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Can we eat Dog?

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Started: 6/23/2013 Category: Philosophy
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I post this debate because I think it is an interesting topic worth thinking about. dog known as human's friends, are consumed by some of the Asian countries such as South Korea and China.

Is eating a dog consider immoral?

What animal can be eaten by human? Is there a standard for what we can eat and what we cant eat?

The issues of Horse eating?

What is different between dogs and horses?

If this debate goes well I think It is actually not a issue regards dog but rather a debate about philosophy, logic, common knowledge and understanding of human history.

Have fun


Firstly, thank you for the invitation to debate you. "Can we eat dog?" It's not a question that we often think about, however it is a question that we might find ourselves in a position pondering under certain circumstances. We are omnivores after all, our historical background and ancestry has equipped us with the digestive system and mandibles suitable to eating the flesh of other animals, and quite a versatile and useful adaption it has been too.

I myself have eaten Bogong moths, they have a rather nutty taste, I have eaten possum, they were not to my taste, mutton birds, chicken, crocodile, fish, lobsters, bovine, pigs, and kangaroo, I have eaten them in restaurants, they are available in my supermarket.

Mankind is obviously very adaptable in eating the flesh of other creatures even though there are a few that are not nutritious such as fugu fish or perhaps even poisonous to our metabolism.

Humans are capable of eating almost any animal, even ones that we might find culturally inappropriate, such as horses, cats and dogs.
They are life sustaining if we do eat them however and even taboo animals can be eaten if we choose.

For instance Moslem's wont eat pig, they are denied the delicious taste of bacon, or a ham stake, that's their choice. Hindus revere the bovine, they wont eat it, despite the fact that cows have almost no use but for culinary delights for the west.

So why not eat dog?

If you were to travel to Vietnam, dogs are most certainly on the menu, like cows are in my country.

In Vietnamese cooking, there are seven ways to cook a dog.

For instance these are standard cuisine for the hungry local or the adventurous visitor

  1. Thit Cho Luoc - Steamed dog
  2. Cha Cho - Grilled dog
  3. Rua Man - Steamed dog in shrimp sauce, rice flour and lemon grass
  4. Doi Cho - Dog sausage with dog blood, peanuts, vegetables and neck bone
  5. Gieng Me Mam Tom - Steamed dog in shrimp sauce, ginger, spices and rice vinegar
  6. Canh Xao Mang Cho - Bamboo shoot and dog bone marrow
  7. Cho Xao Sa Ot - Fried dog in lemon grass and chilli
I do like Vietnamese food and have sampled some in the last few days, I don't think these offerings were on the menu but they could have been if the restaurant wished, more on that in a future round, where I will consider the legalities of eating dog.

Are there circumstances where a European might consider it ethical and desirable to be eating dog?

The British Antarctic Expedition, led by Robert Falcon Scott with the objective of being the first to reach the geographical South Pole. Scott and four companions attained the pole on 17 January 1912, where they found that a Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen had preceded them by 33 days. Unfortunately Scott's entire party died on the return journey from the pole, they ran short of supplies due to slow progress, but dined on their sled dogs first in an attempt to sustain them. They didn't worry about the ethics, the loss of utility or even the warmth of their doggies, they ate them up of necessity.

So I offer that people can eat many things that they might not consider normally, for a number of reasons. Dogs are nutritious, arguably tastey and definately, provably eatable.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you mrgruff for accepting this debate. I in fact agree with what you have posted. and It is very true when a human gets hungry he will consume any flesh he can find including a dead body.

As you may already noticed I am not very good at written English. I will try my best to explain my opinion. The thing is the debate is infact not focused on dog but rather as an disscussion of morality or value. Firstly, I am not trying to say that eating dog is immoral.

So let me rephrase the topic - Is eating dog meat appropriate?

As you previously posted. Many countries have taboos towards certain kinds of meats. These taboos are based on culture, religion.
I notice that the consume of dog meat has nothing to do with religion. So I ask myself why are there so many people that choose not to eat dog meat?

I have write down the following reasons:

1) Human have long history of keeping dog as their assistance. A dog is good at communicating with its master better than any other animals. It can intricate or easily provoke an emotional response from human better than any other animals.

2) From the human's point of view a dog is able to defend itself with its strong teeth. A dog is described as loyal to its master.

3) Dogs kept as pets, they are to frequently interact with human. thus dogs are more sociable or understand about human behaviours more complete than any other kind of animals.

Base on these natural qualities of dog, a human is very likely to build a friendship or close relationship with a dog. A dog is natural appeal towards a human.

I will certainly protect my friend so will you Mr.mrgruff

Since there are more and more dogs established a close relationship with its master, It is very unlikely that its master will consumed it unless he has to(The situation of Captain Scott)
Hope this helps define what I mean by inappropriate to eat dog meat.

Hoping to discuss it with you further



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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by nismo2009 5 years ago
ok no problem
Posted by mrgruff 5 years ago
back on line, the computer wouldnt accept my password for a while, back on my original computer. Will post for round 3.

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