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Can You Live Off Gaming?

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Started: 6/17/2016 Category: Games
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Opening- I will be debating on whether you can live off gaming, since Pro didn't give any definitions I will do so myself.

Definitions- Live- to remain alive

Source for definition-

Argument- No you cannot live off of gaming you need food and water and gaming cannot provide you with either of these things. Within a month you would be dead.

Source for argument-

This source clearly states how you need water in order to survive. I know I don't need a source for this pretty obvious but still felt like it should have one.
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Posted by CookieMonster9 2 years ago
Actually no I got this
Posted by CookieMonster9 2 years ago
This is a pretty obvious answer of course you can make a living off gaming, you can also make way more than a living, for example pewdiepie, who makes around four billion dollars a year.
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