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Careers Should Not Require Prior Schooling

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Started: 7/27/2015 Category: Education
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Instead of schooling to be required for jobs, an entrance exam should be given to people along with a series of post-tests which can only be passed if a persons intelligence is high enough to do so. Therefore, many taxes would be shortened, student debt would be non existent, and a persons wealth will not be a factor when it comes to getting a job. In sense it would be a communism that would allow you to pick jobs your good (and passionate about) by your self.


Without Prior Schooling, Many Careers will become Dangerous.

I'll say what everyone is thinking: medical school.

There is a staggering four-to-five years that a medical school student will have to take in order to graduate with a degree, another two years for residency, and then another three-to-eight years to become a professional in your chosen specialty. There's a reason that there are so many years put into becoming a professional surgeon and that's because it takes an awful amount of education, knowledge, and reading that is imperative to have prior to joining the field.

If you take away medical school, you'd be destroying a lot of jobs in the medical field because of how little knowledge medical students would have. Even worse, you could be turning these people to the internet for research, where they could receive misinformation and potentially hurt people in the field if they were to pass this entrance exam you wish to use for careers. This is the biggest reason why prior schooling is important - it ensures that the people working on your brain, heart, or other major functions are professionals and have went to school for years. They would have degrees and the experience to show for it.

It doesn't have to be the medical school either: law school, engineering, psychiatry. As the list of schools go on, so do the list of potential hazards that can result from the lack of education inside of these fields. Let's face it, an entrance exam and post-tests could never be enough credential to let someone into a certain career, let alone become an experience professional in one.

Student Debt Nonexistent?

If you're attributing that debt with a particular school of education, then sure, but these people still have to pass their entrance exams - as well as their post-tests. It's safe to say that they'll spend more money on literature, classes, and knowledge because they have no guidelines to go off of.

While I cannot argue with you that college costs a small fortune, they still provide people will a pre-constructed curriculum that will help them buy the proper materials and books for their career of choice. Without this curriculum, you'll find people buying whatever they can get their hands on and, sometimes, it might not be exactly what they're looking for. They'll spend more money finding the right books and hiring tutors than they will following a colleges' instructions.

We also need to understand that certain careers are rapidly changing. We can use medical school as another example: some books may be out-of-date, even though they have recently been published, and they can easily skew information for the person buying and reading it. Not only have they wasted money on an outdated medical school book, but if they end up passing your entrance exam and post-tests, they could use misinformation to potential hurt others.

Entrance Exams and Post-Tests are not Enough.

You're minimizing a substantial - almost enormous - amount knowledge and shrinking it down to a couple of small tests. The margin for error is now bigger because all these people have to do is pass the entrance exam and ace the post-test. If we're continuing to use medical school as an example, you're taking away years and years of exams, research papers, experiments, tests, and in-class teaching.

How do you think people in the medical field become some intelligent and knowledgeable on the subject?

They put in the effort. They spend years and years studying and training themselves to become a professional in the medical field, but with these entrance exams, people will just pass through those tests and not go through the massive amount of trial-and-error that college gives you. Regardless of the price, you get more education through college than you do independent learning.

Possible Solutions to your Debt Issue.

It seems that your reasoning behind your argument is that school debt is too huge of a factor.

I agree that going through any college is pretty pricey, I believe there are better ways to lower that debt than to drop college education altogether. For one thing, we could allow student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. "In 1998, Congress passed legislation that forbids borrowers from dismissing federal student loans in bankruptcy, except if they could provide evidence of "undue hardship." In 2005, it expanded the criterion to private student loans. Bankruptcy lawyers say this requirement is nearly unattainable."

If troubled people and businesses can use bankruptcy and start over, I think it would be wise to allow people with severe student loans to do the same. Since the requirements now are so heavily restricted, lowering those restrictions and giving a better chance to more students would allow for student debt, as a whole, to substantially lower itself.

In addition, we could increase Pell Grants, which are the main things allowing low-income families to receive financial aid. Recently, Congress actually lowered the income limit for the maximum Pell Grant, which would be $5,550. For you to become eligible, your household needs an income of around 23,000 - this was lowered from the previous 32,000. If you were to redo this decision, there would be more Pell Grants, which could pay back student debt in multitude in the coming years.

