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Can you have a connection with a nonhuman living thing?

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Started: 4/19/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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Can you have a connection with a nonhuman being?

My answer is yes absolutely.
I believe that you can have a connection with a nonhuman living thing because certain things become sentimental to us. For example, a phone, a house, a tree, a flower or a note. These all have meaning to me in my life and if that nonhuman living thing is destroyed or taking away from me I could feel the emotions of unhappy, stressed or a feeling of something missing in my life.


I'll accept. This will be interesting.
Debate Round No. 1


My reasoning for thinking you have a connection with a nonhuman living thing are for many reasons. At first I didn't believe you could have a connection with a nonhuman living thing until I had a discussion about this topic in my Philosophy class. One example that really stayed with me was the connection with trees. The house I live in now had this huge tree in the middle of the lawn outside that would reach up to my window on the second floor. That tree had been there for years and I never thought it would be taken down. Last summer my brother ripped it down and was redoing our yard to make it more beautiful. However, once the tree was gone we all felt something was missing from our house. It was the tree. I didn't know a nonliving human thing could have such an impact on my life all these years until it was missing. Just goes to show, you never know what you have until it is gone.

Another nonhuman living thing would be my dog. I have had dogs my whole life growing up and they made a huge impact on my life. A dog is a person's best friend which when my dog passed away I felt like I lost my best friend. My one dog was a dog I had since I was little and died 13 years later. Even though he had a good life and lived a very long time, I still had a connection with him and miss him everyday. It took years for me to get a new dog and once I did I felt guilty and that I betrayed my other dog. Sometimes the dog was annoying as always for doing something he shouldn't, but I rather him do that any day for him to still be here.

All in all, I do believe I have a connection with nonhuman living things. Once you take a second to stop and look, you'll realize you have a lot more connections with things then you thought you did.


I totally agree with you so it's going to be hard to make an argument against this but I'll try.

Let's say you live in one giant room with a bed, tv, fridge and all those things. In the middle of the room there's a useless block of wood that doesn't have any use of all but it does take up half of your room. You have that block standing there for 5 years. Then after 5 years you finally decide to take it and put it outside. You now have a lot more room, but naturally you feel like there's something missing. It's not a good or a bad things, in this example it's a good thing since the block was an annoyance. This is one explanation for your tree issue.

Another one is an explanation that's rather subjective. Let's say it's your childhood. From your birth until you're 12th you've had that tree in your yard. But after you've turned 12 you've gone to middle school and life started to suck more and more. You start to get responsibilities and your time of playing has ended. Let's say around that time they ripped the tree down. Naturally you'll miss the tree. Not because of its sentimental value, not because it was such an awesome tree. But mainly because it was symbolic for your childhood. Right at the time that tree vanished, your childhood did as well. That's why it may seem like that tree was awesome.

About the dogs I agree, and I know what you mean. Having another dog right after another is really weird.
The reason we love dogs is because dogs are near perfect. They're loyal, loving, kind and they're always happy to see you. No matter if you hurt them or abandon them, they will always love you. That's why we love dogs so much. Because it's easy to maintain a social connection. But they're still nonhumans and I'll give you that argument.

As for cellphones, cars or houses or other objects. They are all bonded to memories. Like a car you've had for 10 years and driven a lot, it may seem like the car is your friend. But that's just the memories you've shared with it. Just like with the tree.

Good luck with the next round.
Debate Round No. 2


Cellphones are the one example I really realized that I do have a connection with a nonliving thing. Everyone feels pain for when that IPhone drops and everyone hopes that the screen didn't crack. We tend to have more emotion to expensive materialistic things we own. We have connections with them because most of the time we spent our hard earned money on them and we don't want them to get lost or ruined.

As for cars, I am not big on cars but definitely when my car gets into accidents I get sad. I get sad for many reasons because I have a connection with it because it has been my first and only car since I have been driving, I put money into the car, it helps me get places and I have memories in that car. However, people have attachments more to their cars such as my boyfriend. My boyfriend has a 1972 Nova which he rebuilt and spent so much time into it. He has such a connection with that car because he built it from scraps into a racecar. Rebuilding old cars is his hobby in which I would definitely have more of a connection with a car if it was my hobby. He treats it like it's prized possession and if anything ever happened to it he would feel destroyed.

