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Bose are better than beats

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Started: 3/18/2012 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Personly on a diffrent level i think bose are better than bose. Here are my reasons why. First of all the sound quality blows me away. I got to say beats are better for base, but if you get the right pare of bose they also have base to.


I would like to start by proposing a few definitions:

Bose: (according to The Free Dictionary) Indian physicist whose work in quantum mechanics provided the base for a statistical description of the behavior of large numbers of bosons.

Beats: (according to The Free Dictionary) plur.
a. To strike repeatedly.
b. To subject to repeated beatings or physical abuse; batter.
c. To punish by hitting or whipping; flog.

We can see that Bose is obviously better than beats because simply enough, Bose has contributed much more to today's society. Whether of not the sounds quality of Bose's voice is better than the sound quality of a beat, we can ultimately see that just because Bose has helped society more than simple beats, he is by far superior.

Now let's check on some spelling and grammar:

1. Pro needs a comma after "Personally" (which he spelled incorrectly).
2. "Different" is spelled incorrectly.
3. "I" needs to be capitalized.
4. "Bose" needs to be capitalized.
5. "Are" should be changed to "is" because Bose is one person, or singular.
6. The period at the end of the second "sentence" should be changed to a colon.
7. A comma needs to be added after "first of all."
8. "Pair" is spelled incorrectly.
9. The incorrect form of "to/too/two" is used, it should be "too."

The resolution itself also needs to be changed because of reason 5 above.

For all of these reasons, please vote Con in today's debate.
Debate Round No. 1


HEY. smart 1# this is a debate not a laguage arts class. SEcondly, i see know point of you debating with me if you saying," bose are still better thatn beats??" please fill me in on that.


Let's first go back to spelling and grammar:

1."Hey" should not be entirely capitalized, as we do not automatically know the acronym for it.
2. The period after "Hey" should be a comma.
3. Pro does not mean the number one, but one as a pronoun.
4. There should be a comma after "debate."
5. The "e" in "secondly" does not need to be capitalized.
6. "I" needs to be capitalized.
7. "Know" should be "no."
8. "You" should be changed to "your."
9. You quoted something I did not say.
10. Within that quote "thatn" needs to be changed to "than."
11. "Please" should be capitalized.

In response to your only point:
I am saying that Bose is better than beats by my definition. You have no supplied a definition of "bose" therefore there is no reason to vote for you as "bose" can have multiple definitions. Your case is flawed to the point that the vote defaults to Con because you have not proven that whatever "bose" you are talking about is better than beats. My argument was simply to prove to you that, say, if you were more exact, you would be correct, but because you were not, you are unable to prove that "bose are better than beats." Simply enough, without a real case, you cannot win. The round defaults to Con.

For all of these reasons, please vote Con in today's debate.
Debate Round No. 2


gabriel6996 forfeited this round.


This round has been forfeited by Pro, so the vote will default Con. 

Pro was not nearly as specific as he needed to be because this debate could have been about anything. He did not prove that "bose" are/is better than beats, because he did not define what "bose" are/is. Essentially, my argument in the first round goes to show how definitions help a case by allowing there to be something to vote on. Voter's cannot assume what the debate was about. I argued that "Bose" is better than beats, I did not argue Pros side of the case in that he did not define what his side of the case actually was.

Voting issues:
1. My final arguments were untouched by Pro.
2. Spelling and grammar have been proven to go to Con.
3. Conduct to Con because of the forfeit and the lack of a true case by Pro.
4. Sources to Con because of the cited definitions.
5. Convincing arguments to Con because Pros arguments had no real structure and were too vague.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ThePhilosophersDeduction 6 years ago
ThePhilosophersDeduction may be glitching and is not allowing me to post my last round. I will wait to see if it gets working again. Otherwise I will post my arguments here in 5 minutes to keep in the time constraints.
Posted by gabriel6996 6 years ago
1# of all know one is trying to be mr. perfect so get that strait. Secondly it kind of strait foward that bose is still better than beats.
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