Lastly, I think education about financial aid and student loans would be a solid idea. When I went through High School, we were taught nothing about financial aid and I had to do it all by myself. I ended up screwing myself out of loads of money and am currently paying my old college back. It's important to education people about governmental aid because, even though it can still be a pain, a lot of student debt can be avoided if you take the proper precautions.

Follow-up Question: How many jobs in higher education would you be throwing away from your entrance exam idea? College professors, deans, and other individuals that work within the colleges would lose their jobs pretty quick.
Debate Round No. 1


No God's No Masters
Leonardo Da Vinci, Gregor Mendel, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, these are names of world changing philanthropists and or entrepreneurs who have dramatically changed the world for the better with little to no formal education. (With the exception of Jobs who dropped out of college.) Imagine if these people were not recognized in spite of the lack of their education. We would practically rewind thousands of years in every aspect, lack in modern medicine, communication, mobility, and even sight. Many of the names mentioned are only a few of the scholars that the world will forever be in debt too. Also, if it were not for people like this, both the con and I would seize to debate for lack of communication

The Economic Value of A Formal Education
The average cost to enter state residence to a public college is $22,699, this includes the tuition fee, room and board, textbooks, and transportation, which all public colleges ultimately require (non-virtual.). This is a very great toll considering the average household income is $51,939, scholarships and grants can only get you so far, especially if you are underprivileged and cannot meet the monetary requirements for such an education, you can neither retrieve scholarships. An obvious rebuttal is the existence of student loans, however student loans are equal in price as the education itself, with that being said without extra income, even with a high paying job you will end up owing money your entire life. This can be detrimental if you have a family and the stock market crashes, thus leading this country into an economic disaster which can make an over qualified doctor making less or equal to the average steel worker.

The World Needs to Award Dignified Scholars
Since before the 5th Century, the world has had independent scholars or scholars in monasteries who have vigorously studied both religious and intellectual fields without no promise of monetary gain. They did their works for the passion. Leonardo Da Vinci a European artist who can be considered an independent scholar. Leonardo had the ability to construct anatomically correct artworks by hand, such work is practically unachievable even with the assistance of technology. Leonardo had conducted experiments by dissecting corpses and drawing them, this has improved anatomy by thousands of years and is still used today in Gray's Anatomy (the book). Now of course Leonardo had made other contributions to society which was never completed, like "the flying machine" which, if it were finished and discovered, may have advanced us in aerospace technology today. So, if scholars such as Leonardo are to be recognized our world could advance in many ways. Also, as for the question on independent study, it can be a much better investment than being taught by a professor who usually cannot do individualized teaching. Especially, when you can still obtain the proper reading material from most library"s and just about all book stores. This would separate the worthless students and the passionate and willful.

My Rebuttal to Your Acclaimed Solution
Firstly, let me preface my argument by saying I too know that filing for bankruptcy is a way to get out of student loans. However, filing for bankruptcy is a very long and trialing process depending on the situation. Also, it will permanently damage your credit score and remain on your history for 7 years. Loan offices, credit unions, and other financial aid offices look at this. Applying for a house loan, automobile loan, and even jobs can be denied due to such a claim.
Also, Pell Grants are an excellent idea if the prejudice of the conditions were to be lowered. As I said before the $51,939 income is the middle class. However, there are many people who are practically homeless and cannot meet the requirements (ex. Steve Jobs). Pell Grants would only apply a low amount of people, with utter disregard for the potential of the lower class.
Concluding Statement
Entrance exams and post tests would only be the minimum. Additional job training via internship and in job training to see whether or not the participant is physically capable should also be required.

Gray"s Anatomy by Henry Gray, Mendel"s Principles of Genetics by Gregor Mendel, Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson


Solomon_Orlando forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Sulfur forfeited this round.


Solomon_Orlando forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sulfur 2 years ago
My forfeit is an example of my respect for the opponent. I am giving him a chance to state is arguments that he may have correlated prior to his forfeit. Instead, of attacking him out of turn.
Posted by Sulfur 2 years ago
Solomon Orlando its been two days. Where is your argument?
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