

Whether one person fears them is irrelevant. Point being them being here causes problems that we can prevent by stopping illegal immigration. And to some degree they should be feared there are roughly 2,100,000 with criminal convictions (excluding the obvious one of illegal immigration-)

Sure the prohibition did not work at all and legalizing drugs such as marijuana would hit the cartel where it hurts. But seriously what do you think they are going to do? lay down and say "Oh, bueno chicos que geuss no podemos hacer dinero vendiendo drogas .... hmmmm deja apenas inmediatamente renunciar y convertirse honestos individuos que trabajan duro"? I don't think so...they will just find and sell different drugs....or result to other means of money making....such as robbers, hit man, and other various and sought for illegal jobs.

Just because somebody puts up a wall does not mean that everyone outside it is an enemy. It is not a hate on mexico its an obvious solution to an important question. they come from that way....ok lets block that path. It is not just because the country is mexico.

Building a wall would provide SOOOO many jobs for Americans. People doing the grunt work or designing the wall and everything else involved. It would create a massive amount of jobs in the U.S. That also is objective and very simply a fact

Having a wall would greatly improve the security of our nation and it's citizens. firstly Mexico's government could change or fall entirely. For example ISIS plans world domination lets say that at some point they cause mexican gov. to fall completely to be replaced by a more violent nation. Or mexico decides they wil try thier hand agianst us or whatever reason. That wall could help protect our great great grandchildren from invasion. But in the event that non of that happens there is one thing that already does happen. As i previously stated roughly 2.1 million illegal immigrants commit crimes such as murder, rape, etc....that means means a minimum of 2.1 million people were negatively impacted MUCH more if you factor in families and cases of multiple crimes per person. But lets say each criminal only affects one person with a single crime. I think the welfare of 2.1 million peoples lives and well-being are worth protecting.

And a wall would not stop legal immigration at all. People with a green card can come in just as easily before. the difference is checkpoints at the entrances of a wall would funnel those who would seek to break in. And would do MUCH better than current checkpoints.

And keeping out immigrants would greatly improve our economy. About an estimated 5-8 million undocumented mexican immigrants. lets assume less than smallest. 4 million Mexican workers each earn a very small amount of 1 dollar a day. and they send 25 percent back to their families in mexico. In one year 336 million dollars would be sent to mexico and remove that much money from our economy and improve mexico's. And while mexican immigrants are no paid much they probably make more than one dollar a day. And that much more is lost to our economy.
Debate Round No. 1


According to your own source lots of these crimes are drug dealers.

"drug dealers are crossing into the U.S. amid the wave of hard-working families seeking a better life." [4]

By a combination of legalizing and decriminalizing drugs we can put an end to a good portion of these crimes.

The other problem is lax deportation hearings. Illegal immigrants with convictions should be locked up.

"David Inserra, a policy analyst for Homeland Security and Cybersecurity at The Heritage Foundation, said letting illegal immigrants convicted of crimes go free while they await deportation hearings is putting the public at risk." [4]

As for the idea of a hostile nation suddenly overthrowing Mexico, that is ridiculous. Even so, I doubt a wall will do much in today's world of explosives, tanks, and aircraft.

If you really want to stop the immigrants putting more boots on the ground is the answer. [1] This would provide many jobs in lieu of a wall. In fact, because the wall will be finished eventually, having guards patrol the borders would provide more jobs in the long term.

In conclusion, if you really want to stop the crime wave of illegal immigrants a three part solution is needed.

0. Decriminalization of all drugs.
1. Legalization of pot.
2. More patrols

Thanks for the debate.

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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
I am an Englishman living in England.I have followed, as much as I can, the news from America and I came to a conclusion almost 20yrs ago. "No,there shouldn't be a wall anywhere.South America is so steeped in blood,so mired in corruption that the People are no more than prisoners in their own countries.An American President once said he would use his administration to fight evil wherever it was found. "One of the greatest evils is being enacted in S.America.The U.S.should ignore any toothless maunderings from Europe and invade S.America and only stop at the far shores of Chile. "We saw what happened when Russia invaded the Ukraine and Crimea.Nothing.The world needs the Dollar far more than it needs the Rouble.The destruction of the Cartels would be so easy.So when will America act.
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