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Can An Atheist Attain Salvation Either In Hell or In Heaven

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Started: 11/30/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Challenge Declined
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can someone help me im a student working on a debate can an atheist can have or attain salvation in heaven or in hell
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Posted by kwagga_la 1 year ago
From a atheists point of view there is no salvation to be found in heaven or hell because heaven and hell does not exist according to the atheist. From a biblical point of view an atheist cannot get salvation in hell because it is written that men are appointed once to die and after death the judgement. The judgement is not reversible. Some groups teach purgatory where they say it is possible but the teaching contradicts the Bible. If you believe in salvation by faith alone then the atheist will not go to heaven to begin with, so no salvation is to be found for the atheist in heaven.
Posted by boozeandbabble 1 year ago
His cleverly worded question gives the appearance of inarticulate naivete.
"Can an atheist attain salvation either in hell or in heaven?" Can an atheist swap spots? Would relocation be his salvation, since he wanted neither. You're suckering someone in for a clobber'n.
Posted by distraff 1 year ago
I am willing to debate this topic with you. I am an atheist so let me know if you want to debate with me.

Is this debate about whether the bible says an atheist can achieve salvation, or we are not assuming the bible is true, and that will have to be proven.
Posted by V5RED 1 year ago
Is this meant as a debate or more like a forum post? The short form, no. Heaven and hell are concepts made up by people, no nobody can attain anything there because they are not real.
Posted by 313233qwe123 1 year ago
In the bible it says that people who dont believe in god doesn't get salvation and besides aethiest dont believe in a "heaven" they just believe that they die and thats it.
I am 14 and I am aethist myself but i dont have anything against religion but i do belive tat when I die i will be unaware with anything anymore and i will rot in the dirt and thats it
Posted by danjose 1 year ago
I am a apostolic pentecostal and I would love to have a friendly debate on what the Bible says about salvation:)
Posted by David_Debates 1 year ago
I'll debate you on this topic. Can you challenge me?
Posted by MWonderWolf 1 year ago
It all depends on your belief. Some religious people do believe that atheists and 'nonbelievers' do get a second chance at the gates of heaven and hell.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
I'm a unique athiest. I doubt the existence of God, but there's probably some greater power. That aside, Athiests won't get salvation since you need to believe in God for Heaven, and Hell punishes sinners.
Posted by Phenenas 1 year ago
@cargabcay_09 Again, I'm an atheist, so this debate is probably better suited to one of the religious people on this site. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, so they mean little to me, but in the New Testament, Heaven is meant exclusively for Christians (and some Old Testament saints), and Hell is for everyone else. I'm aware that the Pope said this, but it seems to contradict the Bible very explicitly.

If you don't mind me asking, what religion do you belong to?
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