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Boys are mentally superior to girls

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Started: 12/4/2013 Category: Philosophy
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. I will convince you that boys are mentally superior to girls. A prime example of this is a boy named Battushig Myaganbayar. He comes from a middle class neighbourhood in Mongolia. He achieved a perfect score in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Circuits and Electronics exam. That is one of the hardest academic feats an adult can achieve, let alone a child. This proves that boys are mentally superior to girls as out of the 340 students that achieved a perfect score on the test, not one of them was a girl. Another example of a boy genius is Michael Kearney. He graduating at the age of six in 1990. He enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College in Sonoma County, California, graduating at age 8 with an Associate of Science in Geology. He is listed in the Guinness Book as the world's youngest university graduate at the age of ten, receiving a bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of South Alabama. This further proves my point that boys are mentally superior to girls. Another example that has recently happened is Tedx. Tedx is a company for youths that have innovative ideas worth spreading. A genuine love of learning and the ability to focus are two of the characteristics that have seen 11-year-old Tristan Pang achieve so much in such a short time. Year Seven at Ficino School, Tristan teaches himself at home and has been sitting Cambridge International Exams since he was nine and earning top grades. This just says it all. Girls cannot do the same thing as boys as in Tedx, boys were rated better than girls. GIRLS CANNOT DO THE SAME THING AS BOYS.


Your argument is based a lot on individual examples but of course these prove nothing. It is totally invalid to make an assumption that boys are mentally superior to girls based on one or two individual examples. You have provided no actual references such as statistic, studies etc. therefore there is not much for me to go on in terms of rebuttal. Again the only thing is that you are generalizing with no actual valid backbone to your argument. You say things like

"He achieved a perfect score in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Circuits and Electronics exam. That is one of the hardest academic feats an adult can achieve, let alone a child. This proves that boys are mentally superior to girls".

This argument is an extreme fallacy and makes little sense. Your only argument is based on such examples therefore it cannot be a valid argument. It is the exact same as saying that a few priests harmed some little boys therefore all priests are pedophiles. (excuse my lack of a better example but it is the exact same principle). It is a ridicoulos notion and an unfair generalization.

Bringing this back to the debate title I will actually attempt to use cited sources for my argument rather than irrelevant individual examples that have no validation (with all due respect).

Also you failed to define "mentally superior" however you seem to just deal with intelligence from your argument so I will do the same.

Here are the graphs that chart the mean IQ of the NCDS respondents by sex at ages 7 and 11. Notice that girls are slightly statistically more intelligent than boys at both ages. At age 7, the mean IQ for girls is 100.6 while the mean IQ for boys is 99.4. Also At age 11, the mean IQ for girls is 100.4 while the mean IQ for boys is 99.6.



Also girls on average mature faster than boys,(
The male advances in intelligence do not appear until after puberty. Since girls mature faster, they have an upper hand of making decisions faster than boys at an early age.

Based on all I have just said and the studies shown, I think it is realistic to conclude that Boys are in fact not mentally superior (intelligence) to girls.

Thank you for the debate and I wish you luck.
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Posted by Salisbury 4 years ago
I think Con is pretty hypocritical, using stats from an individual cohort, from the NCDS. Not really an accurate representation to make a counter-argument.

Also Con, please do not quote psychologytoday...
Half their reports are conjecture and speculation or may be interesting but are biased results. It's a popular forum so you get all sorts of skewed data.

Firstly, we already know the results in general. Males tend to excel in various tasks where females do not, and the vice versa. Secondly, scores worldwide would reflect that males do better at math and science on average. This is not necessarily because of intelligence, simply that's it's more conventional for a boy to show aptitude or keenness in the area.

Personally I don't think you can argue either are superior without sounding like a twat. In brain studies, women excel normally in social tasks and multi-tasks, and men from the studies SEEM to have more logical reasoning and faster information processing than women.

Males populate the highest IQ areas in the world, the greatest chess players, (only one woman in the top FIDE 100) and the most skilled professions. Now while a lot of this does involve gender roles and stereotypes - there's no reasonable argument that would conclusively state that men are absolutely superior, and or at least evidently, that women are not superior either.
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