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Boris Johnson would be a better Prime Minister then Theresa May.

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Started: 10/2/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 9 months ago Status: Debating Period
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It may have occurred to the more observant users of this website that the UK is withdrawing from the EU. Quite frankly, when the tory party elected May to lead us through this difficult time no one could have foreseen that the "new iron lady" would have made such a hash of the whole thing. Instead of uniting the country under one banner she has consistently divided us over issue after issue to the point where the only issue the average brit can agree on is that she needs to go!

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson waits in the wings. This man is charismatic, charming and most importantly a very intelligent man. Lets look at his qualifications. Scholarship to Eton, then a second in Classics whilst at Oxford, champion debater and President of the Oxford Union. Most importantly, Mr Johnson is a popular, twice elected mayor of London who, no matter how eccentric has been a uniting force in British politics time and again.

In short, at this difficult time in Britain's life, it is important that we, the Great British public not feel like we live on a different isle to our government. I sincerely believe that Mr Johnson is one of the few politicians who can provide unity in a time where the only certainty is that Theresa May must go!


I want to thank my opponent for creating such an interesting and topical debate.

Firstly I would like to say I am a Labour Party member, so both of these politicians to me are extremely toxic. However it is my opinion that Teresa May is a marginally better Prime Minister than Boris Johnson would be.

My opponent claims Boris Johnson is an extremely intelligent man, true of most leading politicians so not really something that could carry the debate. My main problem with Boris Johnson is simply that the man has no ability to deal with foreign affairs. For instance he was recently caught on camera reciting a pro colonial poem about British soldiers in Burma by Kipling in front of a Burmese delegation. As a Prime Minister he would offend many countries. He once accused the President of the United States of being anti British because of his Kenyan Heritage. He said the President of Russia looks like Dobby the House Elf and accused the current U.S president of having stupefying ignorance. He would not only diminish Britain's standing on the international stage but ruin chances of good relationships with other countries in post Brexit Britain.

When editor of the Spectator he referred to black people as, Piccaninies with watermelon smiles. He has also said the families of the Hillsborough victims had nothing to complain about. In short, not someone we want as Prime Minister.
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