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Captain America vs Iron man - Fight to the death.

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Started: 9/9/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is a debate to find out who would win in a death match. Captain America, vs Iron Man.

No rude conduct.
If you are accepting this debate, do not FF every round.
Follow the structure.

Round 1 - Acceptance/Opening Statement
Round 2 - 4 Arguments/Rebuttals
Round 5 - Closing Statement.

My opening statement: I believe that Captain america would win, due to his intelligence at finding a weakness in his enemy. and his military agility.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Captain America has proven to be very good at fighting, military wise. Iron Man only has his suit, after that where will he go?
Captain America has a shield that could penetrate through Iron Man's suit/armour and immobilize him. Thus giving him the chance to strike down on him.


If Caps shield has ever been able to penetrate one of the many Iron man suits, show it. If you can't, I'm going to call BS.

Now on to Stark.

Captain America trained Tony stark to fight. He's also been taught by black widow, black panther and Shang-Chi.

He has a number of suits that he can call in and swap out at any given time. He can lift up to 100 tons in the Hulk-Buster and has been able to tank blows from Mjolnir as well as having millisecond reaction time.
Debate Round No. 2


Dark_Soul forfeited this round.


Well, I'll go simple this round.

Iron man almost kills Cap:

Iron man's suit so tightly fit it can't be penetrated by a nanomist:

Iron man one shot Luke Cage:

Tanks multiple hits from the Sentry, who's strength is comparable to the likes of Thor, Hulk and Superman:

Iron Man wins no contest.
Debate Round No. 3


You're only focusing on one thing about iron man. His endurance.
You haven't mentioned any other trait about him.

Captain america's shield can easily take a hit from Iron Man. As shown here.

Captain America, also has quick reactions and speed, shown in his fight against the winter soldier.
He matched him move for move.

Also, back to if his shield can penetrate Iron man's armour.

During the fight vs the Winter Soldier, his shield penetrates his armour. It proved to be quite strong as it held against close explosions.


How fast are his reaction speeds? Iron man has millisecond reaction speed as I showed above. Unless you can prove with either a scan or video that shows he has millisecond or faster reaction time, Iron man is faster end of story.

Iron man's suit even knows ever single one of Cap's moves and can react to them faster than Cap can.

Also, just because Caps shield penetrated the winter soldiers armor, that doesn't mean it can penetrate Stark's. The 2 suits aren't anywhere close to being the same. I provided a scan that showed that a nanomist cannot get through. That means Iron man's suit can keep out things on the nano-meter level. That's one billionth of a meter. If his suit can tanks hits from Thor, Sentry and Hulk, Cap can not get through it. Period. If he as ever been able to, prove it or the claim is bunk.

I've also mentioned his Strength. He can lift 100 tons compared to Caps 1200 lbs. He one shot Luke Cage and She-Hulk

So I'll break it down like this
Durability- Iron man
Strength- Iron Man
Weaponry-Iron Man
Speed-Iron man (He could speed blitz cap at Mach 8 and wouldn't be able to do a darn thing.)
Hand/Hand combat- Iron Man.
Winner-Iron man no contest.

Unless you start showing some hard Evidence to counter these, Iron man wins no contest. I don't mean well he did this or he did that, scans or videos buddy. Otherwise I can say Iron Man is god and it counts because I said so.
Debate Round No. 4


My closing statement:

You say that hand to hand combat Iron man would win?
If you mean without stark's suit, Cap wins that without doubt. You even said in your first argument that Cap taught stark how to fight.

Now, yes he can take hits from Thor, or Hulk. But they are using brute strength to penetrate his armor
Cap's shield is sharp on the whatever side he uses to strike. It's not about how big the object is but what it's penetrating power. Also the explosions that his suit sustained. They were not sharp objects attempting to penetrate his armour.

How do you prepare for his shield going for a joint?

Thus i rest my case.

Vote Pro


Closing statements.

I've already shown that Iron man can move at Mach 8. Cap cannot. The fastest Cap can run to my knowledge is 50 mph.

Iron man's suit has memorized every one of Cap's moves. Thus Iron Man already has an advantage over Cap. When I say hand to hand combat, I mean in the suit.

I've shown that the Iron Man suit has been able to tank blows from some of the strongest entities in the Marvel universe. Cap cannot come close to going toe to toe with the likes of Thor, Hulk and Sentry.

I've already shown that Iron Man is physically stronger than Cap (100 tons >1200 lbs) and has millisecond reaction time.

Also, this is taken directly from Marvel Wiki

"On another occasion, the shield was destroyed by the Molecule Man, along with Iron Man's armor, Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, and the Silver Surfer's surfboard."

So there you have it. Iron Man's suit> Caps shield.

Pro has given forth no evidence that Caps shield is sharp on the edge. Therefore I call B.S. If his shield were sharp, it would kill everyone he throws it at and he couldn't catch it without cutting his hands off.

Cap has no chance of going for a joint like he thinks because as I've shown earleir....... The Iron man suits have memorized all of Caps moves therefore, it would know if he were going for a joint and could defend appropriately.

And if that isn't enough-

Even MARVEL agrees with me.

So due to Pro's lack of evidence and my evidence to support it, Iron Man wins.

Vote Con

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by NeroSparda 2 months ago
Yes this isnt comicvine. But one's arguments becomes strong when its supported with facts, in this case comical facts, and the Con Cap. America have a lot of supported images. Still even without the sites for images, The Pro Cap America's argument would still lose.
Posted by Dark_Soul 2 years ago
Thank you captain obvious.

This is a debate if you couldn't see that. That's why it's on this website.
Posted by Hawlucha 2 years ago
This is, not comicvine.
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