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CSGO is better than its counterparts eg:Call Of Duty, Battlefield

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Started: 3/9/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Counter Strike Global Offensive is better than Call Of Duty Battlefield


So far, Pro has submitted his subjective opinion and nothing more. I await his arguments, and shall rebut them properly when they come.
Debate Round No. 1


In Csgo you do not need to pay 30USD for a DLC, you are all the same it comes to skill (Depending on gun you can't buy scopes silencer etc unless its a sniper rifle then you have a scope) do you see? And the game play is better but the graphics aren't the best compared to Advanced Warfare or Battlefield Hardline


"In Csgo you do not need to pay 30USD for a DLC, you are all the same it comes to skill"

Pro starts the debate by assuming that these things he views are bad necessarily are. In fact, contrary to his probable beliefs, most of eastern society (and even some followers of western Abrahamic religions [1]) views suffering as a good thing. So, even if having an unfair disadvantage causes personal suffering, you have yet to show how this is anything but good.

"And the game play is better"

What constitutes as "better" in terms of gameplay? There is no evidence to point to this assumption, and due to this is a worthless point.

"but the graphics aren't the best compared to Advanced Warfare or Battlefield Hardline"

I'll consider this a point in my favor.

Debate Round No. 2


Compared to other games csgo is relatively cheap:14USD for a good game
CodAw:70USD+More Expenses for dlc
Battlefield 4:80USD+(so far) 60USD dlc
Csgo:14USD+0USD Automatic free updates
Its the best game of its genre price wise, it has a wider community, allows any ordinary Joe to upload a map or Gun Skin and they get recognised in "operations" eg:(current) Vanguard, Breakout, Phonies etc where they take maps and skins from the workshop into the game making free money for everyone because the person who makes the skin they get 50% of the money made when people buy and sell there skin. Do you see.


"Compared to other games csgo is relatively cheap:14USD for a good game"

An unnecessary loss of money would cause one to suffer, which is inherently good thing.

"it has a wider community"

This speaks nothing of the community's quality.

"allows any ordinary... buy and sell there skin. Do you see."

Not only was it not explained how anything here could be seen as "good", but the possibility of other games having it was completely ignored.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Triggered_So_Triggered 11 months ago
All Con did was make fun of the other debater he didn't even provide much evidence
Posted by StalinIncarnate 2 years ago
I've never heard of "Call of Duty Battlefield".
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro never responded to both the subjectivism objections, nor the argument from suffering. Given these undermine Pro's case, ignoring these simply isn't an option, thus Con wins.