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California Sucks

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Started: 10/31/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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I am taking the stance that California Sucks when compared to the rest of the states.
Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Facts
Round 3: Rebuttal
Round 4: We'll take it outside
Round 5: Conclusion

Whoever loses shall be hung from the neck until dead.


I accept the debate TheBloodyScot as I believe Calafornia does not suck

-Lady Lucinda-
Debate Round No. 1


Remember, we are comparing it to the other states.

#1) It is expensive. In this argument I will compare CA to Idaho. In Idaho, EVERYTHING is about half the price of things in CA. My family has sold their home in CA for $500,000. They went up to Idaho and bought a brand new house (built in 2002) for $150,000. The house, along with being brand new, was only a little bit smaller than their last house. Tilamook 1lb blocks of cheese that are $10 here in CA are only $5 up there. Cake mixes are a dollar each. I know people who have ordered their cars from up their and brought him here to CA. Even with the price of shipping and the Registration Fees CA puts on "out-of-state" cars, it is still cheaper.

#2) Vast amounts of pressure on the government. Northern California is made up mostly of Agriculture. Southern California is mostly cities. The vast difference in ideas make it hard to come up with a good solution to most problems. The southerners don't know how to run a farm, but think they do. The take all our water and make silly animal-loving (not that there is anything wrong with that) and complain about food prices being so high. With a big split in ideas, CA can not function to its political potential so it sucks compared to other states that are more in agreement.

#3) There are a lot of Mexicans. Not in the Racist sense, but there has been an influx in the lower class and jobs, making it harder for teenagers like myself to get a job. If the Mexicans were to spread out, the impact would be significantly different, but they don't like to travel as far north as Idaho. Therefore, in California, it is harder for a teenager to get a job, so CA sucks.


I will first start with the rebuttle of Pro's arguments:

1. While I will agree that California is expensive in comparison to other states like Idaho I would like to point out the wage differences of the people. In California Americas 5th most expensive state after New York, Connecticut, Alaska and Hawaii (According to Forbes Magazine) it is also the 2nd highest average income in the whole of the united states Idaho comes in 45. ( Thus although things are more expensive their the people are better off than in other states. Your family probably made the money in California to buy that 150,000 dollar house. If you had lived in Idaho then you would have a typical Idaho wage and the house to your family would be more expensive due to your wage. Also in the 4 years Obama has been president the prices in Calafornia have also been coming down leading many people to believe that soon Calafornia will be a much more reasonable place to live.

2. Political debate is what makes America America! America is based off of the value of free speech and as an American they have every right to voice their opinions. Yes it is harder when people don't see eye to eye but that doesn't make the place suck! You should be proud that they are allowed to have a healthy debate because in some other countries people just have to suck up and listen to one person and are not allowed these open debates with fear of being killed. While yes it is frustrating it is also positive because you get a sense of freedom knowing that you can debate for what you believe in.

3. America is based off on Immigrants. Everyone except from Native Americans are immigrants normally when countries are in a recession the people blame the immigrants or one group of people who seem to have the jobs. That is one of the reasons the KKK started, it was one of the reasons Hitler claimed such power he blamed the Jews on Germans financial issues. Now going back to my point earlier were I say minimum wage in California is much higher than in most of America meaning that when a teenager does finally secure a job they will be well paid. The issue with jobs however is a Nation wide if not World Wide issue. If you have been paying any attention to the political debates that have taken place the hottest question is all about Job Creation with Mitt Romney telling us how Obama failed ect. The whole country is facing this issue not just California. Now California actually ranks 23rd according to the latest census on Job Creation and Job Quality so they are in the middle of the road for this one. Seeing as you like to compare California with Idaho I will look at Idahos rating which is 5th. So although California ranks below Idaho it also ranks in the middle of American job creation meaning that many other states are below California in job quality and creation so California does not 'Suck' on the large scale of things

Now I will propose some starting arguments:

1. California is one of the most tolerable states in America: California is ranked 6th in tolerance meaning that across the board more people are happy and healthy and not discriminated on. Woman have better chances at getting equal pay, Gay People can hold their partners hand in public and Black people are not stereotyped as dumb. Now I will be comparing California to Idaho in every one of my arguments today as my opponent has done so however looking at the bigger picture California is better than 41 other states on this issue and in fact a leader of the world for this issue. Now if we look at Idahos score which for tolerance if very low at 45th place. Meaning it is only better than 5 states in America. Now lets compare the 2 in terms of points scored per issue.

6, California
Tolerance score: 70 out of 100
Hate crime score: 30 out of 40
Discrimination score: 29 out of 40
Gay rights score: 5 out of 10
Religious Tolerance Score: 6 out of 10
Hate crime incidents per 100,000 residents: 2.7 (29 out of 50 states)
Discrimination cases filed per 100,000 residents: 15.9 (28 out of 50 states)
Population in support of same-sex marriage: 56%
Population that believes many religions lead to eternal life: 67%

45, Idaho
Tolerance score: 41 out of 100
Hate crime score: 22 out of 40
Discrimination score: 16 out of 40
Gay rights score: -1 out of 10
Religious Tolerance score: 4 out of 10
Hate crime incidents per 100,000 residents:: 2.3 (24 out of 50 states)
Discrimination cases filed per 100,000 residents:: 23.9 (42 out of 50 states)
Population in support of same-sex marriage:: 33%
Population that believes many religions lead to eternal life:: 60%

2. Education: Education and business go hand in hand. While California is only ranked at 33/50 it is stronger than Idaho which is ranked 48/50 meaning that it is only better in Education than 2 other states Arizona and Nevada. Education has been linked to life quality and states with lower rates of Education tend to have more depressed people and weaker economies.

