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Can Intelligent Alien Life Forms Exist in our Universe?

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Started: 4/22/2015 Category: Science
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For the purpose of the argument:

Aliens - A species of extraterrestrial beings that possesses consciousness and are intelligent enough contact humans.

Consciousness - The trait of being aware of one's surroundings.

Intelligence - The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

I will be arguing that there is a high probability that aliens of the type I've described above exist in this Universe. Anyone willing to argue that aliens probably don't exist in our Universe, feel free to challenge me. The burden of proof is shared, and con can use round one to either open their arguments or accept. Thanks!


I would have preferred to argue why intelligent alien life doesn't exist in our GALAXY rather than the UNIVERSE, because our universe contains at least one hundred billion galaxies, and when you think that in our Milky way there are 100 billion planets and about 40 billion of those could be Earth sized orbiting in the habitable zone, you can see there are a lot of chances for other life forms to exist [1] You may be wondering then why I accepted this debate

It's because while I believe life elsewhere can and does exist, I don't believe it "can" be intelligent in the way that humans are, or possibly be more intelligent.

I will allow my opponent to open with his arguments, many thanks


Debate Round No. 1


ArgumentativeMan forfeited this round.


Suppose I created a scratch card and gave you a million billion of them, you would think you're likely to win simply because there is a million billion chances, however without knowing the odds it is impossible to determine how likely you are to win. It's the same with planets, there are trillions of planets in the universe, yet we only know life exists on Earth despite looking for life elsewhere, this is why believers of intelligent life on other worlds talk about Earth like planets. What is Earth like? It varies, simply being a rocky planet rather than gaseous can constitute as Earth like.

The universe was created by the big bang, and the distribution of galaxies lacks symmetry, meaning there is an infinite number of ways a planet can vary, so it is impossible to find another Earth especially with a disproportionately large nearby moon. Even if there were, what would the chance be of intelligent life being the dominant life form on that planet, and not giant carnivorous creatures? Our planet's climate is relatively stable, yet many life forms have become extinct, could this not happen elsewhere too?

Also, advanced aliens have not visited us, nor have we received any messages from aliens, or even heard their messages
Debate Round No. 2


ArgumentativeMan forfeited this round.


my opponent has failed to make an argument, please vote for me, thanks
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kman100 2 years ago
I probably won't accept as the BoP is shared, just because I don't have enough time to craft 4 or 5 arguments. Maybe if my schedual clears up.

Interesting debate topic though.
Posted by Russia_The_almighty 2 years ago
I would accept this, but it's the word "can" that gets me since, well it is possible. It is possible that I could jump of Shaghai tower and survive. There are a few scenarios that could allow survival.
Posted by ArgumentativeMan 2 years ago
Yeah, it is. Forgot to put that in the first time, whoops.

Literally could have just ruined an entire debate.
Posted by kman100 2 years ago
I BoP shared?
Posted by usernamesareannoying 2 years ago
I'll stand by and watch this.
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