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C-3PO is way better than R2-D2

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Started: 4/20/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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C-3PO is a way better droid than R2-D2. R2 may have his moments, but when it comes down to it, 3PO is the golden boy. We have six Star Wars movies to use as evidence, as well as the expanded universe. I'll take arguments from both sources.

Round 1 will be for introductions, and the following 4 rounds will be for argument. Time to argue is 24 hours, and max characters is 5000. Let's have some fun with this!


C-3PO is a whiny little grandma. 'Nuff Said.

R2-D2 is all that is badass.

Debate Round No. 1


R2-D2 may be pretty badass, but he's also just plain bad. He is constantly insulting C-3PO, his only friend. C-3PO is way nicer, and in fact, deserves more credit than he is given for even sticking by R2. If it hadn't been for 3PO, R2 would probably have been a pile of scrap halfway through A New Hope. We cannot forget 3PO's words of advice to R2- "Let the Wookie win"- which saved R2 from having his arms ripped off by Chewbacca. It's just in his programming to be nice. When Anakin showed C-3PO to Padme for the first time in The Phantom Menace, he explained how he had built the robot to help his mom out around the house. 3PO never complained of this job and was not upset when Anakin left; he even stuck around until Shmi's death in Attack of the Clones. What a nice guy!

The video you posted of hilarious R2 moments was hilarious, for sure, but 3PO has a number of hilarious moments himself. Attack of the Clones may have been 3PO at his comedic best. When he walks into the battle droid factory, he makes the side-splitting remark, "Machines making machines? How perverse!" C-3PO does not need to resort to rude, sarcastic humor like R2-D2 always does. Going further in the movie, we find C-3PO split in half, with his head on a battle droid body, and a battle droid head on his. I remember that the moment when he is made to fight in the arena and shouts "Die Jedi dogs!" and is instantly embarrassed, the whole movie theater was in an uproar. R2's jokes didn't get as much of a laugh because we all expected R2 to do something silly. When 3PO does something funny, we are taken by surprise, and the experience is that much more enjoyable since it is not overdone. Besides, you can't even understand what R2 is saying. No one can except 3PO. The best he can do is make a fart noise, which is quite rude. C-3PO has a better, refined sense of humor.

Now, this isn't to say that C-3PO is a better droid simply because of his sense of humor. I will say, the slapstick involving R2-D2 is better suited for the character, and I can't imagine how it would be possible to involve 3PO in such situations (although it would be funny to see him spit mud out of his mouth or slam into a wall). That is R2's flaw though. He is not much more than comic relief, and in one style. C-3PO crosses boundaries and is much more multi-dimensional than his friend. In the next three arguments, I will expand more upon 3PO's superior character traits.

For now, I will leave you with this hilarious C-3PO tape dispenser.


Alright so this how this is going to go. First, I will explain through evidence why R2-D2 is a badass. Second I will show how C-3PO is near the equivalent of a whiny little grandma, using the same evidence that my opponent used in advocacy. Note, for Pro to win he has to show that "C-3PO is way better than R2D2."

Watch the George Jetson video when it's mentioned down below.

Refer to the video in round 1 for these following evidences:


Look at :04 seconds, he takes down two combat driods with ink. What is this Tom Cruise?! At 0:08 seconds he fries away a space, combat droid, protecting the craft in the process. Then turns his head around like nothing happened! BA! At 0:15 he makes himself go crazy to save the situation, self-sacrifial maybe...At 0:21 seconds he grabs C3's head and saves him from combat, almost metaphorical. At 0:40 seconds he drops hundreds of feet and fails to die. At 0:59 even while he's getting arested he's still "spitting in the faces."

I could do this all night long, the resounding point is is that R2-D2 is a incredibly accomplished driod in the galaxy. He is a commodity and asset to those around him. He used strategy and wit to defeat his opponents. He's actually capable of defeating opponents, unlike grandma. He's the first one to turn the corner in a grimey situation as shown at 1:20. He obviously has alot of courage. Plus, the video also shows us the obvious--that he's an active engineer for star-fighters! BA!

Thus R2-D2 has many virtues, especailly for the context of Star Wars.

This segways into my next point. R2-D2 is specifically and exclusively for Star Wars because he serves so many practical functions in the Star Wars realm. C3 can very well be this character though, from George Jestson:

But then again Rosie didn't always whine about circumstances.

R2-D2 always puts up a fight but he fights using smarts and know-how. He serves distinct functions in the Star Wars world, making him a commodity and exclusive. Luke Skywalker trusted him enough to be the engineer of his fighter jet. And pleease when in Episode 1 R2-D2 saved the ship in the beginning he literally saved every single character that would soon have an impact on the fate of the galaxy.


---"He is constantly insulting C-3PO, his only friend. C-3PO is way nicer"---

C3 is like that extremely oblivious grandma thats really nice but becomes deadweight because thats all she is: oblivious and nice.

