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Caste, Region, Religion- The word Indian has lost its meaning.

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Started: 8/29/2008 Category: Miscellaneous
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With all the stuff going on in India, the word Indian seems to have lost its meaning.. now its all about castes, regions and religions.. anyone willing to argue with me is welcome..


My opponents argument is rooted in the fact that Indian has lost its meaning.

--> This is untrue. The definition of Indian remains the same.
--> Indian: a native or inhabitant of India
--> If you areHindu or not the meaning of Indian does not change.

she then goes on to say about religion, and caste systems, etc.

--> This only furthers the meaning of Indian. Since India's existence, Hindu has been the religion of the Indian people. The Caste system is implemented in society to mirror that devotion to Hindu.
--> Therefore, the Hindu religion is Indian, it doesn't at all diminish the meaning.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, I'd like to state that I do not want to devolve this debate to a level of semantics.. i do not want to only argue/debate the meaning of the
word indian in the whole debate.. my opponent has shown his intentions of doing so in his 1st post himself showing his juevenile nature of assuming
the word indian standing for only natives of india.. I'd like to ask him in this context whether he considers NRIs as indians in this

My opponent also defines the word Indian to stand only for Hindus.. does he mean to say that all non-Hindu religious people or
non-religious people having some sense of India in them {I shall come to that later} are not INDIANS??

My opponent has made many blunders in his 1st post that I shall not ignore..
{The sense of India I mentioned, some of u may feel counters my own stand.. thought it does not.. the sense of India I mentioned
refers to the lifestyle of an Indian.. the festivals, dressing sense.. etc.. not the preference of India over Punjab or anything..
the fact that the topic inculcates in itself the words caste, region, religion.. means that the word Indian must inculcate the sense
of national pride of being an indian than just the physical aspect {dress, festivals} of an Indian..}

Even in the sense of a physical aspect, I'd ask u to think of how many non-Muslims celebrated Id in the past with vigour equivalent to any muslim, compared to
how little we mingle with muslims today.. how much we avoid them today.. probably not all, but majority of us..

On a lighter note, I'd like you to address me as 'he' in ur posts from now on.. I am proud of my XY genes just as much I am
proud of my country India {but I still speak for the motion, and i will explain why}.

the question is not about whether we are proud of being indian or not WHEN THE DIVISIONS ARE EXCLUDED.. but if this word has lost its meaning in relation to the meaning it held some years back..

I agree with my opponent on the fact that the caste and religion system existed in india even previously, but I'd like to counter him by saying that, in the past the nationality indian had more meaning for the majority of indians than their personal divisions.. it was this that made india famous as a country that was unified inspite of diversity, because people were indian first before they were Hindu or Scheduled Caste or Punjabis.. This no longer holds true and I am here to debate exactly this point..

I'd now give examples..
Firstly, if u were standing in Punjab.. would u see bhangras if harbhajan singh took 10 wickets and india won or zaheer khan took the same number and india won.. Though, Punjab would still be happy at the indian victory, the fact that they enjoy more when harbhajan is successful proves that region gets a preference over country..

Secondly, we have the caste system going on in India.. We also have some politicians furthering a reservation policy.. that is being opposed by the majority of the people only because they cannot imagine themselves studying with an SC who deserves much less than them.. because seats for general category will be reduced.. they do not want to see the progress of the country as a whole.. catse greater than country then.. isn't it??

Coming to religion, I'd like to ask u if u had a choice to employ an individual under you.. {be honest in answering} would u not choose a Hindu over a Muslim/Jew if u were a Hindu and they both were equally capable.. if the decision was in ur hand, u would not have overlooked the religion of ur employee.. Religion then gets a preference over country..

I have hence given u relevant examples of situations that are true and practical, that show clearly the point I am trying to make...
I have also highlighted the blunders my opponent has made in his 1st post.. I'd like him to reply to my questions and not run away blindly..
Hope I made u believe in me..

PS- No personal offences to my worthy opponent, but I really could not understand the definition of Indian u stated.. U said a native/inhabitant of indian.. then u said that hindu religion is indian.. is no other religion indian then in ur narrow-minded post.. please answer me.. Believe me, I have seen many debates where debates start and end with the debate being centred around the meanings of words.. etc etc.. I did not want this one to be the same, but if u leave me no choice, and make big mistakes in ur first post itself, u leave me no option.. I hope u shall be brave enough to accept ur mistake, correct it and come up with relevant answers to my questions..

Best of luck for the debate..


lol, to be completely honest, I accepted this and it was the wrong one. Well, I didn't accept it, I asked my brother to accept the one at the top. I thought it was a different one. I apologize. I would not want to waste your time debating this. You can make a new one. >.> I'm so sorry.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has accepted his mistake and has indirectly forefeited this debate, so vote for me..


Vote for him if you wish. And again i apologize for the inconvenience.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sweatingjojo 9 years ago
LOL at CiRro winning even though he proclaimed his own concession.
Posted by bullslapper 9 years ago
The word Indian has lost its meaning. Please give me the present day meaning and then the one that was lost so I can understand where you are coming from.
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