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Businesses should offer parking reserved for pregnant women.

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Started: 12/26/2008 Category: Society
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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The reserved parking situation is already out of hand. Unless pregnant women are handicap and have a handicap sticker, businesses should not offer parking reserved for pregnant women. The most convenient parking spots are already reserved for the handicap and there are plenty of them so it's not necessary to add yet another parking privilege. In fact, it's healthy for pregnant women to walk more.

The vast majority of people are not pregnant women so statistically, businesses are not likely to benefit from offering this type of parking. In fact, it may deter people if the only available spot is reserved for pregnant women.


Thank you for posting this debate, and good luck.

Now onto the argumentation. My opponent has three key points:
1. Adding more reserved spots is bad
My opponent is under the impression that stores will take away normal spots and convert them into pregnant women spots. This would never happen, as businesses could simply convert current handicapped spots into handicapped/pregnant spots. Therefore, no spots would be taken away from the average consumer.

2. It's healthy for pregnant women to walk more
This is a point. It is healthier to walk than do nothing, but stores shouldn't decide if a pregnant woman should walk more. That's the woman's choice. Following this paradigm, McDonald's should put treadmills at the cashier so people can lose weight before eating a BigMac.

3. The vast majority of people are not pregnant
Furthermore, the vast majority of people are not handicapped either. This argument only is important if my opponent is advocating the abolishment of all handicapped spots. Businesses do not benefit from making it easier on those handicapped, and it deters people who aren't.

My own arguments
4. Reserved spots are safer
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 1 in 5 accidents occur in parking lots.
A pregnant woman cannot jump out of the way as easily as others, and a spot close to doors can lower the chance she has of being hit by a car backing up.

5. Reserved spots are safer...for another reason
An average person can trip and fall without suffering too much injury. A pregnant woman is not so lucky. The added weight increases the chance of broken bones and injury to the baby. During the winter, parking lots can be covered with frozen streets, or rain water can be the ground more slippery. A parking spot closer to the door will lower the amount of ground a women needs to cover without slipping on ice or water.

6. Can be used at discretion
Businesses should offer parking reserved for women. Yes. Do they have to ensure all pregnant women are eligible? Nope. If preferred, the business can offer spots but require that the pregnant woman has a sticker/waiver/note from doctor that is in the car that explains why she needs a special spot.

Again, thank you for posting this debate, and I hope it is a good one.
Debate Round No. 1


1. My opponent believes parking spaces for pregnant women will be integrated with handicap spots rather than adding to them, however this would be illegal. Businesses are required to allow for a certain number of handicap spaces and only people with handicap parking permits would be allow to use them. Thus, available parking spaces are reserved for pregnant women in addition to handicap spaces overall reducing the number of spaces available for everyone else.

2. My opponent believes stores should not decide to make pregnant women walk more. I agree, however by adding spaces for reserved for pregnant women, businesses have essentially decided to make the non-pregnant public walk more. Since there are more people who are not pregnant, businesses have decided the fate of more people by adding parking spaces reserved for pregnant women.

3. To say one is not in favor of reserved parking spaces for pregnant women is by default also not in favor handicap parking equates pregnancy with being handicap. It also suggests that any special status justifies a parking space reservation or else it is anti-handicap. This is not true because pregnant women are not any less disadvantaged for walking unless there are other medical conditions that prevent it, in which case they would be handicap. A distinction must be made between pregnancy and handicap and there is nothing inherent about a normal pregnancy that makes women any less capable of parking and walking as compared to anyone who is not pregnant.

4. Again, a pregnant person is not any more or less safe in a parking spot than anyone else, or any more or less capable of avoiding being hit than say an elderly person, child, blind or deaf person, or person carrying bags. I would argue there are pregnant women who can out-jump many other members of the parking community.

5. Pregnant women are not any more susceptible to falling or sustaining injuries on ice than say an overweight person. Should overweight people be given reserved parking as well? The infinite number of classifications people can be given clearly outnumber the number of parking spots in any given parking lot.

6. Since one cannot prove without documentation that they are pregnant then is even more of a reason why they should not offer reserved handicap parking. And who will monitor this? Certainly not the police who can issue a citation for illegally parking in a handicap space since reserved pregnancy spaces is not a law. Should businesses allocated expensive resources to monitoring this? I would argue they should not thereby making the practice of offering these spots unenforceable and unreasonable. If the pregnant women needs special parking, she should apply for a handicap sticker like everyone else.

Thanks for replying and good luck.


1. It is not illegal because the business is simply broadening those that qualify for the handicapped spots. Example:
There are 10 spots. 3 are handicapped spots. 7 aren't. Businesses allow pregnant women to have handicap permits. Now there are 10 spots. 3 are handicapped. 7 aren't. Same number of spots.

2. The non-pregnant people already are walking. Again, this argument only works toward abolishing all handicapped spots. If my opponent believes that making non-pregnant people walk more is wrong, he will also consider making non-handicapped people walk more is wrong.

3. My opponent misunderstands my attack on his point. He makes the claim that "the vast majority of people are not pregnant so statistically, businesses are not likely to benefit from offering this type of parking". My attack was that the majority of the public are not handicapped either, so their is no impact to his argument. Like the second point, it is used as an argument against ANY reserved spots.

4. "Pregnancy complications can make a woman feel weak or interfere with her mobility." Now elderly get handicapped stickers. Blind and deaf people get handicapped stickers. Children can't drive, so why would they have parking spots. And a person is not carrying bags when he or she parks. So yes, pregnant women still deserve reserved spots.

5. "As women approach the later months of pregnancy, their body feels off-balance. The position of the baby, the excess weight of the mother, and the awkwardness of pregnancy"
The difference between a pregnant woman and an overweight person is how adapt the person is with the weight. When a person is pregnant, they gain weight faster than an average person. Therefore, they are not as used to the weight and have a higher risk of falling. My opponent also ignores the damage a fall can cause a baby. I understand that babies are well protected in a mother's womb and that a minor fall will not cause any injury. However, slipping on ice and falling face first into the concrete will do damage to a baby.

6. People receive handicap stickers the same way a pregnant women could receive one. If the doctor gives her one, it's because she is pregnant, thus the stores do not need to check for pregnancy. Furthermore, police do not need to do anything more than they do now. If the car has a sticker, they are clear. If they do not, then it's a ticket. I do not see the logistical problem at all. Same routine, just more people with the sticker.
Debate Round No. 2


Scrivo forfeited this round.


Seeing as my opponent has forfeited the round, I will simply reiterate some of my points.

1. Offering parking spots will not be illegal
2. Denying them spots will force them to exercise (businesses should not be allowed to)
3. Just because pregnant women represent a small percentage of the population makes them no less significant
4. Pregnancy can interfere with mobility
5. If a pregnant women falls, she can injure the baby
6. We can regulate it

For these 6 reasons, and my opponent's rack of refutation, please vote Pro
Debate Round No. 3
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