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Capitalism cannot exist without the state

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Started: 11/12/2016 Category: Politics
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The reason I believe capitalism cannot exist without the state is because the state is the one which enforces private property rights. If you got rid of the state, there would be no one to protect your private property, and capitalism would then cease to exist as people and workers took over the means of production and private property.


YOk , for example I have found a country and named it mashammi and it has 18 states siba , roshan , vironi , smuglv , fursti , gabi , shitma , daigat. Mobas , tumar , adhu , zathra , gristaph , Sobash , badbi , shokushtrakaà , faswata , ghazwala , cootra , hishstrs. Then the capital is baitra . then one day a bomb blast happen so badly in all the place except baitra . So it can be a capital with any states . Thank you for reading this . If you think it worth of it then please give a vote to Darshita
Debate Round No. 1


Ok... it seems there was no coherence to that argument whatsoever. I suppose I'll just continue and offer a rebuttal to a possible and common argument an opponent may make.

An opponent may say that capitalism can exist in a stateless society because the capitalists could hire their own private police force to protect their property. However, I would rebut that by pointing out that numbers would not be on their side. Many people can still rise up, take guns, and kill all off said police force or even use their own police force against that one, until they take control the means of production for themselves.

The only reason the state prevents this from happening is because the state is so much more powerful than us. It has weapons at its disposal no private citizen can ever dream of having. Under a system without the state, that's all fair game and so all weapons would be available to everyone so people are on equal footing against the capitalists. The advantage, thus, goes to which side has numbers, and that would be the workers themselves, and not the capitalist with a private police force.


In my last round post . when baitra is left . Baitra will be building it bigger Baitra can become a single state.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Subjectivetruth 1 year ago
Capitalism needs to desanctified. Already vast amounts of labor are performed by machines, creating joblessness and reducing the earning ability of the average citizen. Before long there will only be one wage earning position for every ten Americans, then twenty. If we continue to worship capitalism at that point then we will have re-established aristocratic feudalism. We have already reduced the most productive members of our society to level of peasant serfs, who can't take vacations or sick leave and are discarded as soon as their usefulness deteriorates. Instead we reward lawyers and bankers and devote all our efforts to maximizing the profits of corporate CEOs. One day robots will outperform humans in almost every conceivable position, will you spit on the doctors and engineers who are out of work because they aren't as perfect as the machines and programs that will replace them. If you think capitalism is so great, then you are required to ensure that the entire population has enough job income to maintain its lifestyle and have a modicum of discretionary spending before you are not a complete douche expecting everybody to want to work for a living.
Posted by Forthelulz 1 year ago
Hello, is this a PMC hired to protect private property with the understanding that competing PMCs would be more than willing to take money to take their defaulting posteriors down.

As long as there is Man, there will be disagreements. As long as there are disagreements, there will be violence. As long as there is violence... We will always have a job.
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