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Cassadee Pope deserved to win the voice

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Started: 1/28/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The winner of season 3 of the voice was Cassadee Pope and she was deserving of the right to win the voice


I accept.

I love the Voice, and was a strong supporter of Nicholas David. I will argue that he was more serving of the victory than was Cassadee Pope.
Debate Round No. 1


A reason why cassadee pope should have won is she appelead to many different fans of music she sang pop songs like payphone and not over you country like over you and cry and like a rock punkish croud from her days in hey monday while david only sang mostly soul because of her ability to sing different genres and appeal to more people was a reason Cassadee Pope was more deserving


Thanks to Pro for initiating this debate. I will present my arguments, and then rebut Pro's.


Unique Vocal Quality

Nicholas David has an extraordinarily unique voice and presentation style. It has a raw, folksy, and, yet jazzy, quality that is easily recognizable when listening to it. His falsetto, specifically, is highly unique--it is accompanied with an odd, but pleasing vibrato, without falling flat. I have provided some samples of his singing, as testimony to this point.

Powerful Performaces

Nicholas David is an intense, and captivating on-stage performer. His funky personality and quirky visual appearance truly come though, and give you insight into him as a person that is compelling. He's clearly very intensely into his music, and his performances can both be powerful (Over the Rainbow) and amusing (Play the Funky Music.)

Stars need to create a recognizable "style" that help form their persona and build their charisma. He has done this with his long, untamed beard, and ecclectic, not-quite-hippster, not-quite-bohemian style. THis fashion choice is evident in all the clips, and only serves to augment his performing ability.


He can go from rock (Great Balls of Fire), to soul (Lean on me), to pop (Criminal), to disco/blues (You're the First, the Last, My Everything), to jazz (Over the Rainbow.) [1] His ability to work well in a variety of genres, but to make each song his own, shows creativity, but also versatility. This implies a level of skill--being able to work outside one's comfort zone well--that Cassadee, who's limited herself to pop-rock and country, as yet to display.


The way he's reworked songs shows artistic creativity. Look at "Over the Rainbow" and how he incorporated jazz influences into it in order to make it fit his style of music. He doesn't just reperform music, he reinvents it--and his reinventions work. That's artistry.


1. Pro posits only one argument: Cassadee Pope pulled in more genres to appeal to more fans

Clearly, the winner of the Voice should be someone with the most skill, not just the most liked. Moreover, I have shown the Nicholas David has expanded beyond the genres in which Cassadee Pope has confined herself, so this argument actually flows Con.

2. We can also see the Cassadee Pope lacks creativity and uniqueness, not just versatility

Her rendition of "I'm With You" is remarkably close to Avril Lavigne's version. While contestants are singing the works of other artists, they are encouraged to put their own spin on the songs, to make those songs "their own." These videos clearly show that Cassadee hasn't done that.

Thus, I submit that Nicholas David should have won the voice. Over to Pro...
Debate Round No. 2


Yanks4eva forfeited this round.


Pro has forfeited. Please extend my arguments. In the meantime, here is another great Nicholas David song...
Debate Round No. 3


Hey just listen to both singers songs and decide for yourself who should have won.


I thank Pro for engaging in this discourse with me. I will breifly review Pro's final round comments, and then address why you should vote Con.

Pro offers three links to clips from the voice, and says that "you should decide for yourself." However, this is a debate. Videos are pieces of evidence, but they are not arguments in themselved.

Pro never tells you WHY these clips are significant, and what about them should merit a Pro ballot. He offers no arguments--and has therefore ceased to debate.

I have provided concrete reasons why Nicholas David should have won, rather than Cassadee Pope, inlcuding:

1. His unique vocal quality

2. His great performances

3. His artistic versatility

4. His creativity

I have also shown why Cassadee Pope should not have beat him out, namely that she lacked creativity and versatility, and that her was not a unique style. The Voice is about awarding a creative, unique, powerful vocalist--Nicholas David better exemplifies these traits. Thus, I ask that you VOTE CON. Thank you.

And, I will leave you with one final song of his...
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by bsh1 3 years ago
My 50th debate...
Posted by Theguywhoknowsnothing 3 years ago
Can you explain the show to me? Looks interesting.
Posted by SPENCERJOYAGE14 3 years ago
It is kinda obvious that she deserved to because she did.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro FF, and presented practically no arguments. Con has four sets of offensive arguments and 2 rebuttals that flow through at the end. Pro also provided many more sources, more conveniently accessed, and with a more appropriate quality. Conduct to Con for the FF. In the very few sentences of arguments that pro provided s/he had grammar problems. Con wins.