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Can any form of evidence prove the existence of a God? If so, what?

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Started: 4/19/2016 Category: Religion
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Hello everyone who have clicked on this link! I am a skeptic-atheist and I would like to begin the dialogue on what evidence can be provided that a Creator or Creators can be proven to exist, if so, then what evidence is there for them? Anyone, be them skeptic, atheist, theist, or agnostic, as well as any other manner of outlook on the manner are welcome.

For the first round, please state your acceptance and your first argument on the matter, I ask that no insults are thrown as far as outlooks on theism are concerned, only arguments will be accepted.

Also, if you believe evidence can be provided (conclusive and irrefutable evidence) Please provide this as well, you must both believe that evidence of this type can be provided, as well as have the evidence ready to provide to accept this debate.

I bring forward the following definitions for this debate as well:

Theism: The belief in a Divine Creator or Creators

Evidence: the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

To accept the debate is to agree to the terms and definitions listed above.

I look forward for someone to accept this, and I look forward to having a discussion!


Now what do you know about god?

Have you heard any of it?

Do you question our theology?

Look we have some cults that say they're christian. If it doesn't match the bible it fake. So for example god will heal you. Now mormons who say god heals you and will not go to the doctor. It true be sometime you need to go to the god. God will tell you he will heal you.

Now 4500 thousand years ago. 8 people after the great flood had to repopulation the world. People question if that possible. If you do the math 8 people 4500 years ago add wars and diseases to it. It would be about 7 billion people today. That my first point.

The bible is historically accurate. Events in it happen. People did record that Jesus is real. Now if you take the message and faith in the bible it would be a great history book. It was use to find Jericho the great city.

The lessons in the new testament are good to. For example love your neighbor.

The two rules in the bible are love god and love your neighbor as yourself. If you also think about these 2 rules if followed would work in society.

Chance is something you see in Christians. Some of the worst people have converted to christianity. There some people who I know personally who have overdosed on drugs and couldn't die aka where predestined. Now he leads the men's ministry. Look you don't have to believe in us but you can see that people have change for the better when they learn that they are loved. You may of not have experienced it personal but the clay works and I personally believe should be embrace at school. I really believe if embrace more harder less drugs and crime would happen at school. It would work to. I bet you at our church some of our men straight out of jail who are now stronger would go to school and speak to some of the kids. They have personal experience. If you were a drug addict who you go to the teacher or a person with personal experiences.

Now does god exist? The work in the bible is true. But the truth is you need to hear him to believe it. Have you ever had a voice in your head telling you do something? Like go give that person money. Because we all hear that voice at one time or another. If you don't hear then you may be distracted like i was and even now. Really that the strongest proof you will get. Hear him or pray to him.

God is not dead may also be another source but you may cringe if you believe we are Bs.
Debate Round No. 1


Ayden_Linden forfeited this round.


God bless you
Debate Round No. 2


Ayden_Linden forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DiegoJuan403 2 years ago
Posted by Sakura_Khate143 2 years ago
it is believing that your creator is God.
man has 3 components, the body, soul and spirit ...

the body is your physical body here on here created from the dust, a soul that who knows who you are and can feel pain, and the spirit that is your connection to God,

He really do exist, and your the evidence and the living things around you.

i have something here that can prove to you that God do really exist, ^^
it has evidences too, :)
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