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Captain America would beat Batman in a fight

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Started: 1/29/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My opinion is that, in a one-on-one battle without preparation, Captain America would defeat Batman.


I am of the position that in a one-on-one fight Batman would defeat Captain America.
Debate Round No. 1


My first argument is that Captain America has the physical edge. Let's look at both of their stats:

Batman can bench-press an average of 1,000 lbs. Impressive, but Cap can easily lift 100 lbs. more than that; and that's not even his best.

Batman can run as fast as the best Olympic athletes, which is about 27.44 mph (that's Usain Bolt's time). But Cap is way faster, with a speed of about 50mph.

Batman recovered from having his back broken, which is an incredible feat for a human. However, Captain America has fallen from an airplane 200 ft. above the ground onto a car, and landed without a scratch.

So Cap is stronger, faster, and more durable. You might make the argument that Batman has been able to defeat opponents physically more powerful than himself. And while this is true, it would be irrelevant in this instance for three reasons:

1. Cap doesn't have an exploitable weakness like Kryptonite, so Batman wouldn't be able to take advantage of that.

2. Most of the super-powered characters Batman faces are really dumb and can easily be outsmarted. But Captain America has peak-human menal faculties, and is a great strategist and tactician.

3. Batman doesn't have prep time in this situation, which is almost always the way he defeats people with superpowers.



Batman has the technological advantage. Batman has a wide array of diversionary tools in his utility belt with which he could blind, disorient, or flat out knock out the Captain. Sure Captain has the shield, which is nice, but it's no match for the tools in Batman's utility belt. Everyone, including the bat, knows Rogers loves an icy nap, so Batman could use a freeze pellet on him so he can catch up on some more rest for a few decades.

Batman also has the tactical advantage. I know Captain America is supposed to be a great tactician (even though he lost the civil war), but Batman routinely must develop tactics and strategies to fight superhuman opponents without the luxury of having superhuman powers himself. Not everyone can be lucky enough to be injected with superhuman juice and become an insta-hero. Batman knows how to deal with opponents that are bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter. Captain America is little more than a version of Bane (not the Joel Schumacher version) that is more restrained by rules and morality. Batman would lay back, avoid direct blows, and study his opponent to find the opportune moment to deliver a crushing defeat on the overgrown brute. After all, Batman has done more with less to defeat greater.
Debate Round No. 2


Batman's vast arsenal is negligible. Shurikens, smoke pellets, flash-bang grenades; Cap's seen it all, and it won't be that difficult for him to evade or block any of Batman's gadgets. After all, Steve regularly faces opponents who wield high-tech gadgetry and often defeats them: like Red Skull, Baron Zemo, and even his fellow Avenger Iron Man.

Additionally, Batman doesn't have such a great record against super-humans as you might think. You mentioned Bane; the very same villain who broke Batman's back, Yes, he came back and defeated Bane, but he still lost.

Another example of a character with powers defeating the Dark Knight is Deathstroke: the super-soldier who is pretty much DC's Captain America. If he can beat Batman, what's to stop Steve from doing so?

In conclusion, while this would be a very close fight, Captain America would win in my opinion. Thank you very much for an enjoyable debate!


There have been times in the past in which the dark knight has not faired so well against a slim number of super beings, but he always learns from his mistakes and uses his newfound knowledge to defeat his superior opponent. The struggles with past super beings have prepared Batman for the ultimate showdown with Captain America. Batman has learned Ju-Jitsu from some of the best masters of the ancient art, so he's more than equipped to use the strengths of Captain America against him. Let us not forget Batman was trained by Tsunemoto, the deadliest Yakuza assassin, to anticipate and counter enemy attacks. With Batman's extensive training the Captain would be lucky to get in anything more than some glancing blows against Batman. To top it off, if Captains girlfriend were around to see the fight Batman would just need to trigger her hypnosis so that she would just end up killing Steve with her gun... again.

In conclusion, Batman would utilize his superior technological advantage and his superior training to defeat Captain "fancy tights" America.

It's been a fun debate, thanks for the entertainment!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Longline 2 years ago
Batman is useless
Posted by Garfield 2 years ago
You said, "Batman can bench-press an average of 1,000 lbs. Impressive, but Cap can easily lift 100 lbs. more than that; and that's not even his best." This is saying that Batman is Stronger than Captain America. This is not helping your case. Is this a concession?
Posted by Longline 2 years ago
well that all depends. people keep on saying that batman can defeat anyone if he is given time to prepared. I think that is just a very stupid and unfair saying. because if you give anybody time to prepared for anything they can do there absolute best to come victorious. same thing can be said about Captain America. if preparing is batman's only best way of fighting then he is truly pathetic. Captain American and many super hero can beat batman.
even people within his rank, like ironman, I don't even think ironman is in his rank.

com on guys, use common logic, preparing for something does not mean, only batman can prepared for stuff, get that whole idea out of the question.
Posted by Nimeode 2 years ago
Are we talking Steve rogers meets Bruce Wayne on the street and they go at it, or is it a case that batman is out on the street with his typical utility belt
Posted by NNEye 2 years ago
Given time to prepare, Batman could figure out a way to defeat anybody. Against a super soldier with no preparation? Hardly, but I'm interested to see this.
Posted by Idiosyncratic 2 years ago
Without preparation? So like, they bumped into each other in a bar and decided to take it outside? Depending on if they had their TYPICAL gear with them, (no batwing, no batmobile, no rocket launchers) I'd say Captain America. They are both good fighters, but at the end of the day, Captain America is a Super Soldier, and Batman is just a really fit, really smart dude with a cape.
Posted by JalenCaudill 2 years ago
Without preparation? What does that mean? This would be vastly more interesting if you let each debator use both Batman's and Captain America's full arsenal.
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
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