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Breaking free from the American 2-party political system.

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Started: 3/31/2017 Category: Politics
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The Republican and Democrat parties in America are controlled by corporate elites who pay off politicians and control political decisions through unfair wealth distribution and rigging of electoral processes by suppressing voices that go against their war agenda. We must embrace third parties and open debates so that we don't go too far down this path of unethical behavior and lack of compassion for humanity and the general environment.


I see that you are a member of a third party, and while I am not, I believe that everyone has not only the right but the duty to share their opinion. So I ask you, what are the benefits of 3rd, 4th, and 5th parties that society doesn't experience in our current system. Also, while the Republican and Democratic parties do dominate the political arena now, there are other parties including your own Green party, leading me to ask, is the current system a true two party system and if so is it corrupt, and is it needing to be fixed? The two party system emerged very quickly following our independence, and while the original parties were those of the federalists and the anti-federalists, they have changed into what they are today. while the dominant parties eventually fell apart, new ones rose to take their place ( Whigs --> Republicans). my question to you is this; is our current system really in need of being replaced, and if it were to be replaced would it be both beneficial to society and sustainable?
Debate Round No. 1


Well the Green party would stop funding and perpetuating war that has been going on for the past several decades in the middle east, which the GOP, DNC and the billionaire bureaucrats who pay them continue to allow for profit and oil control. We've been spending so much money on the military while American education, health, infrastructure, and environment continue to remain unfixed, among other fundamental aspects of our society.

Giving more options to the American people would not be necessarily replacing the system, just a few tweaks should be made to allow our state to be the democracy/republic that it was intended to be; not the oligarchy it has become. There are indeed 4 or 5 total parties already, but most people are unaware of their existence because of how the system currently operates against those who don't completely support the deep state's war agenda.

Green Party Key Values:

2016 American Budget:
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