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Can game designing be a form of art?

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Started: 8/19/2013 Category: Technology
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1. Nothing about video game violence

2. You have to use correct spelling

3.Don't be dumb

I think it's a form of art because it first start out as an idea that is translated so people can buy it.


Well, I actually think it can, but the position was con, so I shall be playing devil's advocate :)

No, game designing is not, nor can it be a form of art.

Sitting in front of some PC Screen clicking and pressing buttons, whilst the programming you are using moves pixels around for you is not art. Nor is pressing a button to make the light intensity change, it is not creative or original. Art should be something that comes from the mind and expresses ones individuality in the art piece. Along with ones own original artistic skill.
Debate Round No. 1


When you think about it. By you're logic. Music is just a vibration in the air. and Art is just light bouncing off of objects. I think you do not understand video games. Video games can express lots of stuff. Journey expresses life and how a hero goes through these hardships and how he is rewarded for them. Spec ops the line shows how offset people think about war. How killing someone can lead more emotion than just joy. Spec ops the line done something that art nor music has done


Video game designing is not original. You take something someone has already made, and improve the graphics a little bit, make it a bit faster, but a fancy new label on it, and boom. You call that art? By YOUR logic, me taking someone else's song and doing a cover version is also a form of art.

Designing a beautiful sunset in a game, by imagining it, drawing it, and bringing it to life, then yes, that is art. more Turner prize art, but whatever. But the designing of the games them self, all the codes that go in, all the different programming, e.t.c. You could then call accounting an by that sort of logic. And believe me, accounting is NOT an art!
Debate Round No. 2


How is Game Designing not original? It is the only interactive median on the world.

And for you're theory. Yes some games are call of duty clones. But games besides COD clones can really teach philosophical lessons just look at BioShock Infinite.


Bioshiock Infinite, of which I have played, displayed mainly racial intolerance, which falls under morals and ethics, a subsection of Platonic and Socratic philosophy. Nevertheless, how does this help your argument that video game designing is an art? What you described was the content of the finished game, not it's initial design. And philosophies in a game don't have much to do with art. Of course, one can say " The art of_________" followed by whatever they want. But really if you're going to start using childish arguments like that then I think I'm wasting my time here. You have yet to convince me that video game DESIGNING is a form of art. So far, you haven't.
Debate Round No. 3


It helps my argument because you say it expresses ones individuality. BioShock Infinite expresses how Ken Levene thinks about racial and religious extremism. I'm still trying to find something as heart wrenching as Spec Ops: The Line in a painting or music. In addition Game designers do not go on a computer writing out code, game devs do that a game designer comes up with the idea, fleshes it out and then translates that to a buy able product.


Jungelson forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Gulam forfeited this round.


My sincerest apologies I had to go for a couple of days. The fact of the matter is, if you go on to Google Images and type in " art" it will not come up with video game programming. Look it up on Wikipedia, it will give you a definition of art. It will not say " Also, see 'Game Designing'. You may think to yourself that it is an art, but the majority of others will disagree. With good reason, as game designing does not fall under the category, 'art'. As I said before, one can call anything art. Like if I pick up a model car, I could call it art and give reasons why. it's intricate design, colouring, e.t.c. But if I try to sell it at an art auction or exhibition, they will say " But sir, this is not art..."
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by frio937 5 years ago
If you make art the simplified definition as making a vision or dream visible or able to be heard to anyone else then this argument is quite defined. As a programmer of over five years experience the simple act of programming is considered an art form. You take a language that it takes months to years to learn and you try to think of the best ways to speak that language in order for it to work. Just how a musician takes a language of music known as notes and thinks of the best ways to put them in order to create the song.

As a programmer I have tried pixel art I am not skilled enough to make vivid images that have the ability to be remade in different perspectives needed to achieve a visually appealing work of pixel art.
Posted by Jungelson 5 years ago
Ja, well I accepted because I saw an open debate, and debating that it isn't an art, when you actually think it is, is good exercise! And Wardogninja, didn't know you were on here...
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
Pro's argument as actually harmed by the no video game violence rule, as art can be violent; but if video game violence cannot be brought up it may fall short.
Posted by HenryGBR 5 years ago
You cannot just make rules about what arguments you can and can't lose. That's like having an argument about gay marriage but forcing people not to talk about the fact that it's two men or women.
Posted by wardogninja 5 years ago
You put yourself in an easy win situation since the majority of people will recognize video games as a form of art.
Posted by wjmelements 5 years ago
The first rule of this debate is that you can't make argument X. Boo hoo.
Posted by thg 5 years ago
Another way to put Donjaundebater's point might be:

This debate challenge is absurd because the only sensible answer is, "Of course it is!" I don't know of any credible definition of art or any art critic that would deny this. Game design is unquestionably a form of art. If anyone wants to debate this, and if anyone with a brain takes the PRO, CON will lose. There's nothing to debate here. If the instigator (or anyone) would like to take CON, I'll be happy to take PRO....
Posted by Donjaundebater1212 5 years ago
No one will take this debate for 2 reasons:
A. video games could be considerd "Visual arts"
B. Art is a word which is defined as what an individual precieves be beautiful, or interesting or words generally associated with any other art form.
Therefore the debate is geared for only the one supporting it to win.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's arguments really did not stand on their own, "clicking buttons ... cannot be art" was refuted by Pro's example of music. Con didn't explain why it was not original. the discussion of game philosophy is irrelevant. Con ultimately forfeited. Pro could have helped is case by including a video that provided an obviously-artful example, and also some quotations from some authority pronouncing it art. Clear win for Pro nonetheless.