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Boys are more complicated than girls.

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Started: 1/4/2014 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be arguing yes to this. I am a girl, and in my opinion boys are extremely complicated, and harder to understand than girls. If anyone disagrees, then please lets start this debate!
If you accept, then you are excepting all of the rules. No changes, or add-on"s

First round is for acceptance, and confirmation only. Second and third rounds are for your proof, and info. The final round will be for concluding your statements.


I am a girl and I know know that girls are not simple between all of our lying and gossiping we are far more complicated than boys.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, every girl is different. I have been trying, and am still trying, to get a boy i like to notice me. I have been trying for over a year. I am always left at the same point. the beginning. I"ve tried other boys, and they were just as confusing.


I've learned from several surprising relationships that boys often don't tell you if they like you often times they are scared to make a move because they don't want to get rejected. You feeling that boys are not noticing you is simply explained is does not prove that boys are complicated. I am a girl and I can not understand any of the things I do. For example I will never know why the second a friend leaves the room we all must start saying mean things about them. For girls best friends are the ones who don't care what you say behind there back because they know that you know that they will do the same. Boys don't spend hours in the morning on hair and make up but girls do. Why do girls do all this? Know one knows. You not being able to get a decent boy does not make them confusing. For These reasons I can conclude that girls a far more confusing than boys.
Debate Round No. 2


I totally agree with you there, but Most boys I know are very straight out and always tell me what is on their minds, but when they do that, It gets even more confusing, and it makes them even harder to understand.

This is why I would say 100% of the time, boys are harder to understand, and are more confusing than most girls.

The girls who try t make things complicated are the ones who are not a part of this.


It has been proven with science that Girls are more moody than boys, girls get lots of mood swings because there hormones are crazy. Girls are so confusing that most of the time you cannot tell what mood they are in, it could be happy or bloody angry and explosive. When talking to a girl there is never a right response. You probably find boys so confusing because you have not been around them enough. Many scientific studies have proven that girls have more crazy hormones to make confusing things. When girls get mad at each other often timers they don't even tell one on other they gossip spread rumors and exclude that person while acting nice in front of the persons face to avoid being confronted. A boy will sort it out in a simple fight. A simple fight can sum ups boys life it is always simple and uncomplicated. Boys don't spend hours in the morning trying to look fabulous. Why do girls do this? Know one knows. Girls are impossible to understand and if that is not confusing then what is?
Debate Round No. 3


This may be true, but Girls, because of their hormones often times have a harder time understanding boys. That is all I have to say this round.


Girls can have a hard time understanding signals from boys because of there hormones but that does not mean that boy are confusing that just means that girls are to confusing to talk to some boys.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by papayarocx5 3 years ago
1. Yes you should vote. I really don't care if I loose.

2. I'm not only obsessing over one guy!! I have many guys in my life. Thank you very much.
Posted by DudeStop 3 years ago
1. Should I vote...?

2. Maybe you should accept that he does not like you, and move on rather than obsessing and attaching yourself to only one being with the dim hope that he's going to notice you, let alone love you.
Posted by papayarocx5 3 years ago
I agree!!!!
Posted by Speakerfrthedead 3 years ago
I like how these sorts of discussions take place on DDO. Because in most people's daily life, they never get the chance to have conversations like these with their friends or family
Posted by trialrun 3 years ago
I have to say, I think each gender is equally a puzzle to the other. However, different hormones do cause different thinking patterns. For instance, in a relationship it is proven that females prefer the emotional part of a relationship, where the male usually prefers the physical. I don't actually believe one is more complicated than the other, as girls seem simpler to other girls because they literally live in the mind of a girl. The same concept goes for boys.
After all, in what way complicated? Is simplicity predictability? Because it all comes down to how an individual thinks, and I know both very complicated males and very complicated females. If I had to guess which was more complicated, I'd probably guess females to be honest, as socially we have more expected of and more back-stabbing and manipulation goes on. However, I don't doubt it goes on in male social order and politics either, so I'd guess it depends from which perspective you're looking from. A male would find females more complicated, a female would find males more complicated :P
Posted by Theyl 3 years ago
Judging someone's complexity based solely on what they have between their legs is rather narrow-minded. It's not surprising if you find the opposite sex confusing to you, because you are of the opposite sex and have not experienced the world the same way. it's not surprising if you find your /own/ sex confusing either, because they are the same sex as you, and yet they can have opinions or traits or make mistakes you yourself would never do. And especially if there are a bunch of people of the opposite or same sex you don't understand! Boy, what are you supposed to think then?!

In conclusion, generalization of either gender isn't something good. Everyone is different depending on their surroundings and biology so really, the debate is kind of pointless in my opinion.
Posted by Speakerfrthedead 3 years ago
I'm male and I have to say that this debate is quite funny and interesting. It's nice to know how women view us men. But to be honest, I believe we're much the same. Guys also talk about their friends behind their back, sometimes to decide the value of them. Is that a guy a nice guy? Is he a good friend?
And guys spend time worrying about their looks too. We spend time keeping our hair straight in the morning and some people apply deodorant when it isn't necessary at times.
When we like a girl, we tend to be very scared to tell her because we know that that girl has high expectations or that if we have a relationship that girl will go obsess over famous band players or good looking celebrities and we the normally attractive guys will never match up.
But we have to get over these things and get over criticizing people unfairly like bigots cause that's what gives rise to one of the most awful beings on the planet.
Guys and girls think alike but you can argue that hormones change people's attitudes and complexity.
Posted by papayarocx5 3 years ago
It"s not monstrosity!! It"s just that I need halp figuring out a friend of mine, and he is a guy.
Posted by kbub 3 years ago
As a boy, I'm able to speak for all boys. Because we're all the same.

What is this monstrosity!?
Posted by Be_a_BOXER 3 years ago
As a boy, I just think you don't quite understand us. You probley try and get their attention and fail. You may just be confused about the simplicity of us. Not to say girls are smarter then boys, but we're pretty simple. REALLY simple. If you were to yell at a piece of cheese to do anything, it probley won't. It will just sit there. (Wow I'm really terrible with examples.) That doesn't make cheese complicated. Mabey it so simple that you can't really understand it and therefore your mind considers it complicated. This is basic human instinct. If the cavemen saw fire, the must've thought it was magic. They may try and figure it out, but I. The end they'd get burned. Now you just don't understand the simplicity of it all and therefore consider it complicated.
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Reasons for voting decision: While I strongly disagree with Con's perspective, she had the better arguments. That being said, to say that girls are inherently more prone to lying and gossip is simply not true and arguably sexist. There is no reason to assume that guys are less likely to lie and gossip than girls. The only thing that substantiates that mindset is the society we live in that grooms such stereotypical gender tropes. Lying is not a gender-specific trait and neither is gossip. As for the "science proving girls to be more moody" point, if such a "science" is true, it's more than likely because women's menstruation, and the hormone imbalance it can possibly create. But both girls and boys have roughly the same amount of hormones, all used in different ways. And guys are just as prone to have hormone imbalance as well. None of that objectively proves that girls are inherently more complicated.