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Can a person become what he wants on his own or fate has a crucial role for deciding one's success

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Started: 1/15/2009 Category: Religion
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I believe that a person can become what he wants and fate has nothing to do in it. I can define fate as an event which happens according to situations. person has to only believe in his goal and then he will find success.


I thank my opponent for posting such an interesting topic, and wish him luck.

My opponent states that he defines "fate" as an event which occurs according to certain situations, and that these "certain situations" can be overridden by sheer desire.
I disagree.
I believe that we as human beings are DEFINED by our circumstances and personal traits. For instance, a man may wish to become a professional relay runner, yet, from birth, was paralyzed from the neck down. In this situation, he is not able to achieve his goal, simply due to a birth defect that had afflicted him. It does not matter how much he "believes" or "desires" to become a relay runner, his situation has already incapacitated him. It is his fate, just like it is the fate of an ugly individual with half a face to never become an Abercrombie model.
Hell, I could also desire not to die as well, yet death is an assurance, therefore, it is our fate, as it is unavoidable. We want to achieve a certain amount of things before we die. This fate, which is death, influences all of our actions heavily.

It is also not enough to simply "believe in one's goal", there must be an action behind that belief, and the goal must also be achievable.
So while many obstacles in a man's life can be overcome by sheer will and action, I firmly believe that certain things are decided by our inert traits.
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Posted by Spatz 8 years ago
Bah, even though I agree with you, I shall argue against your stance.
Good luck
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