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Catholicism is a positive force in the world.

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Started: 11/23/2014 Category: Religion
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First round is for acceptance, to ensure a fair debate.

To clarify, I am arguing that Catholicism benefits the world more than it harms it. Con will be arguing that Catholicism harms the world more than benefits it (or any variation around that).

Here's to a great debate!


post your argument.
Debate Round No. 1


In this round, I will explain why Catholicism has benefited the world.

Education is at a high standard in the world partly due to Catholicism, who were one of the first main religions to place a large emphasis on reason and science over superstition and blind faith. The works of St. Thomas Aquinas exemplify this paradigm shift and led to the creation of schools simply because Natural Law (the ethical framework of the Catholic Church) values education as intrinsically valuable and not simply the prerogative of the rich. Catholic schools generally provide a very high standard of education, balancing science with spirituality to develop balanced, thoughtful and virtuous young people. Some of the most distinguished universities, such as Cambridge and Oxford and Paris, were created by Catholics (1). Moreover, the majority of hospitals in Europe were set up by Catholics or other Christians (2), largely because of the healer aspect of Jesus and their consequent desire to emulate him.

The catholic faith has also inspired people to do world-changing good acts. Mother Teresa, St John Bosco, St Francis of Assisi and Oscar Romero are all examples of people who have revolutionised society or become archetypes of altruism using their religion. The Church also encourages people to care for the poor and marginalised in society, and created a place of refuge for the needy and repressed. It is no surprise that churches worldwide run food banks and homeless shelters. The Catholic Church and other Catholic organisations combined make up the largest charitable organisation in the world (3). I went to Africa last Summer and the vast majority of charitable endeavours I saw were by Catholic Organisations.
In short, this immeasurably good work is because of the Catholic Church.
As a side point, I know it's not that valid as an argument but I think that it is relevant that I mention that the kindest people I know are Catholics. I truly believe the Catholic Church and its teaching cultivates compassion, love and humility in people who choose to follow her.



ark200 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited. I will extend the debate to allow con one more chance at rebuttal.


my opponent has placed 2 points:

1] catholics started education that tries to establish religion with rationality. but there other religion which have their own education system. examples: for islam there are madrassas, for hindus there are pathsalas, for buddhists there are sangharam etc.

2] worldwide charitable work is done by catholics. but charitable works are done by hindus, muslims and even humanists. example: bharat sevasram sangha is a premiere hindu charitable institution, muslims do charitable works also ( al mizan charitable trust, sultan etc.)etc. my opponent did not visit india or china or south east asia. if he did, he will find many charitable institution run by other religions too.

so these 2 points don't make catholics any greter than non catholics.

here are some catholic charitable work:

1] catholics did the biggest witch hunt in human history in middle age.

2] catholics did crusades that take millions of lives.

3] vatican used to molest child and women in modern age.

4] there are vatican bank 3 million euro fraud.

5] there are numerous scams done by catholic church.(

therefore catholicism is not a positive force.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Philocat 2 years ago
Con has gained an unfair advantage in this debate through his use of a forfeit in round 2. This meant that he could state all his arguments whilst not giving myself a single change at rebuttal.
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Reasons for voting decision: Both sides made good arguments but the missed round removed any chance of rebuttals. As a result I am not going to score this one.