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Call of Duty is better than Battlefield

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Started: 3/8/2013 Category: Technology
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Let me start off by saying that this is my first debate on this site so forgive me if I mess up on anything. I want to experience this debate page and get a feel for it. I thank whoever debates me and I hope we can successfully share our view points on this awesome topic!
There are many reasons why I think the Call of Duty series is better than the Battlefield series. In this round, I'm going to put some of my OPINIONS into 3 bullets and explain them.
" Call of Duty has a more exciting multiplayer than Battlefield

I think this is true, because although Battlefield has a more realistic multiplayer with the larger maps, COD has more of a heart-thumping gameplay when you're trying to get to 25 kills in TDM or leading a 1-3 comeback in Search and Destroy. My friend and I both own Battlefield 2 and 3 as well as Black Ops, MW3 and Black Ops 2. He likes Battlefield 3 the best while I like Black Ops the best. He agrees with me that Battlefield multiplayer is kind of slow going. For example, if you die on Battlefield, you have to go considerably far to get back to the action. In Call of Duty, you can get back to fighting soon after you die. These two things also have other pros and cons, depending on what certain people look for in shooters. Battlefield 3 also has a mutiplayer "pass", since it's an EA game.
On Xbox, you already have to pay for LIVE, and if you buy Battlefield 3 used, there's a good chance you're not going to get the pass with the game. If you really wanted to, you could buy a pass, which is about 15 dollars. That makes Call of Duty much more appealing if you play online.
" Call of Duty has a better storyline in the campaign

Ok, I'm just going to say that both campaigns in any single Battlefield or COD game are fun, but I find that COD is just a bit ahead. Call of Duty has a lot more decide-the-game decisions, especially in Black Ops 2. I believe that Battlefield 2 and 3 might have one, if any, decide-the-game decisions, in which you shoot or don't shoot someone.
" Call of Duty has better character development in the campaign

Since there isn't much follow up from one Battlefield game to the next, I will just compare character development of any one. For instance, in Black Ops 2, they introduce a few new characters, including Harper. Throughout, the story, he develops into a main character. In the story, you can choose to kill him or not kill him. Some players of the game who killed Harper might've gotten a little sad because they thought he was an awesome character. I believe that is good character development. Whoever debates me on this topic, could you please offer an example of good character development in any Battlefield game you choose?
I am done in the first round and I hope this debate will be fun!


This is also my first debate, so thank to whom I am debating with for choosing this easy going topic.

And so in direct response to the first point, to say that COD encompass 'more of a heart-thumping gameplay', is unfalsifiable. This is too say, I find sniping and getting a head shot from over 1000M away more heart thumping than the reaction time based game play of COD. It's personal preference as to what is exciting. If you are trying to argue that COD offers a more fast passed game play making the experience more 'exciting', BF3 now does this with the new 'close quarters' expansion pack.

While it is true you have to wait a while after you die to re spawn, this is not to say that you always re spawn quickly in COD. Depending on the game type, you can be waiting considerably longer to re spawn. In BF3, you don't needto wait longer than 5 seconds or so.

Campaign in BF3 and COD are very different. I find BF3 more pleasing as it visually, it is superior to COD. But I have yet to complete the campaign, as these games are mainly purchased for their multilayer compatibility. Sometimes the campaign almost feels like an after thought with these games.

I know my opponent has requested an example of character development, however I cannot give one as the BF3 games aren't designed to 'merge' into one another in the same way that COD games do. This leads to my next point that COD games have a very 'same old same old' feel about them. Often, each game has taken the previous one, and made changes to it. With each Battlefield release however, each game is meant to be 'the next level' in terms of 'realistic' FPS games. For example there isn't a lot of differences between COD MW2 and MW3. However BF2 is a totally different game compared to BF3, as BF3 is a clearly much more up to date game. The next COD release will essentially be Black Ops II, with a few changes and new maps. BF4, to be released on the next gen consoles and PC will be a totally new experience.

overpowered perks are a huge turn off with COD. For players who are doing well in a game, to be then given a ridiculous perk like being able to launch missiles or call in an attack helicopter is very annoying as these perks are over powered. resulting with players dying literally within a couple of seconds of re spawning

Now to add my own points as opposed to just responding to my opponents.

My first point is that of vehicles. It is undeniable that you can simply do more in BF3 when it comes to getting around. You can choose from a variety of vehicles ranging from a tank or an attack helicopter, to a motorcycle or a Jeep. COD has no such freedoms, giving the game play a very repetitive feel to it.

Another point, which I feel is the heart of my debate, will be that BF3 rewards skill and punishes the lazy player. There is too much luck in COD as the maps are so small and the game play so fast. For you to be able to get lots of kills to no deaths, undeniably involves a lot of luck. By the same token, in BF3 it's much harder to kill your enemy as the maps are larger and the enemy has access to vehicles. You need to think a lot more and have a strategy when playing BF3. Generally you can do well in COD if you are just fast.

I have more to give on this debate but I will now give way to my opponent to reply to my discussion points. All the best.
Debate Round No. 1


Vasquez forfeited this round.


I shall make no further comments as I wish to hear more from my opponent before continuing
Debate Round No. 2


Vasquez forfeited this round.


I can only assume that my opponent has done what I have done countless times, and has forgotten to post.
we both have managed to fit in our arguments however, may the voting be fair.
Debate Round No. 3
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