3. City of Film and Culture: California is the best state for culture ranked in Forbes and the census at position number 1. All the most talented actors and singers move to California to pursue their dreams leaving most states with a lack of talent in these skills. California is the home of cinema and is the most filmed location in the world with the most successful movie business were all of the top 3 big movie producing companies have their National office in California. Not to mention Music were California again ranks number 1 in America and number 2 in the world after London. Most of the big music companies National offices are in America and this is were musicians come to make their dreams come true. Idaho was not even ranked in this list.

4. California is the wealthiest state in America: All the most wealthy people move to California meaning California has the richest residence and the highest income of Any State. If you wish to start up a business that is luxurious and high end then California is the place to do so as they have the richest people as well as being one of the best places to start a business.

5. The California Culture- Californians are generally laid back, fun loving people and the culture of California is often depicted in such a great light that everyone wants to move their

6. America is in tough times - Calafornia is suffering due to the hard times America is facing as Calafornia was a central distric for business owners nation wide it suffered significantly however with the recovery of America Calafornia will be one of the first states to recover and once again boast what is used to boast years ago as being one of the most fun states to live in the whole America and one of the best places to live in the world!

To conclude California is one of the most beautiful , tolerant states in America with a culture of sport, beauty and summer that is envious world wide. Its Education and Job Creation are the middle of the road however still surperios to many other states. The whole of America is suffering not just California so you can not say California sucks compared to the rest of America when it is ranked overall in the top 10 again and again for best places to live in America. I look forward to my fellow debates response.

- Lady Lucina -
Debate Round No. 2


Let us start with a rebuttal of Con's rebuttal:

1: Con says that because of the difference in wages, it costs the same or less to live in California than in Idaho. The current Annual mean wage in CA is about $51,910 [1] while in Idaho, the annual mean wage is about $38,520. You make about 74.2% of the money you make in Idaho than you make in CA. However, the cost of living in Idaho is 70.9% less than in CA. You have 3.3% more disposable income in Idaho, or $1271.16 more money. California is the 8 most expensive state. [2] This proves that California is still more expensive to live in and therefore your argument is invalid and CA still sucks.

2: I conceit for this argument as I agree with you, but this does not prove your argument because every state is like this to some degree. This point is neutral, neither proving that CA sucks compared to other states nor proving that it does not suck.

3: The teen unemployment rate in CA is 36.2. CA has the Highest unemployment rate for teens compared to any other state. [3] Also, as for unemployment rates for the whole population, CA is the third worst state with a unemployment rate of 10.2%. [4] We are not talking about the future of CA, we are talking about its current state, and with this current information, CA still sucks.

Now for rebuttal of your arguments:

1: I can argue very weakly against this, but if I remember correct, CA did ban Gay Marriage. I admit that this is a weak argument because it was overturned and the wording of Prop 8 was supposedly misleading. For the most part your argument is valid and I agree.

I have one question about your graphs. How can the hate crime be lower in CA if there are less hate crime incidents in Idaho?

2: You fail to help yourself in this argument. We are not just comparing Idaho to California, but California to all of the states. Thanks for inspiration for my next set of arguments.

3: You fail to explain why this makes CA better. Please provide why this makes CA better.

4: You fail to explain why this makes CA better. Please provide why this makes CA better.

5: Why does people's perceptions of CA make it better? If this argument is a valid way to rate a state, there are also many people who think CA is nothing but a bunch of stuck-up snobs.

6: Again, we are comparing CA as a state in its current state, compared to other states. I don't see how this is relevant.

Now for my new arguments:

1: Education sucks. According to the graph here, California has the fourth best Teacher Quality, the second best Education Input, and yet the fifth worst education output. Something about California is causing it to suck at education, whether it be the education system's ability to manage resources, or if the fault lies with the students. Moreover, because the students suck, or our ability to teach, CA sucks. Especially when compared to Montana, which has the worst teachers, the second worst education input, but the seventh best education output. [5]

2: Crime: California is the fourteenth worst state in terms of violent crimes. [6] In terms of homicide, California is the twentieth worst state at 5.62 per 100,000, so you are four times as likely to be murdered in California than my favorite comparison state, Idaho. [7] California sucks because crime is worst than in most states.

3: State debt: California is in the top 5 for most state debt per capita at over $3000. [8] This sucks because it means even more money that has to be taken away from taxpayers in the future.

4: Health: California ranks last in number of emergency departments per million with only 7. The national average is 20. This means that our emergency rooms are three times as crowded or far away from people, so CA sucks if you are in an emergency. [9]












Lady_Lucinda forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3




Lady_Lucinda forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


TheBloodyScot forfeited this round.


Lady_Lucinda forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by lannan13 5 years ago
I'll accept when a few of my debates finish up.
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