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Can you die? In relation to quantum physics and parallel universes.

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Started: 12/25/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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My argument for the proposition of immortality on the basis of quantum physics is using the one of two evidenced forms of parallel universe, the one which is more easily provable than the other, this is the type 1 parallel universe. Type 1 parallel universes are exact copies of a universe due to extreme distances in space and eternal inflation. Eternal inflation is a proven theory -based on recent evidence- and understanding the dynamics of universe evolution. The reason this would prove immortality (atleast in the sense of before an entire universal catastrophe) is that in these areas of space, in which would be practically infinite, there would be an exact copy of you atomically and also in terms of consciousness, as you cannot experience not being alive, so you are in the state of experience. The one issue most people bring up is that "we only experience this one space" however by looking at the correlation between particle physics and quantum physics and their basic discoveries, we find out (experimented) that particles were found to be in many places at once, even necessary. And that they were directly linked with one another, as they were effectively the same particle but spread out along a vast length of space. This means that the particles in our body, every one, is in multiple places at once, strange right? And any complete copies of ourselves are directly linked and effectively the same, meaning whenever one malfunctions or ceases to function, the linked electrons don't follow pursuit, atleast the amount that hadn't encountered the same incident. So we continue to live in the set of versions of us that are all the essential hivemind until all are vanquished.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


You accept my proposition? To add onto my proposition I wanted to bring up the laser experiment, you might not know about this - but scientists working in NASA set up three lasers in a triangle formation to discern the shape of the universe. If the degrees added up to 180 degrees the universe is flat, if above it is not. The degrees added up to 180 degrees, exactly. The reason this links with my theory is that when the universe is flat it means it is infinitely large or atleast close to that, which would in a circulatory way prove level 1 parallel universes. With a universe that is close to or infinitely large, copies of our consciousness and everything that makes up you and me will exist, due to the finite amount of combinations of atoms you can have. If the universe is infinite based on this then your consciousness is infinitely spread among it, and you are quite literally the hivemind of all of those consciousnesses due to the acts of quantum objects and how they exist in multiple places at once, especially the electron.


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Posted by Unstobbaple 2 years ago
Gross. It's odd that you responded.
Posted by Cosimia 2 years ago
Hey follower of christ, another sheep (literally a follower) funny Jesus' holy animal is a sheep, thanks for being another example of a christian who claims to be "good" yet threatens people with hell, totally not a maniac for wanting someone to burn in flames forever... Explain to me how you can blindly believe in a soul but don't take kindly to you being in multiple places at once, and what evidence proves an immortal soul? What evidence do you have that disproves quantum physics? The near death experiences are when people are in grave pain or practically "dead," I assume you die for sakes of the argument. Your body does this through DMT produced in the pineal gland, this is why it is similar to a dream, they even experimented on people by placing certain objects for the "out of body experiencer" and the results were negative. They weren't able to identify ANY objects, meaning they aren't experiencing anything out of body. ANY immaterial experience can be proven to be a dream or a hallucination. Also, probability waves disagree with you, every action and material interaction are decided by probability waves, including yours. Just like Schrodinger's cat, before you make any action you are in a state of unpredictability, meaning you experience all the states of unpredictabilties, until you take an action and go into another state of unpredictability. I haven't even said Oblivion is real, I said that you are more like a cat with nine lives, or even infinitely so. Scientific evidence proves either my theory or that death happens, simple as. And there isn't only three possibilities, heaven and hell shouldn't even be factored considering they're a bunch of fairytales made up by abrahamic humans in the desert centuries ago. What proof do you have that they are reliable, the fairytales I mean (the bible)? And yeah you continue to exist somewhere else, in another you or in another universe. And when has science DETERMINED a soul?
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 2 years ago
The concept is pointless as your "awareness" exists only on "THIS" (emphasis) plain. Simple existence has already determined that even IF you exist in other dimensions ALL will be dead in a hundred years from now! That"s 1. You will never be aware of the "Other" existences therefore unable to enjoy those lives. That"s 2. And that That part of you ... you CALL you, Will as science already shows continue to exist somewhere!

That "somewhere" should be where your whole focus "SHOULD BE" (emphasis) until it is resolved! Just from the scientific aspect .... (because they have determined that you "DO" HAVE a Soul).
Humanity as a whole Has determined that there are only three possibilities! Heaven? Hell? Oblivion?

Oblivion is out because it suggest a place of nothingness. That cannot be true because scientific evidence supports the Existence of an immortal Soul.

The Greater of the populace aprox 6 Billion Souls Is searching for God but Scripture points out the Majority will not find Him for one reason or another?

1.1 Billion of you are not seeking at All!
That logically and in every other possible way REMOVES Heaven as a potential place of existence for you!

That leaves "Only" ONE!

As one who has been privileged to have met God and serves Him daily. I attest and confirm through years of study, and personal experience that God exists, Heaven exists, Hell exists, and Oblivion does "not" exists.

No I will not preach to you. I "m simply giving you the clef notes. What YOU do with them? Is entirely up to You?
Posted by KostasT.1526 2 years ago
I see. Although I am not going to accept the debate, I would like to see how it proceeds.
Posted by Cosimia 2 years ago
Thanks for the reply Kostas, the way I used eternal inflation was very misleading in this context, however, there was recent evidence proposed for the theory, which I did claim was recent. Here :
It does state that is possibly not eternal inflation, however it goes to show that their was some sort of dramatic inflation from the beginning of the big bang. The context I used it here though was just the simple fact our universe is expanding, and some phenomenon show outside influence (linked with bubble universes or the latter membranes in M theory) and can only be caused by thus or a rapid, inflative universe. One piece of evidence is virtual particles, the three possibilities here go as such and are explained by certain types of parallel universes being tested at particle reactors: they are from outside the universe (hence hyperspace) ; they are from another dimension or they are quantum influxes caused by a dramatically sized universe. Another is supervoids, and the two possibilities are thus but includes one not involved in the virtual particle phenomenon which is yet to be proven and is my speculation: the area had a larger case of virtual particles or the center of the mass was a gigantic black hole, now where this went is unknown if it ever did exist, but some other phenomenon involving black holes that hasn't been discovered might have happened here. Or this happened a very long time ago, and the hole decayed, which would totally ruin our ideas of cosmological evolution.
Posted by lIlIlIllIIIIllIlI 2 years ago
Define your terms
Posted by KostasT.1526 2 years ago
This is quite interesting. I understand that you are taking eternal inflation for granted in this debate, but how exactly is it proven? I am not aware of any solid proof supporting eternal inflation so far.
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