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Can we understand death?

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Started: 3/1/2014 Category: Philosophy
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I'm constantly bewildered by theory's on death. Most religions base there entire meaning around death and what comes after it, but sometimes I think we make things so hard for ourselves we miss the simple point.

Some people may already have this theory but I'd like to explain it.

Before your born you feel nothing, because alas you do not exist and why should it be any different after death. Just because you leave a dead corpse behind doesn't mean it's any different. The reason we don't know what death is like is because we alone as human beings aren't there. It's like trying to know something about someone you simply never meet, discuss or research about, it's simply impossible.

So what do you think? I'm really interested to know.
p.s. I also understand this is a sensitive topic. I ask for nothing sarcastic rude or harmful to the community. Thanks!


I assume this is a discussion, not an argument. In both cases, I accept.

Personally, as a Catholic, I believe in Heaven, The Lord Almighty and Christ and stuff.
Although, what I believe personally, is that no amount of religion, science or otherwise will ever explain death, the afterlife, or limbo if it exists, unless the dead themselves educate us.

Perhaps one day, science will finally discover a way of transport between where we are and where the dead are. However, That won't be for a very long time.

I agree with you when you said we miss the point of death. Most religions, and what people think, differ far away from the fact that death happens when your body is too old and broken to function.
I never really thought that death meant non-existence. Perhaps you don't exist in the same dimension/plane of existence as everything that's alive.

Thank you for allowing me to participate. I hope that over the next few rounds, we will discuss more.
Debate Round No. 1


Sure. I'm prepared for another round. Thanks for your participation. I appreciate it.
I think sometimes people are scared of death and, no offence that's sometimes genuinely a standpoint for joining Christianity. I was a Christian about 2 years ago and the main thing people said, certainly a factor of why they became a Christian is a fear of hell and what surprised me is not a single person except forth priest himself came to that church for any other reason.

As for dimensions, personally I have no idea and you maybe right. I imagine it's like being KO'd out. You have no idea what happens in the period where your knocked out. In this case because there's no one from your previous life/dimension etc... you simply wouldn't know about your past life etc... I suppose that's a very Buddhist way of thinking.


I am a lifetime Catholic, baptised at birth etc.
Doing some searching around, I found what the main religions believe in in terms of what happens after death.

Christian and all other derived religions (Catholicism, Anglicism, etc.): The Soul/Spirit goes to Heaven with a continual existence and doesn't come back.

Muslims: Souls/Spirits remain in the deceased body, waiting for their Day of Judgement.

Hinduism: Reincarnation, what you are reincarnated in depends on 'karma'

Buddhism: Reincarnation for an unspecified amount of times until reaching Nirvana, a final resting place similar to Heaven.

Most of these seem to symbolize 'death' as unimportant, a single step between 'Living Land' and 'Dead Land'. Which is strange, because a single 'life' is approximately 80 years of memories, possibly full of good deeds, accomplishments, and personal goals achieved. Death being unimportant pretty much says, "Okay, you've done a total of roughly 5000 good deeds over your life, now we'll stop it, and drag you away from everything."
Seems strange, how they rip you from your good life.

On my Catholicism and stuff, I attend church for a couple of reasons.
1. I'm a Catholic, and so going to church is what you do.
2. The priest at the church I go to is quite good at making the sermon interesting.
3. Family makes me go.

Ok, back to understanding death.
What will talk about for the next round? We've talked about theories and religions, what else is there?
I stand by thoroughly my belief that we will never really understand death. Religions actually explain what happens after you get transmitted through something (dimensions, etc.) Hardly any explain what happens in between in detail.
We can stand here theorizing about it, but we'll never find an understanding.
Although it might be possible within this millennium (2000-3000) as we've already cured some cancers, and getting at more.
So yeah, we'll probably find it out some time in the nearish future.
I wonder what will happen if we invent dimensional travel, and I was correct, and we end up travelling to the afterlife.
So what do you think about what I've just said?
I understand scarceness of content in the discussion, death isn't something you can Google and find out everything about it.
I look forward to Round 3.

Sources: [1]
Debate Round No. 2




I'de-like-to-start-with-one-of-your-points-again.'they rip you from your good life.'This-is-by-no-means-the-case-for-everyone,-greenland-offers-a-worrying-statistic.1-out-of-1000-people-die-due-to-suicide-every-year.So-if-you-lived-to-100.1-in-10-people-you-know-is-now-roughly-dead-according-to-this.




I hope you get your space bar fixed.

So facts. You're right, how 'life ripping' is not the case for everyone. Its actually really worrying. China is, as of September 2013, the most suicidal country standing at 22.2 per 100,000 people. Greenlands sparse population might not be the best example. Deaths that can be avoided, yes. In a direct attack against Apple, I use the information of that sweatshops opened in China involved workers being paid roughly 1.12 pounds/day, for doing mundane tasks like shaving aluminium off Apple logos for ten hours a day. As I know of, 18 employees have thrown themselves off the roof.

For which murder charges, that is the most criminal of crimes. In fact, the death might have something to do with it. For example, life insurance fraud, where a spouse murders the policy holder, and receives the money. Can we imagine what was going through the minds of murderers when they did the killing blow? No we can't, because we aren't murderers.
By loss of house and job, that is very serious, the threat of bankruptcy looming, and damaging families overall.

I was born a Catholic, and even though I might not be the most devout, I'll stay one, through tactics I've employed to change it slightly to agree with Science. For example, from Psalm 90:4 "A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night." I've successfully made this that the length in God's eyes are much, much longer than just a thousand years, allowing for the theory that He made the Big Bang, and so on. Incorporating evoloution as His 'fine-tweaking' of life makes a perfect religion incorporated with Science.

I thank you sincerely for the opportunity to discuss this subject, and I hope viewers will be more educated as a whole. I'm very glad to say that we probably got 70 views on this debate from people who aren't us, and hopefully they will come back to look at our finished discussion. I don't know how the voting system will work for a discussion like this, but I guess I'll ask the audience to vote the argument points only to the 'more intriguing' speaker.

I hope we shall discuss more philosophical subjects later on, and they will be known among the community. Thank you.

Sources: [1]
Debate Round No. 3
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