---"We cannot forget 3PO's words of advice to R2- "Let the Wookie win"---

Speculation. But what is a fact is that R2 has carried body parts of 3C out of dangerous situations.

---"3PO never complained of this job and was not upset when Anakin left"---

Cool! He's cordial.

---"C-3PO does not need to resort to rude, sarcastic humor like R2-D2"---

Under your standard of humor you cancel out the hilarity of Louis C.K., Dane Cook, Tracy Morgan, Larry the Cable Guy. All very commerically, financially succesfuly comedians. So your own standard shows why C3's humor is less relatable. And the reason its surprising when C3 attempts a joke is because he's not funny. It's kind of like when grandma tries to be cool, she attempts humor to no avail. But you want to be nice so you give her an awkward grin. Though, I wasn't even showing that video for funinness, but rather to show you the B.A. CHAMPIONSHIP BELT R2-D2 HAS.

Moreover, none of these points on humor and niceness prove anything. They especially don't prove the resolution which reads, "C-3PO is way better than R2-D2." All we have with C-3PO is he is a nice droid who can be funny in ideal conditions. So maybe he should just be a camp counselor for kids.... Naw, we'll leave camping for important characters like Luke and R2-D2 (Episode 6.)

---"In the next three arguments, I will expand more upon 3PO's superior character traits."---
And I'll wait...


1. R2-D2 still has the belt. He is a commofity and asset to those around him, as he serves practical functions in the Stars Wars world.

2. R2 is valient and courageous and never backs-down.

3. R2 is the engineer of fighter pilots and he has done so for such characters like Luke Skywalker.

4. C-3PO is still near the equivalent of a little, old grandma who whines alot.

5. C-3PO is near the equivalent of also a camp counselor for kid.

6. You would never say someone who could be either a camp counselor or a grandma in Star Wars is better than R2-D2.

7. Given this we can easily see that the resolution has not been demonstrated.

Debate Round No. 2


[Note: Please watch the video to the right when I mention it]

I’m watching the video of Rosie from the Jetsons, and she looks suspiciously like R2-D2 with that zapper arm. Is my opponent saying that to zap people is bothersome, and therefore that R2 himself is an annoying hunk of junk? The video goes on to show George Jetson begrudgingly waking up and being forced to get ready for his day. We can infer that he would not have woken up on his own, and needed Rosie’s (analogous to C-3PO’s) help. It does not take long to realize how essential this is in Star Wars. Suppose the Rebels wanted to sleep in! That would not have been very good for them. We cannot deny that motherly figures, or “grandma” figures, have their place in the universe, even in war time.

We can indeed say that C-3PO is a better droid by definition. Droids are divided into classes, based on their “creativity, intelligence, and capacity for independent thought” (Wookiepedia). Astromech droids, like R2-D2, are Class 2 droids. That is better than being Class 1, certainly, a step above calculators. Protocol droids, like C-3PO, however, are Class 3. These droids are “the most advanced droids ever invented.” As we know- since he loves to say it- C-3PO is fluent in over six million languages and has seemingly infinite knowledge of the galaxy’s cultures. Most people are not even learned enough to know two languages, let alone six million. Can I get a “BADASS” please? This trait also makes him (and other protocols) perfect ambassadorial assistants, another war-time essential. Who can forget how C-3PO managed to save Luke, Han, Chewie, and R2 from the Ewoks by pretending he was a god? That’s badass too. He told them he’d kill them! His knowledge of the Ewok language and culture saved Luke Skywalker from being roasted by fuzzballs, thus saving the Rebellion from certain destruction. Who would have fought Vader then? Jar-Jar Binks? I don’t think so.

C-3PO is more badass than he gets credit for. He took a blast from a Stormtrooper in Cloud City for crying out loud. His body was blown into six pieces and he still managed to get on with his life after Chewie put him back together. We all can agree that when people lose limbs and keep pushing through life that they are pretty awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you C-3PO, badass extraordinaire.

Furthermore, 3PO has more of a capacity to be badass than R2 does. R2 may have a bug zapper arm, or a keen oil snot-rocket ability, but 3PO used a GUN in Episode II.
We also see him in the above video in The Force Unleashed wielding a lightsaber. As someone who has played the game before, I have to say, seeing C-3PO kick the crap out of Stormtroopers is just about the most badass thing I have ever seen in my life, and I saw a guy eat a slug once. Imagine R2-D2 using a lightsaber. Looks pretty lame, doesn’t it? He wouldn't be able to move correctly.

We all admire badassery, but consider this as well. Later on in Return of the Jedi we find 3PO telling an exhilarating tale of the heroic deeds of Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion, complete with sound effects! So not only is C-3PO a necessity in the war-room, he is an entertainer, a droid who will go on to be loved in times of peace and war alike. R2-D2 will fix some broken landspeeders, maybe.

