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Britain is better than America

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Started: 3/4/2016 Category: Politics
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America is the child of Great Britain. We controlled 1/4 of the world which before 1776 include America (or Thirteen Colonies). We have a very good health care service and in my opinion a better political system. Without Britain, America would not be what it is today (some would argue that that better).


I fully accept.
America is greater then Britain for 8 simple reasons.
Lets first clarify that Britain is also the UK. And I will be referring to the UK, as being more professional.

Refutation to Round 1: Sure most American people originated from the UK but people already lived in America before the Brits colonized America. America was already a free county before the Brits came. The Brits just wanted to have a free place to worship God. (Which I totally respect) My point is America did not originate from the Brits the Brits helped speed up the process of colonization.

I had a British roommate once who would vehemently declare that the UK was better than America via shouting matches and passive aggressive social media posts. It was awesome.
She would say hilarious things like, "We Brits swear better!" and "You don"t even have your own Queen!"
But then, thanks to our consistent debates, I managed to compile a fantastic case study of things America does in fact do much better than our counterparts across the Atlantic.
Which is great because there"s a sort of friendly competition that goes on between the US and the UK, presumably because " in a lot of ways " we"re very similar, and it"s easy to look at the differences as a result.
Frankly, there are a lot of things that the US does better than the UK, and here"s the place to explore that in 8 handy points (one of those things is not chocolate, by the way " US chocolate totally sucks).

1. Driving age: In America we have the privilege of driving at the age or 16 but in the UK 17 is the required age. Even if your mature enough thats crazy!

2. Comic books: Not only are we the best at making these bad boys, like Iron Man, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk, America pretty much invented this medium. Our foothold with comic books is so concrete, I couldn"t even think of a single comic book that originated in Europe.
In fact, Google pretty much laughed in my face when I tried to find just one mainstream superhero from the UK.
But in America, we have literally countless comic book universes and storylines we can sink our teeth into, and it"s been a welcomed tradition now for over 80 years. And thanks to comic books, we have an endless array from superhero movies to dominate our box office every year, for better or worse.

2. Hip Hop: Taio Cruz is great and all, but mainstream hip hop is clearly defined by what makes it big in the States. Just look at how Drake left a teen drama in Canada to become an American rap artist (okay, so maybe that was an easy call).
I"ll grant the fact that the UK pretty much invented and perfected classical music and dubstep, but they can"t compete with the urban genre that was created in the States. The problem is that the UK is just too eloquent, probably. Just look at how they describe hip hop in their own country:
""UK rap" is a broad sonic church, encompassing anything made in Britain by musicians informed or inspired by hip-hop"s possibilities, whose music is a response to the same stimuli that gave birth to rap in New York in the mid-Seventies. (The Times)
The greatest music artist originated from America.

3. Football: Now you may be thinking that this doesn"t count because the UK doesn"t even have Football in the sense I"m referring to (not soccer,) but they actually do have teams that throw the pigskin around " it"s just vastly overshadowed by soccer (what they call football).
To be honest, I"ll always be a bigger fan of soccer, but few can deny the impact and influence American football has here in the states.

4. Tipping: For all those waiters out there...In the UK, waiting staff has to be paid according to their minimum wage, so tipping isn"t really expected. But thanks to our obsession with tipping in the U.S., we"ve developed a culture of people who will be super nice to us in order to make money out of us. Necessity brings about opportunity!

5. Guns: Gun rights in the UK are extremely limited, especially compared to the US. Sure, they have way fewer gun homicides than us, but at least our police are armed for the most part.
Seriously though, Americans have a much richer heritage when it comes to using guns for hunting and sportsmanship. Plus, we have more guns than we have people, which means that our country stands a way better chance at overcoming apocalyptic scenarios.

6. Sneakers: We invented and perfect the athletic shoe. Technically, we could say that America is simply best at making things out of rubber, but we"ll just stick to bragging about how awesome our shoes are.
Most of the world"s biggest athletic shoe brands are American. This includes the #1 brand, which is Nike. Additionally, we perfected the art of selling shoes through celebrity endorsements, which was made famous by Michael Jordan"s famous partnership with Nike in the 1980s.

