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Captain America (Pro) or Iron Man (Con)

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Started: 11/30/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Round One: Acceptance ONLY
Round Two: Opening Arguments
Round Three: Rebuttals and Closing Statements

Voting Period is 1 Week.
We both have 24 hours to argue.
I am a new debater so please excuse me if my arguments suck. This is not me trying to get a vote, but please do not hammer me about it. I am here to get better.

The debate is merely, debating who would win on a one on one fight. No outside help. In this case, even Jarvis is disabled (Keep in mind that the Iron Man Suit is COMPLETELY functional without Jarvis). One on one fight. I figure that this is a widely discussed topic, given the fact that Captain America: Civil War is coming out soon, and also that the first trailer just came out. Hope this debate goes well, and best wishes to the other person.


I am a huge comic book fan, ironically, Captain America and Iron Man are actually my #1 and #2 favorite superheroes so I often find myself engaged in these debates with my friends and while I do love Captain America more than Tony Stark, to be honest, Iron Man takes this more often than not.
I look forward to this debate, however!

p.s Since you didn"t specify a suit, I"m going with the one he"ll be wearing in the movie.

Debate Round No. 1


Let me just start by saying that this was not easy an easy topic for me.
I am going to be coming at this fight from two angles. Number One - Skills. Number Two - Experience. To put the icing on the cake, when I finish I will give some facts that Captain America is the better player in this debate.

In both angles, Cap clearly excels.

Tactician and Strategist (Master)
On and off of the battlefield, Captain America is considered on of the greatest strategist on the planet. Even if the situation he is in changes, he is able to quickly change is plan to adjust to the situation.

Martial Artist (Master)
Captain America is an expert in hand to hand combat. Due to his military training he is skilled in multiple martial arts. He has even been able to defeat Martial Art Masters such as Iron Fist.

Shield Control (Master)
After spending years with his unique, indestructible Shield, Captain America has mastered control of the shield. HE is able to throw his shield with almost perfect aim. Also considering the fact that his shield is made of Adamantium - the most powerful metal on earth (in the comics).

Acrobat (Master)
He is skilled in all acrobatics. This is very useful when Captain America is fighting the offensive.

Will (Extremely Strong)
Captain America is able to handle the most extreme of extreme measures of pain.

Strength (Peak-Human)
Steve Rogers is said to not have Superhuman Strength, just Peak Human Strength. However in the Marvel Universe, a character is considered to have superhuman strength when they are able to life 800 pounds. Captain America has bench-pressed 1200 pounds (his limit). One nice, full-strength punch to the chest and Iron Man is done.

Considering the fact that Captain America is about 95 years old and has been through WW1 and seen worst things than Iron Man, I think that this fact is pretty solid.

Now for the icing on the cake.
#1 I think we can all say that Batman is a pretty good fighter. He has taken on Ras al Ghul, Bane, Superman, and other powerful people, and he won. So in the JLA/Avengers crossover, Batman with all of his skills, acknowledged that Captain America could beat him.

#2 Captain America was able to beat Bane, who is known to cripple Batman.

#3 Captain America has been able to beat Martial Art Masters such as Iron Fist and Taskmaster.


As I said before, please do not be rude twards my arguments if they are not good. I am new and I am working to get better I am not saying this to get any votes. I just want this debate to be peaceable.


Captain America is an amazing man, even before the injection of the super serum, he displayed bravery, self-sacrifice, and initiative. With the addition the super serum, however, Captain America"s greatest traits were personified into his transformation into one of the most physical fit characters in existence. Often described as "the peak of human condition", all of Steve Rogers regular abilities were enhanced to near the point of perfection. Lump that all together with the indomitable will and sense of morals that guide this man, it"s easy to see why he is so revered. A world class fighter, with skill training in everything from handguns and knives to his classic trademark shield made of indestructible Vibranium, who else would be chosen as the leader of the Avengers, but Captain America?
There is no doubt in my mind that Cap is one the greatest superheroes ever.

