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Campus v/s Online Education. Online is best for future

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Started: 9/22/2011 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Well! There are several issues in schools and institutes which have taken major role:
1. Bullying
2. Non curricular issues (fights, elections, groups)
3. Drug and sex on campus
4. Value degradation

On the other hand in online mode of education it is only about content and your learning and knowledge seekers learn better and have more options than conventional way of " one teacher, one institute , and some set of rules".

Hence promotion of online education is VITAL for society. New new era institutes would be for social skills and practical experiences.



I would like to thank you for making this debate.

You say that there are 'bad' issues that will be lost if there is online learning. Also, there are good things that will be lost too, such as:
1. Relationships with friends and teachers.
2. The ability to ask the teachers or 'friends' questions
3. Teachers are not able to directly check if the students are listening in class

"Hence promotion of online education is VITAL for society."

You say that online education is 'VITAL' for society. The society is actually better off with on campus schools, since they promote a bond between the families.

Therefore, on campus schools help students to communicate and will be able to concentrate more on their education than on the online educations.

Again, thank you for bringing up this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Today's society can have bettr bonding if the scenario is as follows:
1. Students learn at home with online and assist their near and dear ones.
2. For collabrative learning some time can be spent at school on "friends", "meaningful relations with teachers".
3. Touch your heart and ask, how many teachers you really care for? How many friends really mean something for you?

The Campus schools are commercial organisations ? The Management becomes richer through fee hikes, and there are reports how much money goes in this sector. People have called it a "Recession free Sector".

The emergence of online media, wikipedia, MIT opensource resources are all givings of the faulty institutions which have miserable failed at high school and graduation level. School education is nice at primary and secondary level but later the institutions have failed to develop individuals in spite of infrastructure and money the institutions have.

Hence Online content is growing
Quality content is growing
As on grows orientation is at learner centered education and not teacher centered.
Therefore a student is seeking good MENTORS which web can provide.
Having graduated inn social networking one is seeking forums like which is online and gives individual space for expression and development.

Again I will say the stastics also show the phenomenal growth of online education and moving away from the campuses which are not serving to the extent they should have done.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by melorules 6 years ago
I thhink that this debate is good and i am for con. A reason for this is in college bullying is not a problem. it happens but not often. Also if you have a teacher you can ask questions stay after class and geet more help. No Work place will take you seriously if you went to an online college. Also drugs and sex are part of life and maybe drugs are a problem but sex isnt a terrible issue.
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