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COurts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/21/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Assertion #1: In 1974, court-ordered busing was the only strategy that could have desegregated Boston"s schools.

Evidence: Students did not want to mix.

Evidence: Segregated schools needed better education.

Evidence: Segregated neighborhoods leads to segregated schools.

Assertion #2: Students and society benefit when more children are abel to attend racially integrated schools.

Evidence: Students academics improve.

Evidence: Increases self-esteem in students.

Evidence: Helps prepare studentsw for the diverse real world.

Assertion #3: To create a desegregated school system, a judge should be abel to tell parents where their children must attend school.

Evidence: The new plan can resegregate based on neighborhoods.

Evidence: Kids have to choose a school in their "zone" which might not be their neighborhood.

Evidence: There are not enough large good quality schools in every neighborhood.


Negative assertion #1: court- ordered desegregation strategy do more damage than good.
Evidence: aggression because of desegregation.
Evidence: complaint were made to federal building
Evidence: school buses are getting attacked by the whites

negative assertion #2: courts are ineffective in the fight prejudice
Evidence: schools are being boycotted
Evidence: people protested for unfairness
Evidence: students are aggressive towards the black students

Negative assertion #3: schools should not be used as battlegrounds to address inequality and discrimination.
Evidence: mayor goes to house to house to whom the parent"s do not agree with the plan
Evidence: school committee battles to keep races balanced
Evidence: lawsuits against committee
Debate Round No. 1


Questions for Con:
1. Why is the mayor only going to talk to the parents who do not agree?

2. How is the courts fight against prejudice unfair?

3. What does the courts fight have to do with white students being agressive?


1) Why didn"t students want to be mixed?
2) What you mean by self-esteem increased?
3) Should we let higher powers decide where the students go to school?
Debate Round No. 2


Answers to questions:
1. They didn't want to mix because they know the dangers of what can happen if they are forced into a prejudice school.

2. Kids who do not fit in with there own race can find someone they can relate to in the opposite race, which increases self-esteem.

3. Yes, we should allow higher power decide where students go to school . By allowing the public to choose where their students go leads to prejudice, if a higher power is forcing them to go to mixed raced schools they have no choice.


youdontneedtoknowthis forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Rebuttal #1: Segregation is a major problem in school districts; the court is doing the right thing by forcing diverse schools. Although some people tend to rebel.

Rebuttal #2: Courts are making a difference to prejudice, by passing laws that makes diverse schools.

Rebuttal #3: Schools are being used as battlegrounds due to the people who do not agree with the court, not because the court itself.


1. why is the mayor only going to talk to the parents who do not agree?
Because they"re the ones with the problem not the ones who agree.
2. How is the court"s fight against prejudice unfair?
Because the courts might be biased to one side.
3. What does the court"s fight have to do with white students being aggressive?
The students didn"t want the students of color in their school

1)In 1974, court-ordered busing was not the only strategy that could have desegregated Boston"s schools because law could be passed to create racial balance.
2)Students and society don"t benefit when more children are able to attend racially integrated schools because society will spend more money on transporting the kid to that school.
3)To create a desegregated school system, a judge shouldn"t be able to tell parents where their children must attend school because the parents might not be able to get their kids to that school the judge wants them to attend.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jgeller 4 years ago
Conduct: 4
Sources: 4
Arguments: 3"rebuttals are a little thin
Spelling: 4
Analysis: 3"Thin rebuttals don"t drive home your point about the responsibility of the courts

Joey, I will remember you long long after you have forgotten me =514;. Can"t really say anything more.

Conduct: 4
Sources: 4
Arguments: 3"good rebuttals, if a little short
Spelling: 4
Analysis: 3

Josh, watching you mature even in these past few weeks has been one of the highlights of my year. While this debate was good, the best was the fact that you willingly and happily debated orally after all year saying you couldn"t/wouldn"t.
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