To summarize:
1. R2 is apparently annoying for zapping people.
2. C-3PO is like the bugle guy in the army who wakes you up in the morning. Essential for war.
3. C-3PO will beat you in a language and culture contest.
4. C-3PO can trick your foreign enemies into thinking you will kill them.
5. C-3PO is an accomplished entertainer.
6. C-3PO will take a bullet for you.
7. C-3PO looks better with a lightsaber and will shoot you if you give him a gun.



Okay my opponent's profile is not accepting messages or comments

I'm going to have to FF this round

I apologize to my opponent.

I have a huge final tomorrow and I can't justify taking the time for this round.

I hope we can continue in Round 4
Debate Round No. 3


In light of the circumstances, I'm going to skip also. Let's pick up after my Round 3 argument.


"zap people is bothersome, and therefore that R2 himself is an annoying hunk of junk?"

haha No that's not what I am saying. I'm saying Rosie is near the equivalent of C-3PO, as they both primarily are servants.

"We cannot deny that motherly figures, or "grandma" figures, have their place in the universe, even in war time.

When they're useful grandmas, maybe. But I never see C3 waking up any rebels for wartime. A greater portion of the time C-3PO is absolutely benign. Like in episode 6 when the Hut's cruiser was about to blow-up he didn't even know what was going, so R2-D2 scooted over to C3 and threw him off the cruiser. Goodness! How many times does he have to save "golden boy?!"

"We can indeed say that C-3PO is a better droid by definition."

So we had to get technical about it, uh? The fact that R2-D2 is a class 2 says way more about him. He's always saving people. He's Luke's right hand droid. He's incredibly resourceful as the video in Round 1 shows. He uses everything his creators have gave him to get his team out of sticky situations. Class 2 can't contain this droid! He's clearly above the cut. C-3PO is a class 3, but he is not above the cut. He hardly utilizes the skills he's been give, like knowing so many languages. He's a lazy, whining class 3 that does not tap into his own potential. This ties into the next point:

"makes him (and other protocols) perfect ambassadorial assistants, another war-time essential"

He hardly does it, though. The popular culture magazine Giant Robot made a list of the ten wimpiest robots made in Western movies.

Sadly, R2-D2 made the list, lame. C-3PO though of course made the list.

They said this of R2,"The Kurosawa-inspired droid is an important character in both Star Wars trilogies, but is still a virtual trashcan, drink cooler and mailbox." So they don't like his design. How shallow of them!

They said this of C-3PO, "R2-D2’s pal can beat a Wookiee at chess and speak many languages, but is in essencean English butler who walks funny." Not only do they agree with me about ROSIE, but they are also agreeing with me that he has potential but, via his actions in reality, is useless.

Plus if it counts at all, the writer of this star wars blog article said this, "Sadly, our very own C-3PO (duh) and R2-D2 (hey, no way!) make the list"

I rest my case.

"C-3PO is more badass than he gets credit for....His body was blown into six pieces"
That's a paradox. Just because his creators made him that way. He, himself, though left with all his Class-3 cunning could not escape danger. If you actually look to my video in Round 1 it actually shows C-3PO in those pieces, at the same time R2-D2 is dodging bullets left and right. Now this makes more sense: If dodging bullets then badass extraordinaire.

"but C-3PO used a GUN in Episode II...him in the above video in The Force Unleashed wielding a lightsaber"

So one time in six movies C-3PO took the offensive and picked up a gun. You better put that on a mantle because it does not happen often. And one time in one video he picked up a lightsaber even though it's impossible for robots to yield the force.

And the fact that R2 only has a "zapper arm" and a "keen oil snot-rocket ability" is absolutely amazing, as he does more damage to enemies. But we all know he has more than that, e.g. a mini chainsaw...

Speculation. Peace never lasts long in the galaxy. R2-D2 will always be called upon.

Plus that's not true as:

"In issue #12 of Star Wars: Legacy R2-D2 is revealed to have survived the resulting 88 years after his last appearance and has been upgraded to the latest technology. In this series, he now serves another member of the Skywalker family — reluctant Jedi Cade Skywalker."

R2-D2 is always trusted by the best.

Padme Amidala trusts R2-D2 to engineer her starship.

Luke Skywalker trusts R2-D2 to engineer his starship.

Anakin trusts R2-D2 on his flights.

Obi-Wan trusted R2-D2 when he went to rescue Chancellor Palpatine.

Besides there is only character who knows the entire tale of Star Wars.

C-3PO's memory was erased, so Darth Vader could not find Luke and his "sister." However, R2-D2's memory was not wiped and such is the only surviving character of the entire saga who knows the tale of the entire saga. As such could subsequently do the following:

"R2-D2 inadvertently helps Luke and Leia come to grips with their heritage when an electronic glitch unearths long-concealed images of Anakin relating his fear of losing Padmé, and of Padmé's death."

