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Can bananas be used to overthrow the emperor of Atlantis?

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Started: 12/1/2014 Category: Funny
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Alright, I'm just doing this for fun, a fun debate between friends. Please, let's make this a respectful and fun debate. I want to see how this turns out. :P
(Vaarka had the idea, I merely started the debate)

Basic rules:
R1: Simply type "I accept", or any questions if you have any.
R2: Opening args.
R3: Rebuttals
R4: Conclusion

No profanity, insults, or anything of the like. Sources except Wikipedia can be used. You can use the individual citations found ON Wikipedia but not Wikipedia itself.

By accepting to the debate you agree to the rules and the following definitions:

Banana: a long curved fruit that grows in clusters and has soft pulpy flesh and yellow skin when ripe.

Atlantis: a legendary island, first mentioned by Plato, said to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean west of Gibraltar and to have sunk beneath the sea, but linked by some modern archaeologists with the island of Thera.

Good luck :P


As said above, this is just for fun. I am sure I'll find this amusing (I found it amusing to have two broken wrists and trying to do stuff with two casts so I'm sure this will be amusing for me XD)

Anyway, I'm sure based off of the topic, this will be a good and fun debate for both of us.

Well, it's time to say this

I agree to the terms and conditions...

Good luck my friend

The words that formed in my mind
The doctor's proof of me breaking my wrists way back when
Debate Round No. 1


Forgot to mention BoP is shared, as Pro has to prove they can be used, while Con has to prove they cannot.

OK, let's roll.

For starters, by the definition of the debate, Atlantis is currently underwater.

So Pro would need to find a way to have his bananas that he was using genetically modified so that bananas do not dissolve in water.

As well, Pro themselves would need to be able to survive at the water pressure in the Atlantic Ocean.

The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean around the area we are talking about is ~2,900ft. [1]
Using this calculator ( we determine that someone at 2,900ft will face about 88.68 units of atmospheric pressure, or approximately 1,300 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. The record dive is ~2000ft, and some suits can stay at that depth underwater for six hours. [2]

So this eliminates the possibility of diving down to murder the emperor in person.
Assuming that no human can dive down to around 2,900ft, we need to assume that the emperor is a merperson, as he would be used to this depth and this pressure.

Then this enables for two possibilities: Getting as far down as you can then assassinate him remotely, or using a transportation device to try and murder him.

The first would work like so:
(I tried to do a direct pic but I can't seem to get it to work, even after following the FAQ. If you find out how please tell me.)

Exercise A: You had to figure out a way to lob the banana in such a way and at such a distance/speed that it had to be lethal to the emperor. With an object such as a banana, and underwater, this is impossible.

Exercise B: Based on the above you have to use a device that can enable that if the banana were to hit it would cause a lethal hit.

This suggests the possibility of a gun, maybe a bomb/missile.

If Pro can successfully prove that bananas can be used in this fashion and (bananas themselves will) have the lethal effect, he wins the debate.

I can't type the rest of my argument here due to time shortage, so I'll hand the rest to Pro.

Thanks :)



Vaarka forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry about round one. I forgot about the debate over the weekend until it was too late.

Anywho, it is my job to prove that I can use a banana to kill the emperor of Atlantis. I'd also like to note that the fact that we're talking about Atlantis and merpeople means that we're including some fantasy (or something related). This would mean that not everything would have to work with reality. However, I'll still try to use as much realistic proof as I can.

Another thing I am going to add is assuming that merpeople live like fish (breathing water), this would mean that they still need oxygen bubbles. If there is no oxygen at all and just water, even a fish couldn't survive.

True, at the depth you are suggesting, I could not go down in a diving suit or anything like that. The pressure would kill me. However, there is the possibility of going down in something made for higher pressures, like a submarine.

Another thing. Since the spot where this Atlantis is appears to be around 2,900 feet below sea level, then the temperature would definitely drop far below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius).

Now, let's begin with this. Let's say I were to go down in a large submarine alone (or with a small crew if needed). Include a second emergency exit like a second, smaller submarine. Now, the stupid part (I'm going to assume I'm alone for this, but if I need a crew then pretend that a crew is there). The entire time that I am going down, there are a few things that I have stored and ready so I can set it all up. These items include explosives, a large amount of liquid nitrogen, and many crates full of frozen bananas.

Now, this submarine is made to withstand high water pressures that can go down this deep. This is how I would get down there.

Now it begins. I have arrived in Atlantis. I get everything ready. I load the inside of a large torpedo made to fit the equivalent of four people. I load the bananas. All of them. Frozen. Now normally, a banana would be crushed with this pressure, even if it were frozen. However, these bananas won't be frozen like this for long. Now, using some sort of suit to protect myself from any spills, I load in the liquid nitrogen. I then arm explosives along the side of whatever is containing it. I also arm parts of the inner wall of the torpedo with explosives to help the spread.

Now, I seal off the torpedo and head towards the secondary submarine loaded in the back. I have full control of the entire submarine from here.

The fun begins now. I get ready to fire the torpedo. However, first I get ready to release from the main submarine. I wait until we are close enough and then fire the torpedo at the palace where the emperor lives.

