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Bring back the military draft

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Started: 11/11/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I think we should bring back the military draft because it would solve a lot of these issue we are experiencing in society. If we made every 18 year old be put into basic training and Navy, Army, Marine Corp we would have highly disciplined young men and women who had a proper sense of responsibility and discipline. I'm not saying every one drafted be sent to war, but at least serve 2 years in training.

This would eliminate a lot of gangs, because those young people would be standing in front of a drill sergeant instead of a street corner selling crack, they would be taught a sense of direction, team work, responsibility. People would get more of a sense of direction in their lives, and better understanding of problem solving and a lot of experience in life lessons.

I think our society has gotten soft today, guys wearing hand cream, complaining that their Internet connection is down, there are bigger issues in life we face then that. I believe the military would give these people better direction in life and certainly better discipline and self responsibility. The military/marine Corp will train you how to make your bed tight so you can bounce a nickel off of it, they will keep you in top shape and fit, no obesity and laziness. You will learn discipline, not talking back to adults, you will show respect to your elders. The Marine Corp will break you down, remove those lazy habits and rebuild you as a efficient working machine, they will make you stronger, faster, healthier and more respectful. Huuuaaahhh!!! I am all for the mandatory draft. Semper Fi !!


I do not like the draft. It can rip families apart. I also think that there are enough people in the military. If we are engaged in a war and there are not enough soldiers, then a draft should happen. But in all the draft should be avoided at all costs. I think it would help.
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From a disciplinary angle I believe in the draft, it creates discipline, conformity and respect for others. It also provides structure and direction to young people. I'm not saying we need to have wars or prepare for war but from a structure in society I believe it.

It would be more like 2 years of society structure, kind of like prep school after high school. Also people would be more prepared in case a war broke out, you would have all the training and would not run around like a chicken with it's head cut off
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Posted by jo154676 1 year ago
Not wanting to risk my life for a campaign designed to protect oil and poppy interests in the middle east, which we butchered leading to the formation of radical groups, which we once again mishandled and caused even more extreme groups to form, risking PTSD, injury etc does not make me unpatriotic. I provide service for my country in other ways on the homefront. I love my country, but not wanting to go to war doesn't make you unpatriotic, just like going to war does not automatically make you a patriot.
Posted by Lonely-Bird 1 year ago
If people are patriotic then there is no need for a draft.

War isn't the health of the state, coercion is. as is the monopoly and ability to impose violence.
Posted by Firepwner 1 year ago
Ugh, I so wanted to join. Sadly, it was 12:00 o' clock in the Philippines. When I woke up, the debate has already started. :(

Meh, might as well read about military drafting
Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 year ago
We had it in the past during WWII, terrible idea, why are you scared? No patriotism towards your country?
Posted by jo154676 1 year ago
This argument is nonsense lol mandatory service is a terrible idea
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