That being said,
Any one of Iron Man"s suits is a walking bastille of warfare, equipped with weapons that make even the most advanced army in the world look like children with toys. Equipped with a barrage of guns and lasers, as well as magnetic force generators and a host of other energy weapons, the suit can also fly faster many other aircraft created on Earth with a top speed of just under Mach 5 in seconds. The specific Iron Man suit in the Civil War is near indestructible, made possible due to the fact that it is made out of nano bytes, enhances all of Tony's senses to the of Superhuman level, all of this personally built by Stark himself and has been used to go toe-to-toe with Thor during Ragnarok and even beat an angry Red Hulk.

As the 3rd smartest human in the Marvel Universe, Tony"s armor is only a product of what is truly his most dangerous weapon, a superclass genius level of intellect. With a brain that processes information like a computer, Tony is an excellent future and on-the-fly tactician, often able to actually compartmentalize his brains functions to increase his focus on the task at hand. It's noted that he noticed the initial rift that led up to the Civil War, years in advance and began preparation, as well as during the Kree invasion it was his strategy that saved the day, again, set in place years in advance. When connected to his Bleeding Edge suit, there is no delay between his thoughts and the suits reaction because his brain is wired directly into his suit. As fast as he can think it, the suit can do it.

Cap has no cover except for his shield, which was made by Iron Man and which is also susceptible to magnetic forces, which the suit can create.

At the end of the day, Captain America is a really good man, a grounded man without any kind armor or any other protective abilities. Already out-gunned, we know for a fact, Iron Man has been analyzing Captain America"s fighting since the day he was defrosted, every punch and kick. He has memorized Cap"s fighting style, which would enable him to effectively counter anything coming from Cap.
The fight may even last a while, but Iron Man is the one walking away.
Debate Round No. 2


Excuse my late post. I have been busy with my schooling. Thank you for you rpatience.

Before I start with my rebuttals, I would just like to point out that the argument my opponent failed to provide any references to back up his point.


My opponent actually agreed that Captain America is one of the greates superheroes ever. He also brought out the fact that Iron Man has defeated Red Hulk, with his suit. That is including him having help from Jarvis. This is contradictory to our debate, being that Jarvis has been eliminated. In the comics, Captain America has fought the Hulk one on one. The hulk is the better fighter between him an Red Hulk. The angrier hulk gets the stronger he gets. There is no telling how angry he can get so his power is likely unlimited. In the fight between Hulk and Captain America, Steve held his own pretty decently - without a fancy suit like Iron Man.

My opponent has also brought out that the Armor that Tony is wearing is NEARLY indestructible. NEARLY. This proves that there is a way for it to be destroyed or manipulated.

My opponent also brought out that Tony is an "excellent future and on-the-fly tactician." Excellence and mastery are very different. I could be an excellent reader, but that does not mean that I am a master at it. In my argument I broght out that Captain America is a MASTER Tactician and Strategist, clearly trumping Iron Man's "excellent future and on-the-fly tactian".

I do agree with my opponent when he says that this fight would last a while. Iron would also likely get some nice solid punches in. However when it is all over, Captain America is walking away from this fight with a win.

I would like to thank my opponent for taking the time to debate this topic with me. I feel like I have gained some knowledge form the experience, and I cannot wait to do it again. I would lalso like to thank the readers for sticking around to view our debate. And again I would like to ask that I am not ridiculed for my arguments if they are not the best. I am still new and am hoping to learn. \

I await my opponents response.


Sorry, I've read every comic of both series so this is coming from my knowledge, but if you want references as to
Suit power

Before I began this rebuttal I have to specify, J.A.R.V.I.S controls no aspect of the suit without Tony's permission. He does not take it upon himself to make decisions without orders from Tony. Tony utilizes Jarvis to confront multiple enemies in multiple locations. When Tony is fighting, Jarvis is not. This is repeatedly stressed in the Iron Man comics

"Steve held his own pretty decently - without a fancy suit like Iron Man."
This point is moot as all of Steve abilities come from the serum. Would he still hold his own after losing its effects? Then it's unfair to say that he held his own when the serum isn't even his invention and if he lost it, could never hope to regain any standing in a fight against the hulk. Whereas, Iron Man has actually made dozens of different suits each stronger than the last, so if one of his "fancy suits" is destroyed, he still has the intelligence to build a new one.