Houses obviously are the one thing that will hit home for everyone. Everyone has a connection with their house whether they want to admit it or not, if it was ugly or too small. There were so many memories in that house and the thought of moving somewhere else or other people living in your house can make you upset. I'm in the battle with my parents about moving and I know we should move financially but I don't want to give up that house because it was the house I grew up in and there's so many memories that I will miss from that house.

Try and come up with a nonhuman living thing you think I wouldn't have a connection with.


Snails, slugs, worms, jellyfish, goldfish, sloths, stick insects, ants. That's a small list of animals I don't think you'd have a connection with.

The reason we think we have a bond with cellphones is quite simple.
1. It's usually expensive.
2. We use it to reach our friends
3. It's loaded with technology.

An Iphone is expensive. That's why we take good care of it. If it falls we don't want to have it broken, because all of our money would be wasted. Of course there are exceptions like people being in love with their phones, but it's the exception that proves the rule, right? Another reason is that we used it to reach our friends. I'm talking about Facebook, Twitter, texting etc. Cellphones have taken a great role in our society. The third reason is that it's loaded with technology. We have camera's, apps and lots of more stuff. When we get bored, we play a game. When we want to go out, we check the weather. It's really handy.

We think we have a connection with them but it's actually a combination of those tree reasons we think we need our cellphones so much. There might be more reasons, but this will suffice. A liveless object is incapable of emotions and therefore we can't have an emotional connection with them.

1. They cost money
2. It's a hobby
3. It's useful
4. Lots of stuff happens in cars

Cars costs lots of money, sure the overall price depends on the car itself. But we all have to pay the price of the car itself, insurance, repairs, gas, taxes etc. This is another reason we take good care of it.
There are lots of people (mainly guys) who like tinkering with their cars. Collecting kits and scraps, upgrading it.. We spend much time on it and we enjoy it, this is just a hobby. And of course we all are proud of our creation when we've finished a car. We would have as much as a bond with cars as we have with a chessboard when we enjoy playing that. Not to mention if the car crashes all of our time would be wasted.
The third reason is like the one with the cellphone: you can't miss them. It's nearly impossible to live properly without a car, especially when you have to travel a lot for your work.
Also cars have lots of memories, you used to go to the beach with your parents with the car, you lost your virginity in that car, you took your friend to the hospital with your car etc. We spend much time travelling that it's only natural lots of memorable things happen in cars.

We spend a lot of our time in cars (8 years of your life to be more exact), that's why a lot of stuff happens in cars. We may think we have a connection with them because it seems they take care of us, but remember that it's just a freaking car.
Debate Round No. 3


"Snails, slugs, worms, jellyfish, goldfish, sloths, stick insects, ants. That's a small list of animals I don't think you'd have a connection with."

Snails- Silly or not, but I knew a girl when I was younger that had a pet snail and cherished it more than anything. I didn't understand it but that was the only pet her parent would allow her to have.
Goldfish- my nephews had three goldfish in which every morning they would go feed them. After a month, two of them died and there was only one little one left alone. My nephews cried and didn't understand where he went, he called all around the house for them Simon, Theodore. And the fishes didn't come. He was so sad about it that I don't think my sister wants to get more because of the connection he had with them.
Insects I don't have a connection with but they are a part of our environment.
Overall, there are some things like slugs, worms, jellyfish and other insects I don't have a connection with. However, there are more connections with nonliving human things and nonliving things than you think of. Hopefully you have a good understanding of where I was coming from and respect the examples I provided. I still stand with that I have a connection with nonliving human things.


beatmaster2012 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Since you did not provide another round of examples or situations I don't have anything else to debate with you about but to put a conclusion to my debate.

Overall, I believe that people can have a connection with a nonhuman living thing. I have provided examples of animals, cell phones, houses, cars, goldfish, trees and so on. I originally didn't think I could have a connection with these "things" but when you sit down and think about a memory or sentimental moment you had with those "things" it becomes very easy to recognize the connection you have with it. Some more than others, but definitely some kind of connection with certain nonhuman living things. I hope you enjoyed the debate and understand where I am coming from and hopefully I changed your opinion on how you see nonhuman living things and you can have a connection with them!


beatmaster2012 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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