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CNN should let Joe Biden participate in their Democratic Presidential debate even if he doesnt run

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Started: 9/29/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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3 rounds, 24 hours between rounds, 4000 characters. No trolling or semantics allowed

Joe Biden, the lovable Vice President known for having several gaffe moments here and there, has recently been allowed to participate in the CNN debate even if he waits until the very day of the debate to declare that he will run for president.

Apparently, Biden has routinely placed second or third place in polling in the Democratic primaries, even polling higher than other people who have already announced that they are running, such as Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, and Martin O'Malley.... Because CNN only requires people to be polling at at least 1% in numerous polls to qualify for the debate, Biden is therefore allowed to be in the debate on the condition that he announces that he will run for president.

I on the other hand believe that CNN should change the rules and allow Biden to be in the debate REGARDLESS of whether or not he decides to run for president, meaning that I will argue that Biden should be allowed to be in the debate even if he has not yet decided to run for president or not by the time the debate even starts


1) CNN would HUGELY benefit from letting Biden in the debate

Whether or not Biden will run has been speculated for several months now, and millions of people will already be tuning in to watch the first Democratic debate of the year on CNN on October 13th. If Biden does decide to participate in the debate for whatever reason, interest in the debate and what Biden would say or do in it would cause HUGE public interest, making the debate a ratings goldmine for CNN.

2) It would be a great opportunity for Biden to decide whether to ultimately run or not

Biden would by default be a major candidate in the primary race if he decided to run, but the reason he has not declared he will run so far is because he doesn't know if his heart is in it. He cites the recent tragedy of his sons death as the reason for why he hasnt announced that he will run, explaining that he is unsure if he wants to run himself

Biden being allowed to be in the debate though would give Biden the perfect opportunity to make up his mind once and for all, and really find out if he wants to run for President or not. If he does great in the debate, that could be all the convincing he needs. If he does terrible and regrets being in the debate, then he'll know for certain that he wont run.

3) The American people deserve to see Joe Biden in the debate

According to RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden is averaging almost 20% of the entire vote in the Democratic Primary, far and away placing him in the top tier of candidates in the Democratic race. 20% is also better than every single candidate except for Donald Trump in the GOP race, meaning that Biden has a HUGE voter base.

To require Biden to decide to run in order to let him be in the debate could potentially disenfranchise 20% of Democratic voters, since Biden is unsure of whether or not he wants to run, and he wont declare that he will run just to be in the debate... But by allowing Biden to be in the debate WITHOUT requiring that he announce that he is running for president would allow for the 20% of the voter base who support him to not be disenfranchised.

It is for these reasons that I believe that CNN should allow Joe Biden to participate in their Democratic Presidential debate, even if Joe Biden has still not made up his mind about running for president or not. Over to you con


I'll begin by posting my opening argument?

I will begin by breaking up the question "CNN should let Joe Biden participate in their Democratic Presidential debate even if he doesn't run" into 2 parts. First with: "CNN should let Joe Biden participate in their Democratic Presidential debate" followed by "even if he doesnt run" as I believe they are 2 separate issues which should be addressed separately.

Joe Biden should absolutely, unequivocally not be allowed to participate in their Democratic Presidential debate. Why you may ask, well as I shall demonstrate with sound logical augments backed up by credible evidence Joe Biden's character is not fit to participate in any debate of any kind.

Now you find yourself asking what's so bad about old Joe? Well it's no secret that Joe was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. And what do we know about Pennsylvania? That's right vampires. Me and my team over at NASA have been collecting evidence for some time now and have come to the conclusion that Joe Biden is in fact actually Dracula, Now this is an indisputable fact that should not be ignored and we have published our findings on YouTube found here -

It would be very foolish of Fox news to allow the debate to continue as it will put many lives in danger as Joe may be unable to control his insatiable thirst for breast milk. Now my opponent may be thinking at this stage well this is the 21nd century and we can't just go around discriminating against any joe blow we don't like. But to counter this I would say Joe is no ordinary blow and the rights of the people to enjoy an honest debate outweigh the rights of Count Biden.

Now to the second part of the question "even if he doesnt run" which is irrelevant because as we all know vampires don't run they fly.

Thanks for listening vote Con
Debate Round No. 1


Round 1 clearly stated 'No trolling or semantics allowed'

Con has therefore forfeited the debate

Vote Pro :)


That's racist I am not a troll I am a human being -

My research and arguments are still withstanding and I have not forfeited the show must go on.

Thanks for watching vote con
Debate Round No. 2


"I am not a troll I am a human being"

You are both a troll and sub-human. You have contributed nothing to the site, probably never will, and your accomplishments in real life will likely mirror that.... There are reasons why abortion is legal, and your very existence is one of those reasons.

"I have not forfeited "

You attempted to troll the debate, did so badly and pathetically, as you always do when you try to troll, and you did so on a debate where trolling was explicitly outlawed, meaning you have broken the rules and therefore forfeited the debate. If you were able to comprehend the meaning of simple words you might have been able to avoid making yourself look completely retarded, but that is still hypothetical since your stupidity knows no bounds, troll :)

Con broke literally the only rule in this debate of 'no trolling', voters therefore must award full points to me since Con broke the rules.


I shall now finalise this debate with my rebuttals?

"You have contributed nothing to the site, probably never will" - good, sort of what I'm aiming for...

"trolling was explicitly outlawed" - quick someone call the sheriff there's an outlaw in town.

Thanks for viewing vote con
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by imabench 1 year ago
Next time you try to troll a debate russian, try to not be so pathetic in actually trying to troll it ;)
Posted by imabench 1 year ago
I always get trolls accepting my debates for some reason
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