"nearly indestructible"
By nearly indestructible I mean that this suit is the upgraded version of his Extremis armor, the one that fought and defeated Sentry (the man with the power of a million suns going supernova). The same Sentry who fought the Green Hulk to an utter standstill, exhausting both of the supposedly limitless powers, causing them both to revert back to human forms.
If Sentry couldn't destroy an older, weaker suit, how can Captain America hope to destroy a more powerful one.
Mighty Avengers- The Initiative

"excellent future and on-the-fly tactician."
Before that, I mentioned that Tony Stark has a brain like a computer, which makes dozens of calculations a second.
a computer that is excellent at playing chess is still better than a human master. Even going as far as to simultaneously put Reed Richards ( the smartest man in Marvel Canon) in check on five different boards playing chess, a game he didn't even know how to play until later in his life, leaving Richards totally surprised. Tony is excellent at chess, Cap is a master at Checkers.

My opponent couldn't even counter the most important point, Iron Man has seen ALL of Cap's moves. In the Civil War, this fight actually happens, just Tony and the Suit. JARVIS is not used AT ALL and still, Iron Man is able to effectively dodge and counter all of Cap's because he know's the style that he's facing. In fact, the only reason Iron Man didn't win that fight is because Hercules intervened for Cap, who otherwise was getting one brutal beat down.
Tony punches were enough to destroy Caps suit, what happens when he gets hit with bullets or a laser? The same thing that happen to every other human being. He goes down.

I was being generous when I said that it would be a good fight. Actually it would be a slaughter, for the simple reason is, Iron Man is willing to do what needs to be done. If you told both of them that the fate of the world was in the balance, there would be no holding back. This is the same man who made the decision to blow up an alternate Earth to save his own, even when Cap vehemently opposed because it wasn't "morally" correct. It's easier for Tony to break Steve's bones than it is for Steve to break Tony's suit.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Maikuru 2 years ago
Not that it matters anymore, but I would have sided with Con on this one.
Posted by Maikuru 2 years ago
This was an entertaining debate and I hope to vote on it soon.
Posted by Sicarius 2 years ago
Sorry Maikuru. I tried to debate you but someone else got to it. However when I looked over you previous debates, I got scared. lol. You are pretty hardcore and I know I would get embarrassed.
Posted by Maikuru 2 years ago
Unfortunately, I didn't receive any notification about these comments. Good luck to both sides.
Posted by Sicarius 2 years ago
We are in our final round guys! Who d you guys think would win?
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
I would like to accept, but I don't know much about Captain America. How vulnerable is he! If he is shot, will he die?
Posted by Sicarius 2 years ago
Maikuru - Changes have been updated. Can't wait to start! :)

P.S. KingofEverything - I am taking Captain America's Side.
Posted by Maikuru 2 years ago
I am interested in taking this debate, if this was changed from 4 rounds to 3 (4 rounds is a lot for a simple 1 vs. 1 fight), and Pro agrees that the Iron Man suit would retain full functionality without Jarvis.
Posted by KingofEverything 2 years ago
"In this case, even Jarvis is disabled."

Then how will he win? Also which side are you taking?
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro bases his arguments for Captain America on skills & experience, yet describes no specific examples of Cap being a master tactician, acrobat, or having an indomitable will. In contrast to Pro, Con was smart to include equipment as a selling point, where he argues successfully that Iron Man's suit is capable of supersonic flight, automated targeting/processing, and firing projectiles. Pro also argues successfully that Iron Man's "bleeding edge" technology makes Tony's reflexes and acrobatic response times superior to Captain America, and that the design & complexity of the Iron Man suits is proof enough of Tony's genius intellect. Though Pro makes a last ditch effort to counter by arguing that Tony's equipment in still vulnerable to damage, Con points out that Cap's shield is also vulnerable to magnetic forces.