To Summarize:

1. My opponent has conceded that C-3PO is near the equivalent of a grandma.

2. C-3PO does not tap into any potential he may have.

3. C-3PO has very seldom moments where he actually can be of militant/diplomatic use.

4. R2-D2 is trusted by the best because when in a precarious situation--He always answers.
5. R2-D2 is more useful in battle, which is every other scene in Star Wars.

Debate Round No. 4


I suppose there isn't too much more I can say about C-3PO that I haven't already said before. R2-D2 may be a badass, but he's also clearly a jerk. C-3PO is never a jerk, and I would much rather have him for a friend, as I'm sure anyone would. C-3PO has a marvelous, dry sense of humor- way more sophisticated than his counterpart. R2 has the cheap, dime-a-dozen sense of humor that you could go see in the Three Stooges if you want. C-3PO is a kickass dude who you can only see in Star Wars.

He's GOLD. Literally.


I've really enjoyed this debate--sucks its the end.

Thank you to my opponent for communicating with me, via message, about the round I had to skip. We came to an understanding. It was cool of him so thanks.

Okay now to logistics...


"He's GOLD. Literally."

He's actually not made out of gold. He only appears gold. He was made out of scrap metal from the junkyard Anakin had access to.

Not that that was important--just didn't wanna let it sliiiiiiide.

"R2-D2 may be a badass, but he's also clearly a jerk"

R2-D2 does nothing but beep away and save people. In New Hope, C-3PO said, "I don't think he likes you...I don't like you either." And then R2-D2 made that tear-jerker, low-volume, low-pitch beep sound that faded into the abyss of depression. Ladies and gentlemen R2-D2 is no jerk. He is the emotional victim of a verbally abusive C-3PO. But R2-D2 keeps his head-up and saves people and C-3PO in dangerous situations anyway because he's a empathetic, gracious badass.

And I've already demonstrated how C-3PO's "humor" is unrelatable.


Basically everything I said in Round 4 was conceded so lets go over that. The following was dropped and subsequently is agreed upon by both sides as a truth:

1. R2-D2 is trusted by the BEST. {Look to Round 4}

2. R2-D2 is much more effective in battle. {Look to Round 4}

3. C-3PO is oblivious. {Look to Round 4}

4. C-3PO does NOT tap into his potential (knowing languages) thus his class 3 virtues matter not. {Look to Round 4}

5. C-3PO is near the equivalent of a grandma. {Look to Round 4 and his first argument in Round 3.}

6. R2-D2 is a badass. {Look to Pro's argument in round 3}

7. R2-D2 is a badass extraordinaire. {Look to Round 4}

8. "He's [C-3PO] a lazy, whining class 3" {Look to Round 4}

9. It's impossible for robots to yield the force thus the lightsaber scene is discarded. {Look to Round 4}

10. And finally, he's conceded, all throughout the debate, that R2-D2 is incredibly resourceful, a commodity, and an asset to those around him. He never tried to disprove that.


What are we left with, based off these conceded arguments?
C-3PO is a lazy, whining, oblivious, grandma-like droid.

R2-D2 is badass extraordinaire, lethal, resourceful, trustful, effective, and strategic.


The resolution reads, "C-3PO is way better than R2-D2."

More specifically it reads, "WAY BETTER"

Based off the previously stated that:

C-3PO is a lazy, whining, oblivious, grandma-like droid.

R2-D2 is badass extraordinaire, lethal, resourceful, trustful, effective, and strategic.

I have effectively demonstrated that the resolution is far from being determined AS THE EXACT OPPOSITE SHOWS TRUE.

Vote Con.

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by kyle.dogan 4 years ago
love R2 but C3 has got him beat on taking damage. Seriously in the movies count the times R2 has been shot or shocked, and all the times C3-PO has who takes a beating better?

shot once or shocked once and R2-D2 down for the count.
C3-PO got shot, chopped up, put together wrong... he wasn't down for the count... C3-PO may be whiny but he's smart and "almost" indestructible (by that I mean he takes more of a beating then R2 does and can still function after it, kinda has to with R2 as a partner).

Let's be honest, some can say R2-D2 is brave and all that, and yeah he is a great character and is brave too.... but really you think all his action would be considered brave? Am I the only one that sees R2 has 0% impulse control? (also explains Return of the jedi R2 trying to hack a power converter instead of the door controls)

So my point is, R2-D2 looses when it comes to taking a beating over C3-PO.
Posted by tarkovsky 5 years ago
Dude, 3PO wins the award for most annoying robot.
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Reasons for voting decision: C-3PO is never a jerk? What? R2d2 is pretty bad-ass, and C-3PO is pretty much a winey complainy coward, who just gets on your nerves. Though pro did bring up some valid points on his superior make.