7. Cop Procedurals: Don"t get me wrong, I love UK crime drama, but America is way better at finding a way to make every facet of cop life an interesting TV show.
Not only do we have about 300 types of Law & Order/CSI/Criminal Minds spinoffs, but we even save some cop action for buddy movies and network sitcoms like Brooklin Nine Nine. In comparison, the UK"s Law & Order just feels sad, and Sherlock doesn"t really count.
Part of what makes our procedurals special has to do with how fascinated we are with dubious science. If a show has a wacky side character who comes to conclusions with big words that don"t associate well, we can"t stop watching.

8. Olympics: Throughout my research America is ultimately better in the Olympics.

Conclusion: America Is ultimately better. We have our freedom of speech. We have our rights. We have our liberty. We are America. We are a great nation.
Debate Round No. 1


Here a some reasons why the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is better than the United States of America.

1. Sarcasm and Irony " British people are quite happy to poke fun at everyone, most of all themselves! Also, Americans must want to like it because I see them say something is ironic when it is not.

2. History " Everywhere you go there is something that dates back, additionally offering some beautiful backstory's to every village, town and city. We also have great great landmarks and buildings such as Stonehenge and the Tower of London. Yes America do have some quite impressive monuments, however my grandmothers house is probably older than some of them.

3. Booze & Pubs. 60% of drinking is tailored around social interaction, not spirits and immeasurable music levels.

4. We used to have an Empire, for a small island nation we should all be proud. "The empire on which the sun never sets".

5. Most major international sports are British - Football (Soccer), Cricket, Rugby. American sports have not been fully adopted by other nations.

6. The BBC " 100% unbiased, uninterrupted public television " HBO"s "The News Room" we have their ideals! Without the astonishing struggle to get there.

7. The Queen " Not everyone is besotted by the Royal Family, yet either they make Britain proud.

8. Mostly due to our increasingly terrible weather, British people go abroad! If they do it right they gain an entity called culture.

9. English is the second most spoken language in the world. I know America speaks English however the language comes from the country of England which is in the UK. Whilst we are on the subject of language, let me discuss the fact that Americans say curtain word wrong such as aluminium, it's not aluminum.

10. Higher Life Expectancy " We"re slowly getting fatter yet not to a mobility scooter level as of yet!

11. Short Elections " elections are much more highbrow and about matters of importance/ relevance. Yes some may argue that the American system is better but in my opinion it is floored because if the Republicans control Congress and the president is a Democrat, how can he get anything done.

12. Although such a small country we have a great Fashion, Music & Film Industry.

13. Nothing is too far away! I believe a car journey that lasts more 30 minutes is a fair blooming journey!

14. We have Scots! A relationship founded upon the slogan of marmite (from both sides) they make the UK what it is.

15. Tea Tea Tea. Offer a visitor a "cuppa" is beyond common courtesy! Not that we don"t drink anything else but, this is one proud and true stereotype.

16. You mentioned comic books and how great films have come from them which I fully respect. But in a lot of these films and in lots of other genres the villain is often played by a Brit. They bring respect, grandeur and intellectual brilliance to the already great role. It may just be me but I often find that the villain played by the Brit turns out to be my favorite character.

17. Doctor Who. What started as a sort of educational children's show in 1963 has now turned into not only a nationwide phenomenon but a international one too.

Conclusion: The UK is the greatest (GREAT Britain). We also have our rights, we also have our liberty, but do you know what this island nation is, It is the 'Land of Hope and Glory'.


Refutation to each argument posted by the pro:
1. Anywhere you go there will be annoying people. No matter if your british or american you are a person and you have your own personality. Therefore your 1. No longer stands.

2. Although some people did originate from the UK, America still would have been founded and populated. Therefore your 2. No longer stands.

3. Drinking& bars: If the UK would not have helped America founded 60% of our pub, we would have done it ourselves. Therefore your 3. No longer stands.

4. America wants their liberty and option to vote. We don't need an empire. Therefore your 4. No longer stands.

5. Maybe the UK holds more international sports, but America is unique and has over and abundant sports to keep the enjoyment high. Therefore your 5. No longer stands.

6. BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation) is the public service broadcaster of the United Kingdom, headquartered at Broadcasting House in London. Therefore it would be bias, therefore your 6. No longer stands.

7. QUEEN'S, sure there nice to have and nice to see the crown they have, but when we get down to it we got our queens and their called "The first lady" Therefore your 7. No longer stands.

