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Canines are much better pets than felines: Cats VS Dogs

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Started: 2/19/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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In the past, I have done such serious debates, but now it is time for a laid back one.

Round 1: Opening argument

Round 2: Retaliation argument

Round 3: Conclusion and additional persuasion.

You have to be 26 or younger to accept this debate. I'm 14 years of age, so that's fair. In this kind of debate, anyways.==============================================

This dispute has been going on since a nameless ancient person said that dogs were better than cats.

That person must have been assassinated the following day.

I bring you this debate to put that person's diseased soul to rest by doing this debate.

Being a dog person, I will defend my claim by stating that dogs are much more loyal than cats and are friendly and "communicate" with their owners. Cats, however, do nothing for or with their respective humans.

The best of luck to you, semi-nameless friend.


Good day.
I will be debating against dogs, taking the stance that cats rule and dogs drool.
Disclaimer: I will attempt to be humorous at certain points because it is a laid back discussion. My core argument, however, will remain serious.

I am most certainly a cat person:
Here is my reasoning:

1. Cats are cute. Very cute.

If you take a kitten and look at it really hard, you will see that it is cute.
If you take a puppy and look at it really hard, you will also see that it is cute.
If you take a grown cat and look at it really hard, it is still cute.
If you take a grown dog and look at it really hard, it's not nearly as cute.
All cats are cute, with the exception of the Sphinx. (sorry sphinxes of the world) Just look at their faces. They look something like this:
They look like they're smiling. They've also got a smaller build than most dogs, making them seem like the more, fuzzy, hug-able, and in general more adorable pet.

Below is my evidence:

Never mind. I cannot post pictures because I suck.
However, google 'cute cats' and it can be seen that there are millions of results about cats and their respective cuteness. Both kittens and grown cats can be found being cute.
If 'cute dogs' were googled, a lot of the pictures show puppies or really small dogs.
This is because the concept of 'cuteness' implies that the 'cute' subject has to be small and adorable. Cats are small, and smaller still are kittens. Puppies are also small, but dogs are not. Some dogs are big, while others huge. Cats in general are smaller and more adorable than dogs, therefore cats are in general cuter than dogs.

2. Cats are cool + mature.

There is a term: 'Cool cat'.
Cats are more calm and collected. Another way to put it, would be that they are independent and easy to take care of. They sit in their cribs and chill.
A dog demands your constant attention and your time. You have to take it out for walks and play with it every single day. One would be able to leave a cat with nothing but food and water, and let it about with it's own business, while dogs crave attention and may become destructive if left alone for too long.
Dogs run outside and they run around with their tongues lolling out, like hyper kids on sugar. Dogs, with a lot of energy, are super active, and this may turn into aggression or dominance, leading to bad behavior. There's this TV show on National Geographic. It's called 'the Dog Whisperer', and it is a show dedicated to rehabilitating bad dogs. It has 4 seasons and is still going strong. This is because there is enough content to fuel the show: there are enough bad dogs in the world.
However, there is no show called 'the Cat Whisperer'. Cats do not misbehave nearly as much as dogs. The worst thing an average house cat can do is scratch your couch, or steal your fish. The worst thing a dog can do is bite. Bites hurt more :(
Take an example from Garfield: The cat of the story, Garfield, is portrayed to be intelligent, while the dog of the story, Odie, is often portrayed to be dumb, with it's tongue lolling out and it's eyes blank all the time.
This doesn't mean that dogs are dumb, but it reflects the general attitude of society on cats and dogs: that most people can agree that cats are the smart, mature ones, dogs are the active but childish ones.
A cat is a very clean animal. It likes to clean itself and it likes to have its own home clean. That's why cats don't often poop in their own house, and would use a litterbox if provided with one. Dogs, however, if not cleaned regularly, can become so dirty and unsanitary.
Look into the eyes of a cat, and it can be seen that they are filled with thought and intelligence. The eyes are dilating and calm, similar to that of a human. They have pupils and irises and stuff.

The dog's mentality is much more simple. They want food, they want fun, and they want it now. Look into their eyes and it can be seen that the eyes are more like one big black ball, much like a horse's eye. Their eyes reflect their more simple and childish nature.
Cats are also quieter. Meows are much quieter than barks. Noisy dogs are a nuisance to the owners and their neighbors, while noisy cats bother no one. The only time a cat could get unbearably loud is when it's looking for a mate. This problem can be easily solved by spraying or neutering the pet. A loud dog, on the other hand, is much harder to quiet down.

Bottom line: cats are easier to take care of because they are independent, and they don't tend to get into much trouble. Of course, there are exceptions: bad cats exists. But more common are bad dogs.

Cats are also deep. Dogs are more of a shallow type. They are different in these ways. One can argue that a deep relationship is more rewarding, but that is not the case for everyone, which leads me to the next point:

3. Cats gives the owner as much love as dogs.

Of course, simply saying that 'cats are cool' doesn't mean cats are better: when people look for a pet, they might want an enthusiastic dog instead of a 'cool cat'. However, this doesn't mean dogs are better either.
Cats might seem selfish and uncaring because they don't spend every moment of their lives with the owner, but that doesn't mean that they don't love their owners just as much as dogs. They just love in another way.
A relationship with a dog is very linear: you give it attention and love, and it loves you back very directly, by licking you and wagging it's tail.
A relationship with a cat is much more subtle: you give it love, but you also give it freedom. Over time you will develop a bond with the cat that's loving and understanding: the cat knows and trusts you, and you trusts and knows the cat in return. This is essentially love: although the cat doesn't lick you or anything, it will always be there for you to give you emotional support.
The love a cat and a dog gives are different, but it doesn't mean one is better than the other.
I wish to think of cats more like art, and dogs are like sports. Both art and sports stimulate you in different ways and they each yield positive results, but ultimately, what you like depends on you.
Therefore, it is not applicable to say that dogs loves their owners than cats.

4. Felines are more elegant than canines.

If you want to get into the wider spectrum of felines in general, then without a doubt, felines are way better. The kings of the jungle, the lions and the tigers, are as magnificent as they are elegant. Felines just have a certain class to them, as compared to the canines of the wild, the hyenas, the wolves and the foxes. It is no surprise that Apple has named it's 7 previous OS systems after felines, and an 8th is just announced, I hear, the Mac OS X 'Mountain Lion'. They probably do this because felines are powerful yet elegant, both of which are qualities Apple boasts about and tries to market.
Meanwhile the canines of the wild are close to side characters, or, 'secondary animals'. They simply pale in comparison to the big cats. The leopards, the cheetahs, lions, tigers, panthers, etc. This elegance of sorts is reflected in the normal house cat: whenever they move, they have an fluid, elegant motion to it. Cats always look good. They keep their pokerface like a boss. Meanwhile dogs leave their mouths open and drool all over the floor.

And those, are the main reasons why I think cats are better pets than dogs.
Debate Round No. 1


I am very sorry. I cannot post an argument for this round. As a result, my round three argument will be twice as long as it should have been, with additional information supporting my argument. Sorry again about this.


Feast your eyes and ears upon the magnificent and infinitely adorable Nyan Cat:

That is all for now. Vote con for cats!
Debate Round No. 2


Pain forfeited this round.


Pielogist forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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