Now, I release from the main submarine. I back away and watch as this torpedo rockets towards the palace. The vibration and density of the torpedo going through the water will cause an eruption of the liquid nitrogen, freezing everything inside, including the bananas. However, the torpedo is still moving and is still sealed off. This makes a similar reaction to what happened the first time, only at a different level. The torpedo crashed into the palace, smashing through the walls. However, the emperor is not killed. He stands (or swims) in fear of what has just burst through his palace. Now, I let the liquid nitrogen do the rest. It now bursts through the torpedo, making a bomb of ice. The ice spreads extremely fast, sending the frozen bananas (which are probably breaking into pieces) forward. Frozen bananas. Liquid Nitrogen frozen bananas. The emperor, who is blown back by the explosion and nearly killed is then pelted to death by all the small, frozen bits of banana that smash into him, killing him instantly.

Then, there's another possibility. I invite the emperor of Atlantis into my submarine (I'll have a part filled with water for him). Then, I'll show him my bananas and tell him that they're my gift. If he likes them, he will continue eating them. If he likes them a lot, he will eat a lot of them. If he becomes obsessed with this new food, he will gorge himself with them. If someone were to eat 480 bananas in a sitting, the potassium would be enough to kill them. If I managed to get the emperor to eat these many bananas really quickly, then he would die.
480 bananas in one sitting has enough potassium to kill someone.

We now continue onto the next round. I wish con good luck and hopefully I was able to prove to some of you (in the most stupid way possible) that the emperor can be overthrown by bananas.

Ms. Hawks
My own stupid mind
Debate Round No. 3


Valkrin forfeited this round.


Vaarka forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Vaarka 1 year ago
Posted by I_Wanna_Rawk 1 year ago
This. Debate. Is. ART.
Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
PREVENTION III: Bodyguards! With someone as important as the emperor of an underwater civilization, he doesn't head anywhere without his bodyguards with him. If Pro were to try to forcefully beat the Emperor with a banana, rest assured he won't have much longer in the world. If Pro were to, however, have crewmen with them with weapons, the guards could potentially take them down or act as a body shield for the emperor, allowing him to escape unharmed. The same could apply for the torpedo case, as the bodyguards would take the hits from the ice and not hit the emperor.

PREVENTION IV: If Pro were to somehow poison the bananas, the poison itself would cause the lethality, not the bananas. The bananas were merely a tool used to help; the banana itself did not overthrow the emperor. The food could have been an apple, an orange, etc. and it would still function the same way.

As for the liquid nitrogen, however, you have to make sure that the explosion itself is not powerful enough to kill an emperor.
Assuming the palace needs to be blown up first before any damage is inflicted by the bananas, the building had to be destroyed. The building could very well cause the lethality, as the explosion knocked the building rubble backwards and killed the emperor.

As well, the emperor could very well hide behind the rubble before the frozen bananas hurl toward him, not to mention that the bananas would be travelling much more slowly due to the water surrounding the ice.

The probability of cause is, the ice will never get the chance to hit the emperor. And if it does, it has the potential to travel so slowly it does not cause any lethal damage. The human body, even when plunging into water at high speeds, is slowed down drastically even at great heights. The point being, due to the distance of the ice from the emperor and it travelling through a thicker medium, it is impossible for bananas to overthrow the emperor of Atlantis.
Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
Sorry! Was too late. Here's my argument (or parts of it)

Thank you for your arguments! Very interesting indeed, but I shall refute. As this is my final argument, I will take all measures to prove that bananas CANNOT be used to overthrow the emperor.

While Pro provided 2 good examples of how they could be used, the arguments have some holes in them.

I feel I should refute using a "prevention", in other words, ways the emperor could avoid his demise.

PREVENTION I: A submarine arrives in Atlantis. It is an unknown craft to the people there and they're not sure what to do. They notice the submarine is aiming something directly at the emperor's house or the emperor himself. They order the emperor to evacuate, and the emperor gets away before you get him in sights again. Easy escape for the emperor.

PREVENTION II: As quoted from one of my sources [1]: "Your stomach can go from holding 50 milliliters (that's less than a shot glass) when empty to up to four liters (a little more than a gallon of milk) when full. But you'll usually top out at 1 to 1.5 liters, the point at which most people are comfortably satisfied." Therefore, it would be impossible for the emperor to eat 480 bananas; it would overflow his stomach capacity. And even if he liked them a lot, there is eventually a point when one doesn't want to eat at all anymore.

According to this calculator (, the emperor would only need to eat 25.3 bananas sliced, or 50.6 bananas mashed, before he is completely full. Nowhere near 480, so therefore the potassium of the bananas could not kill him, unless the emperor's stomach was able to hold over 9 times more than ours is, which I highly doubt, assuming this emperor is humanoid.
Posted by wstevenson 2 years ago
I agree with Justin.

Andrew, keep on forfeiting. You cannot win this.
Posted by debateman00 2 years ago
Andrew, Ryan, you two are flippin' idiots.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Tie. Both had forfeited rounds, which ultimately cost both debaters conduct points. S&G - Tie. Both had adequate spelling and grammar throughout. Arguments - Pro. While both presented compelling cases, I found that Pro presented several reasonable scenarios where the Emperor of Atlantis can be overthrown by Bananas. Furthermore, Con failed to present any rebuttals to these scenarios which ultimately left Pro's case standing unchallenged. Thus, Pro wins arguments. Sources - Tie. Both utilized several sources throughout the debate, thus balancing each others potential points.