8. The terrible the UK. You said it yourself the UK is not the nicest place to live. Therefore your 8. No longer stands.

9. There are a lot of things Americans say wrong. Maybe it was because the UK didn't really raise us. Therefore your 9. No longer stands.

10. America is more on a "grab and go" diet, because we have a busy lifestyle. Americans are a very diverse culture. Therefore your 10. No longer stands.

11. VOTING: Our nation was founded on voting so that this nation would sustain a heathy country. Our voting helps prevent what you said in round 2. Therefore your 11. No longer stands.

12. America is know for our MUSIC and our MOVIES. We have made that highest grossing and the top charts of music in the world. Therefore your 12. No longer stands.

13. Your 13th point is unclear and I can't refute a point that is not stated in understandable form. Therefore your 13. No longer stands.

14. Like I said earlier, people are people and no matter who they are they will always be people. People's personality does not define their country. Like Hitler, we should not define the county of Germany because of Hitler. Therefore your 14. No longer stands.

15. Tea is amazing! I do agree. But tea does not define the UK and does not make it any better than America. Tea was not invented by the UK. The UK just needed something to be known for. Therefore your 15. No longer stands.

16. According my round 1 I was referring to superheros not villains. Therefore your 16. No longer stands.

17. Doctor Who was amazing I agree, but lets not forget the life changing Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss was an american writer to inspire children to learn. Bonus: People made movies off of his amazing books. Therefore your 17. No longer stands.

Lets move on:
19 Reasons Why the USA Is Better Than Britain

1. We're not constantly starting whiney boastful lists like 'Reasons why the UK is...' - no need.

2. God forbid, but if the U.S. decided to attack you, what could you do about it? Get your nerf guns?

3. Our space center is at Cape Canaveral, yet you do not have one.

4. Travel slogan : the UK, home of the original mad cow disease

5. How many men have you landed on the moon? Or even put into space at all? The answer is clear, and it is none. Sorry for all these Brits who had a vision of going to the moon.

6. MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Caltech,etc. - all originated from the one and only America

7. Without us, Buckingham palace would be a Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht day spa

8. California alone has a larger economy than England.

9. The car's in the UK are like a coffin on wheels - especially the Mini

10. IBM, Texas Instruments, Intel, Microsoft, H-P, Dell, Apple...shall I go on? We are the gods of the internet

11. Elvis : without him, no Beatles, Stones, Who, Duran Duran, Spice Girls, etc.

12. British entertainers don't really make it big until they're popular in America

13. General Motors, Ford, AT&T, Exxon, Mobil, Boeing, Lockheed, etc., etc. Our cars are the source of engineering.

14. Let's compare the number of Olympic medals. Wow I can't count that high, America DOES not back down. Go America.

15. We have the most advanced medical care system in the world.

16. We have much better TV, and more viewing options - no BBC rules

17. Our Hollywood. Period. Thats all I need to say.

18. Your high taxes and welfare state discourage initiative and a good work ethic

19. Rock and Roll originated here

Conclusion: America is a great nation and I could go on and on about it. America is the Land the of Free and the Home of the Brave. We have the most diverse and inclusive culture on earth. America is great because people, individually, and voluntarily, make a conscious decision every day to look out for the liberty of others, and protect the liberty of others, even if it means death on some lonely battlefield. America is the greatest nation, and if we keep our priorities right and if we have our eyes out for justice and if we keep all free, America will inevitably be the greatest nation in the world. America is better than the UK.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Quadrunner 2 years ago
This is such an awesome debate

They developed our colonies. We made them our own.
They inspired democracy. We revolutionized it.
They endured WWII. We turned the balance.
They colonized the world and lost influence. Well, lets just say Point Britain...They did lead to America.
They need tea. We need coffee.
They love proper. We love freedom
They have football. We have real football
They have ancient culture. We have amazing diversity.
They have comedians. We have athletes.
They take away guns for society. We maintain society with guns
They have The Queen. We have Miss America
They have The Office. We have The Office Point America
They have classic sports cars. We have Iconic Muscle.
They have James Bond. We have John Wayne.
They have the Beatles. We have the King of Rock Point Britain (British Invasion)
They have Queen. We have Bon Jovi Close, very close.
They tried to rap. We felt sorry for them. Point America
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