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Calculators are tools made by the illuminati to mind control us

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Started: 12/19/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Con shall go first.


Calculators used to mind control us NO WAY Calculators are for school use almost all the time and I bet they would produce a high magnetic wave messing up the devices around them But No they actually don"t
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Posted by Soulman4764 2 years ago
Nd2400, I remember a long time ago when I had just an abacus, and the pupils of the secondary school had calculators, the maths teacher asked a complex multiplication question which I answered in just 5 seconds, and the other children were still using a calculator when I put my hand up to answer the maths question. Which the teacher found I was right. The maths had a division (/), multiplication (x), and additional (+) in it. With 2 multiplications, the other children took roughly 15 seconds to get to the answer. I even tested a scientist to do the same with colleagues, and they were shocked, those scientists said they would change to abacus to see if it did make them quick. And please remember, Albert Einstein also used an abacus, and look at what he became. Calculators are for slow thinkers, Abacus is for quick.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
You can't prove the illuminati made Calculators to what mind control us.... You can not actually prove this.

Calculators you by even the top scientists why because it quicker to get the right formula. Doing it by hand take to much time. So scientists, top financial and engineer use Calculators.
Posted by Soulman4764 2 years ago
I would say that calculators are for people who do not use their brains, I would prefer an abacus (which is what I used during school). Plus many genius Scientists used abacus as a form of maths, and use there brains more frequently than those with calculators, and can formulate answers a lot quicker as well in most cases.
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